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"Childe, Am I beautiful?" Xiaodie's voice interrupted Li Changfeng's thoughts.


"Em! Xiaodie is pretty like an angel. You look good in any clothes! But the clothes seem big for you." Li Changfeng walked around Xiaodie and observed carefully. Maybe Xiaodie was too young to hold the clothes. Her body was not mature enough, so there was big interspace between her chest and clothes. Although she tightened the clothes, it was still big.


"Em…I'm going to adjust it!" Xiaodie also thought the clothes were not well-fitting; she turned round and ran behind a partition.


After a while, when Xiaodie again came out, the clothes looked better than before. "Childe, is it okay now?" Xiaodie made a circle with excitement.


"Good. But it still seems empty." Staring at Xiaodie, Li Changfeng smiled. The constraint of clothes was not loosened. It was obvious that Xiaodie had filled something before her chest. Women had an inherent talent in such things! Even simple Xiaodie could think of that method.


"Okay…I'm going to adjust it again." Xiaodie cast an excited glance at Li Changfeng, turned round and ran behind the partition.


"Why not stop…It's pretty." Li Changfeng shook his head.


"Eh? It's a little strange." Li Changfeng frowned in a sudden. He remembered Xiaodie had run behind the partition with nothing, and there were no other things behind the partition. So what did she use?


Because of curiousness, Li Changfeng soundlessly got close to the partition and threw out a glimpse.


What the hell! It hindered my happy life in the future!


Just by one sight, Li Changfeng nearly jumped out. Xiaodie didn't wear clothes, but she was not naked. She wore a "chest-binding cloth".


At this moment, Li Changfeng knew all things. He knew why Xiaodie could adjust the size of clothes as her thoughts but didn't need to use something to fill up. Because she had a mature and sexy body shape, she just hid her chest.


Observing Xiaodie putting on the clothes, Li Changfeng arched his back and returned to the original place he had stood up for avoiding embarrassment.


"Childe, is it suitable now?" Xiaodie ran out from the partition with passion and made a circle before Li Changfeng.


"Em…It's still not well-fitting." Li Changfeng looked at Xiaodie from head to foot with mind wandering.


"Ah?" Xiaodie gazed at Li Changfeng in surprise. She felt the clothes were well-fitting, why childe still said the clothes were not suitable?


Confronting Xiaodie's doubtful sights, Li Changfeng struggled to say his real thought or not. But the time was not early; they needed to meet the princess. Li Changfeng made a decision and directly spoke out, "Em, no, it's not good. I suggest that you'd better unbind the cloth before your chest. It's bad."


"Ah?" When Li Changfeng's words reached into Xiaodie's ears, she flushed at once, "Childe, how…how do you know that?"


"I'm your childe! I'm uncommon! And we grow up together. I know you. Hurry up and take off your chest-binding cloth. We need to wait for Princess Lingyun." Meeting Xiaodie's skeptical sights, Li Changfeng also flushed. After all, he knew the truth by snooping. This behavior was very lewd. If Xiaodie knew that, his image would be influenced.


"Em…Okay." Li Changfeng's incontrovertible appearance made Xiaodie stop her question. She glimpsed at Li Changfeng and turned round.

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