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A moment later, slight footstep resounded behind Li Changfeng. He turned back and saw Xiaodie getting out from the partition with her head down.


"Wow…" Noticing Xiaodie's change, Li Changfeng had a feeling that a tauren hit him on his chest by a big hammer. When he saw Xiaodie, his heart banged fast.


"Oh? Childe, what, what's wrong with you? You are shedding nosebleed." Xiaodie waited for Li Changfeng's comment quietly, but several minutes passed, she heard nothing. Therefore, she raised her head and unexpectedly saw nosebleed coming out from Li Changfeng's nose.


"I'm fine." Perceiving that Xiaodie wanted to get close to him, Li Changfeng opened his eyes wide, extended one hand to stop Xiaodie and covered his nose by the other hand. Then he turned round and ran out with his head up.


It was startling! The visual shock was so tremendous! Li Changfeng had a lot of thoughts when he saw Xiaodie. When he was on the Earth, he had ever peeped at female soldiers who were taking a shower. Those scenes flashed before his eyes. However, compared with Xiaodie, all those female soldiers were flat, without body curve. Xiaodie enjoyed a sexy body shape with fullness in the chest.


Li Changfeng gathered cold water and used it to calm down himself. It was really disgraced! He couldn't imagine he would have a nosebleed. How weak this body was! Li Changfeng was shameless to put the blame on this body. But in fact, if he was not excited with heart beating fast, which resulted in a suddenly increased blood pressure, he would not get a nosebleed.


"Childe? Are you okay?" Xiaodie thought Li Changfeng lost his minds again when Li Changfeng stood on the side of water vat and breathed deeply with closed eyes.


"Oh, I'm fine. I was uncomfortable just now." Li Changfeng opened his eyes and cast a glance at Xiaodie's chest, act like nothing was different, "It's all right. It seems well-fitting now. Keep that in the future, okay?"


"Ah?" Xiaodie felt funny and annoying immediately. Was this well-fitting? Childe was too strange! What was he doing? He paid attention to her clothes!


"Em? Don't you want to follow your childe's orders?" Realizing Xiaodie's unwilling attitude, Li Changfeng had to stress his status. In conclusion, he would let her give up binding her chest, for he was worried her chest would be malformed.


"No. Childe. Okay, okay." Xiaodie agreed because of Li Changfeng's overbearing demeanor. But she was not aggrieved inwardly; instead, she was even happy. Although Li Changfeng said those words, his tone was gentle, not criticizing her. Additionally, taking off chest-binding cloth was so comfortable; she felt her breath became smoother than before.


"Fine. It's getting late. We should set out to wait for the princess." Li Changfeng raised his head and looked at the sky, estimating the current time. If they were not going out instantly, it was no doubt that they would be late.


"It's Princess Lingyun." Xiaodie followed behind Li Changfeng and reminded him.


"I know. I just forgot."


 "…" Xiaodie didn't want to talk any more.

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