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"Childe…Did I do something wrong again?" Xiaodie didn't turn round or leave here since Li Linglong entered the room. It was improper to show Li Changfeng's body to Li Linglong, so she chose to lie on Li Changfeng.


"Don't blame yourself! It's her fault. Closing or opening the door depends on our preference, but she broke into our room without knocking. It's she who has low quality. By the way, who is Princess Lingyun?" Li Changfeng didn't care about Xiaodie's worries; he was a little curious with Princess Lingyun when he heard this name.


"Oh, Princess Lingyun is…"


Li Changfeng gradually knew the identity of Princess Lingyun according to Xiaodie's description.


Lingyun was the granddaughter of White Tiger City's castellan, and first madam was her aunt. She was Li Linglong's close friend, so she usually paid visits to the General's Residence. She was an easygoing and simple girl. But because of her high status, every time when she came to the General's Residence, several Childes would wait at the door to welcome her, displaying the etiquette of General's Residence. In fact, the whole procedure was extremely easy.


Went or not?


Li Changfeng didn't want to get out when he thought he would greet a princess. But Xiaodie constantly persuaded him; he finally changed his idea and decided to go. The most important reason was on Li Linglong.


On the basis of Xiaodie's introduction, in the General's Residence, only first madam was a good person. Li Changfeng's eldest brother Li Yong and youngest sister Li Linglong had treated him well all the time; both of them were first madam's children.


Although Li Linglong spent most time taking care of her grandfather in the Castellan's Residence and seldom got back to the General's Residence, she was still clear about the family's situation. When Li Changfeng's mother was alive, she frequently received favors from Li Linglong. Until his mother was dead, Li Linglong still helped Li Changfeng from time to time. She could be regarded as a benefactor of Li Changfeng.


"Wow! It's so beautiful! Miss repeatedly brings clothes to me, she is so nice!" Taking out a coat from the package, Xiaodie jumped up with excitement. Every time Li Linglong coming back, she would bring some clothes and daily products to Li Changfeng. This time was like before, and Xiaodie also received new clothes.


"Hey, why not put on?" Noticing Xiaodie's pleasure, Li Changfeng sighed inwardly with emotion. The original owner of this body continued his life by other people's supports; he was a real coward. Even if he was still alive, he had wasted time. Maybe death was a relief for him; anyway he couldn't awaken White Tiger.


Based on the yesterday's information left by White Tiger, Li Changfeng could infer why he had aroused White Tiger. As one of the four divine beasts, White Tiger focused on kill, so it was violent and aggressive. Li Changfeng was a violent man, and his solider ruffian's personality gave him a confidence that if he wanted he could do anything. Therefore, his overbearing character made him succeed in awakening White Tiger. The result depended on a man's confidence and braveness.


Same with White Tiger and corresponding to other divine beasts, Rosefinch needed hot-tempered character, if disdained someone then attacked him or her, didn't care whether the action was right or wrong. Tortoise demanded lazy character, for it had strong defense and didn't need hit back…


Except suppressed Azure Dragon, if someone wanted to arouse the three other divine beasts, he or she needed to meet the above requirements. Of course the premise was that there was a divine beast hiding in the body. Original Li Changfeng had a high talent so he attracted White Tiger, but he failed to awaken it, causing his meridians were broken and his spirit was declining day by day.

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