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In the morning, when Li Changfeng woke up, the sun had risen in the sky already. He spent a night retreating from the White Tiger Space, in which he had sought for the exit through all evening. He read the "open sesame" for many times; finally he found he only needed to think of leaving and then he could quit the space. The truth utterly depressed him.


Feeling his lower abdomen was itchy, like something inciting him, Li Changfeng soundlessly cast a glance at his body. It was Xiaodie. She put her head on Li Changfeng's lower abdomen for sleeping. Her long hair was dancing on Li Changfeng's body as the gentle breeze went into the room from windows.


What happened?


Li Changfeng couldn't help frowning. He wore only shorts; he guessed something must happen when his awareness had been summoned by White Tiger yesterday. Otherwise, it was impossible for Xiaodie to lie on his lower abdomen and fell asleep.




Although Li Changfeng was very careful, his slight action still disturbed Xiaodie. She opened sleepy eyes and noticed Li Changfeng was gazing at her with smile. She suddenly burst into tears.


"Boo hoo…Childe!" Xiaodie instantly got up and rushed to Li Changfeng, "Childe, you scared me yesterday!" Lying on the side of Li Changfeng's ears, Xiaodie cried out.


"Silly girl. Don't fear! I'm fine." Li Changfeng patted Xiaodie's back and felt his heart was full of comfort. It was exceedingly warm and sweet for him to feel the care from a woman. Smelling the tangy woman's scent, feeling the soft beauty in his embrace and adding the vigorous energy in the morning, Li Changfeng's body had response quickly.


"You…" Xiaodie blushed with shyness when she realized Li Changfeng's response. "Childe, you must be hungry now. I, I'm going to cook the meal for you." At this time, Xiaodie recognized her gesture was inelegant; she nearly climbed to Li Changfeng's body.


"No." Li Changfeng held Xiaodie's arm and stopped her movement, "Let me hug you for a while." Meeting Xiaodie's bright big eyes, Li Changfeng showed his gentle appearance.


The obscure sunshine coming from outside touched the two people. In the quiet room, Li Changfeng's soft words and affectionate sights made Xiaodie get into trance. Her body was almost completely embraced by Li Changfeng.


"Fourth brother, you…"


While Li Changfeng tried to start his next step - grasping Xiaodie's heart, a person suddenly appearing in front of door broke his plan.


Li Linglong stood at the door with a package in her hands. She was glaring at Li Changfeng.


"Get down." Seeing Li Linglong emerge at the door in a sudden, Li Changfeng pulled Xiaodie to lie on his body, and used Xiaodie's long dress to hide his bare body.


"Hum!" Li Linglong turned her head to the other side, "How energetic Fourth brother is! Wait for a moment, Princess Lingyun will come. You'd better not be late, losing courtesy of our General's Residence."


"You're so impolite. Why not knock at the door?" Li Changfeng scowled at Li Linglong, for he lost a good chance to deepen his relationship with Xiaodie.


"Hum! You…May I offer a piece of advice? Fourth brother had better put your body at first." Li Linglong threw a glimpse at Li Changfeng with anger. She left the package, turned round and got out the yard.

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