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"So how about disadvantages?" Li Changfeng gritted his teeth and tried to control his excitement. The first advantage - repair his meridians - White Tiger said was extremely enchanting him. But it sounded too well, he still needed to know the disadvantages.


"Disadvantages?" White Tiger nodded as if thinking of something, "No disadvantages. The only thing you need to do is to protect me well. If I lose my life, you will die. But after death, I will get back to my real body; you will completely disappear in the world."


"It is difficult for you to die, right?" Li Changfeng considered carefully. It seemed to have a hundred merits and not a single demerit.


"Right. I'm healthy and strong. Even if I'm in a new reincarnation, you can't defeat me."


"If I refuse, what do you do?" Li Changfeng always thought it was impossible to meet such a lucky affair. It could be regarded as a pie in the sky. But Li Changfeng was worried there would be a trap.


"Refuse?" White Tiger's eyes, big as bell, were fixed on Li Changfeng. It opened its mouth wide, and put out its tongue to lick around the lip.


"Okay, I agree!" White Tiger's behavior shocked Li Changfeng; he agreed at once. It didn't need to hesitate, for its mouth could swallow him directly.


"Fine. Sign a pledge and the Immortal Body Secret Sutra will be passed on you at the same time." White Tiger grinned with his big, white teeth and lifted its claw with excitement.


"Okay!" Li Changfeng also enthusiastically raised his hand to clap White Tiger's big claw. When they touched each other, Li Changfeng hit the ground instantly. At this moment, endless information rushed into Li Changfeng's head; immediately, a kind of telepathy connected him with White Tiger.


"Em?" Li Changfeng changed his expression in a sudden when he was checking the information in his mind, "This…White Tiger! Fuck you!" Looking around the empty space, Li Changfeng roared with his heart out.


The information not only included the White Tiger Method and Immortal Body Secret Sutra, but also covered the matters of White Tiger's growth that needed attention.


First, White Tiger's growth directly corresponded with Li Changfeng's cultivation level. Half of Li Changfeng's cultivation results would be shared with White Tiger. Before Li Changfeng broke through the third heaven, White Tiger was in an infant period, in which White Tiger was very weak and needed great protection because it was easy to die.


Second, White Tiger was a divine beast; it would threaten all fierce beasts, so any fierce beast was able to restrain White Tiger's growth. Namely, during the period of White Tiger's growth, it could be targeted by any covert fierce beast and suffer fatal injuries.


Third, White Tiger had an intense hatred with orc's God of War, Titan and many mighty races. Especially orc's God of War sought for White Tiger all the time; if he found White Tiger, he would kill it.


"Damn these things! White Tiger said it was difficult to die just now, but why did it cheat me?" Li Changfeng lied on the open space and cursed. He could understand White Tiger was weak in its infant period, but why did it screw around with so many enemies? He knew he couldn't deal with those enemies just by hearing their names. If he met them, the only result waiting for him and White Tiger was death…

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