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"Don't worry, you don't enter into a new world." White Tiger directly dispelled Li Changfeng's doubt.


"You know what I think?" Li Changfeng was greatly astounded.


"Bullshit! Nobody can conceal his thoughts in my White Tiger Space, including the big Tortoise." White Tiger disdained to see Li Changfeng's surprise.


"Really?" Li Changfeng was a little embarrassed when receiving contempt from a tiger, "I don't know why I have awakened you. You make me confused, so can you explain to me?"


"Em…It's a long story." White Tiger let out a long sigh, "You know our four divine beasts always take the protection of human land as our duty. Indeed, we are not legends, and we exist with human beings all the time. Except Azure Dragon has been suppressed under the Lava Mountains by orc's God of War, I, Rosefinch, and Tortoise always hide in human's body."


"What? You say you are in my body?" Li Changfeng broke in White Tiger's words for he was so excited.


"Listen to me!" White Tiger rolled its eyes and threw a glimpse at Li Changfeng. Immediately, Li Changfeng became quiet.


"You're right. I have stayed in your body for ten years. Last time when I passed by here, I found this highest-grade body that can't be met even in a hundred years, so I have boarded in. However, until its original owner was dead, he didn't arouse me. But you, coming to this world just for two days, have awakened me quickly. It seems we are destined to meet."


"Em." Li Changfeng fell into a daze for a second, "Heh heh, I don't expect you can know that. I'm actually a newcomer."


"It's just a small trick." White Tiger continued indifferently, "You don't need to worry anything. Now that you have aroused me; this is destiny and means you are more suitable than the body's original owner in cultivating White Tiger Method. So I hope you can make an appointment with me now."


"What do you mean?" More puzzlements struck Li Changfeng.


"You don't understand. Every time when a divine beast is awakened, we will be involved in reincarnation of growth and accompany the person who arouses us to develop, until the person cultivates to the realm of Immortal Body. Then we will return to our real bodies, in the meantime, we will be stronger than before. Heh heh!"


"Em…" The insidious smile of White Tiger seemed to indicate the sign of trap, Li Changfeng thought.


"How about the advantages and disadvantages if I make an appointment with you?" Li Changfeng directly asked, because he needed to weigh the pros and cons, and then made a decision.


"If you promise me, you will get a lot of advantages. I can repair all your closed meridians and I will give you my White Tiger Space as an attached gift, it is a treasure! Accompanying by me, you will get twofold results in cultivation with half the effort. Moreover, the White Tiger Method is a limited edition! You know in your human's society, the cultivation is divided into nine heavens, and every heaven has three levels - low, middle and high. But White Tiger Method is not, its each heaven is split into four levels - low, middle, high and perfect. Additionally, above the ninth heaven is the realm of Immortal Body. What do you say?"

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