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Farewell to Li Linglong, Xiaodie held Li Changfeng to get back to their yard. Li Changfeng completely fell into a coma. Feeling the continuous heat on Li Changfeng's body, Xiaodie couldn't help but to repeatedly use the wet towel to cool down Li Changfeng.


"What happened?" Xiaodie's face filled up with tears and her eyes were fixed on unconscious Li Changfeng. Although she wiped his body just now, his body turned to be very hot immediately. Even the remaining drop of water would evaporate away in a blink. Xiaodie was shocked by the heat of Li Changfeng.


Li Changfeng was also depressed. He only knew Li Tianyi's unpleasant sight made him feel hot, and then he lost his mind. When he woke up, he recognized he was in an independent space. He was almost scared to death by the first thing appearing before him.


A snow-white, fierce tiger was squatting in front of Li Changfeng and peering at him, so when Li Changfeng opened his eyes he saw a large tiger head.




Li Changfeng jumped high, turned round and ran. However, he realized his body was out of control in a sudden; he was limited on the air.


"Hey! Boy, did you arouse me?" With a powerful and loud sound, Li Changfeng dropped down from sky.


"Are you talking to me?" Li Changfeng faced round and stared at the big white tiger with excitement.


"Bullshit. Is there anyone except me?" Although Li Changfeng didn't notice any actions taken by the big white tiger, its voice reached his ears. Meeting its disdainful sight, Li Changfeng was sure the tiger was saying.


"Fuck! It's unbelievable you can say human's language!" Li Changfeng couldn't believe the current situation. Orc people, elf, rabbit that could spit out fire, squirrel that could release iceball, and a tiger that could speak human's language! Why could a tiger speak? Damn it!


"It's a cinch. In addition to your human's language, I'm also good at languages of elf, ancient elf, Titan, orc, savage race and oceanic race. Compared to the above languages, your human's language is too simple." Li Changfeng was astounded by the tiger despite he didn't know the races it said just now.


"So how should I call you?" So many complicated thoughts appeared in Li Changfeng's heart. It was unimaginable! This tiger was so extraordinary! It could be thought as a language expert.


Recognizing the tiger was not malicious, Li Changfeng stood up and looked it up and down. He had to say the tiger was so big. Its claws shared a same size with his waist. When it was squatting, Li Changfeng couldn't touch its head despite he stood on tiptoe.


"You don't know me?" The tiger's fur on face crinkled, "I'm White Tiger, one of the four divine beasts you always say. It's obvious, can't you see?" Saying these words, White Tiger cast a glimpse at its white fur.


"Em, I got it." Li Changfeng repeatedly nodded his head, "But why I'm here?"


This was the real doubt for Li Changfeng. Did he enter into a new world again? Thinking of Xioadie, Li Changfeng was extremely disappointed. She put the whole heart on him, so he also cared her. If he left her, he would be indulged into sadness.

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