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The girl was Li Linglong. She was the only daughter of Li Yuanxiong and her biological mother was first madam (in ancient China, a man could marry one wife and many concubines, but first madam was the only legal wife). Li Linglong had a different growing experience from her four elder brothers because her mother was the daughter of White Tiger City's castellan. As the castellan's cherished granddaughter, Li Linglong nearly grew up in the Castellan's Residence. She spent most of her time in the Castellan's Residence during a year. Today she got back to the General's Residence, because she didn't want to be seen by many people, she entered into the residence through the back door. However, when she got close, she noticed there was a dispute. At first, she didn't want to take part in the dispute, but when she found the Rosefinch strength released by Xioadie was so mighty, she couldn't help meddling in the affair. Xiaodie had extraordinary skills, so Li Linglong wanted to help her.


"Second brother, really? Have the rules of the General's Residence been changed?" Li Linglong bent down, held Xiaodie up, and came to her two brothers with an easy grace. Li Tianyi was in a fury while Li Changfeng was sleepy as a drunken person. Li Changfeng's body was shaking slightly and eyes lost focuses.


"Sister, please don't believe a servant's nonsense. I just have a misunderstanding with Changfeng. I don't know you will get back today. I'm going back and getting ready for giving you a reception." Li Tianyi cast a glimpse at Li Changfeng and Xiaodie with anger. They were so lucky. Based on the condition just now, even if he beat Li Changfeng to death he didn't need to be responsible for that, for it was Li Changfeng that had started an attack. However, Li Linglong appeared and stopped him.


"Wait, second brother." Li Linglong called Li Tianyi to stop, "It's late now. Please don't make preparations for me. I will find my mom. Princess Lingyun will come to the General's Residence for two days from tomorrow. You can get ready for that."


Li Linglong seemed to command a servant in her cool voice. Even so, Li Tianyi didn't show any discontent on his face, because Li Linglong had a powerful background.


"Okay. Princess Lingyun will come, I got it." Li Tianyi nodded his head in earnest, "I will prepare well for that. It's too late, sister, please go back and have a rest early."


After these words, Li Tianyi brought his servants to go back.


"Childe…" Xiaodie hugged Li Changfeng's arms after Li Tianyi left. His wobbly movements made Xiaodie worried.


"Is he drunken?" Li Linglong scowled at thin Li Changfeng.


"No, he isn't. Childe never take a horn. Maybe he is frightened by Childe Second." Xiaodie tightly held Li Changfeng in case he would fall down.


"Alas! Take him back to rest." Hearing Li Changfeng being scared, Li Linglong felt a pity for him. When she was a kid, Li Changfeng was so outstanding. He reached a very high cultivation stage when he was eight years old, and it was difficult to seek a person who was on a par with him in cultivation talent in ten million people. But she didn't expect Li Changfeng to be depraved when he was older. Now, he even couldn't be compared with an ordinary person. But his maid Xiaodie had a good potential in cultivation; she could contend against the personal guard of Li Tianyi even if she was so young.

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