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"No. Childe Second. Please don't beat my childe. If you want to vent your anger, please beat me." Xiaodie kneeled down before Li Tianyi when Li Changfeng was grabbed.


"Hum? Bully my girl!" Just a few minutes passed, Li Changfeng had lost his mind completely. He narrowed his eyes before figuring out the current situation.




In front of everyone and under people's inconceivable sights, Li Changfeng slapped Li Tianyi, who was squeezing Li Changfeng's neck and unable to respond at once. In fact, Li Tianyi didn't imagine Li Changfeng would carry out a raid in his subconscious. Moreover, Li Changfeng was so fast; this slap was not like weak Li Changfeng could launch. Blood appeared on the corners of Li Tianyi's mouth for this slap.




Li Tianyi was like an irritated lion, his eyes turning to be red. Li Changfeng dared to start a raid to him! Li Tianyi lifted his hand and punched Li Changfeng on the head.


"No!" Xiaodie screamed. This lightning-like fist made Xiaodie's eyes open extremely wide. If Li Changfeng bore this attack, he would suffer serious injuries even he would not die.


A stream of hot strength spread from Xiaodie's hands and directly dived for Li Tianyi who was shaking his fists. The blustering strength amazed Li Tianyi and forced him to turn around for defense.


"Hm?" The guard standing behind Li Tianyi all the time opened his eyes. With the cold light flashing through his eyes, he moved quickly and lifted his leg to kick Xiaodie - she was still kneeling down on the ground. The light-green strength emerged; if Xiaodie was attacked by the guard's leg, it was no doubt that she might die. The battle between Li Changfeng and Li Tianyi was limited to the masters, and the boundary between maters and servants in the General's Residence was excessively strict. A servant wasn't allowed to appraise a master even he was the most worthless childe. However, Xiaodie delivered an attack on Li Tianyi; even her death would not expiate all her crimes. The guard needed to protect Li Tianyi; this was his duty.


Staring at the upcoming leg in a panic, Xiaodie instantly understood her behavior was foolish and reckless. But she had no choice; she couldn't bear Li Changfeng to be beaten before her. Gazing at the increasingly close attack, Xiaodie seemed to make a decision. She crossed her hands, seriously bent her middle finger and pushed forward to meet the leg. A stream of red strength hit with the light-green strength on the guard's leg. Later, the guard walked backward for two steps. Huge astonishment appeared on his face. Xiaodie lost strength, directly lying on the ground after this smash.


"Second brother, fourth brother, what are you doing now?" When Li Tianyi was astounded by Xiaodie's Rosefinch strength, suddenly, a cool sound came from the side.


"Miss Linglong, Miss Linglong, please help my childe! Childe Second wants to kill him." Looking up to the girl coming to her and several guards behind the girl, Xiaodie seemed to find a savior. She stood up immediately, rushed to the girl and knelt down before the girl.

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