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When they went back to the General's Residence, the sky was dark. One day was ended. Li Changfeng experienced a rich day. He was not immersed in just playing, but observed this new world. He met an elf and kinds of fantastic animals. A view rooted in his mind: all things in this world were not easy; without powerful strength, he even would die in the wild.


In the whole afternoon, Li Changfeng enjoyed a pleasant time, but someone was annoyed. Li Changfeng's second elder brother - Li Tianyi, had waited for him at the arena in the General's Residence from the burning sun in the sky to the sun down from sky. At this moment, Li Tianyi recognized he was teased by Li Changfeng. The servants told him Li Changfeng was not in the General's Residence. He couldn't believe that! Li Changfeng, a real coward, made fun of him! He was annoyed and surprised for the fact.


"It's too bad! Childe Second is here." Bearing one day's tiredness, Li Changfeng was held by nervous Xiaodie when they got close to the back door of the General's Residence.


Li Tianyi and several servants stayed there with bitterness. It was easy to know his stupid brother had waited for him for a long time.


"Fine. Let's make an appointment with him for the match next time." Comparing with Xiaodie's tension, Li Changfeng seemed to be of good cheer.


"No. Childe." Xiaodie stopped Li Changfeng, "Let me apologize at first. You'd better not irritate him again; otherwise, he would beat you."


"Apologize?" Li Changfeng glared at Xiaodie and gently spanked her bottom, "How can you boost other people's morale and reduce our own courage? Remember, all things we have done are right. Right things are still right, and wrong things are also right. Got it? Follow me."


Li Changfeng's arrogant and aggressive attitude astounded Xiaodie completely. She didn't know what to do. If in the past, he must agree with her, making an apology at first and asking for Li Tianyi's pardon later. However, it seemed that he wanted to provoke Li Tianyi rather than apologized.


"Hey! Li Tianyi, are you guarding the entrance?" Li Changfeng took Xiaodie to the back door. Casting a glance at Li Tianyi who squatted at the center of door, Li Changfeng blurted out.


"Asshole!" Li Tianyi suppressed his fury and stood before Li Changfeng instantly. His eyes were severely fixed on Li Changfeng with undisguised intention to kill.


"Your sweat smells bad. Keep away from me." Noticing Li Tianyi's intention, Li Changfeng became hot and dry suddenly. This was a sign of going mad. He didn't know what happened to him. After climbing the mountain and hearing the roaring of a tiger, he was heated all the time. Especially his lower abdomen, it was like a heat source delivering heat continuously. Originally with the coming of night, the temperature was lowered and he felt better. But his internal heat rose up immediately when he saw Li Tianyi's defiant eyes.


"You're too brave! How dare you play tricks on me?" Stimulated by Li Changfeng's words, Li Tianyi laughed for extreme fury.


"What's the matter to poke fun of you? It's my pleasure." Li Changfeng shook his head. He didn't realize he was losing his mind and his body was red and hot.


"Son of bitch! Do you think I will be afraid of beating you if you are not on the arena?" Li Tianyi squeezed Li Changfeng's neck. Li Changfeng was too rampant. Li Tianyi couldn't stand anymore; he had been in fury before.

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