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When they got back to White Tiger City, the time was still early. Xiaodie was worried Li Tianyi kept waiting for Li Changfeng, so she pulled Li Changfeng to a store attracted her - a pet shop opened by an elf beauty.


Li Changfeng didn't want to go at first, because he had no interest in pets like cats and dogs, excluding they cooked in the pot. But when he heard the shop was operated by an elf, his interest was alight. He had seen orc people who boasted animal appearance. How about elf? Which species they belonged to? Would they have blue skin, big nose and eyes, pointed ears as well as a long tail, and wear scantily-clothed leaves, like Avatar?


Li Changfeng followed Xiaodie to go to the pet shop with curiosity and excitement. However, when he stepped into the shop, he stood in amazement and couldn't make any response. It was so different from what he thought before.


Li Changfeng was deeply impressed by the elf at his first sight for her ferity and sanctity. She had a kind of noble beauty, but didn't leave a superior image to people. Her hot body was easy to catch people's eyes; the natural ferity spread out from her gestures and expressions. Li Changfeng couldn't help conquering her.


Although elf was a different race, they were similar to human beings. There were a few differences. Elf's ears were not well-rounded but pointed, long. She featured pale-green hair, dark-blue eyes and disproportionate legs.


Li Changfeng was struck by the elf's legs. When he was on Earth, he had seen not only pale-green hair, but also blond and navy-blue hair. But her legs were the most gorgeous, slender, well-rounded and supple one he had ever seen.


The elf boasted very long legs. According to human's body proportion, a human girl, at the same height of an elf, had legs shorter than an elf for a palm. As an elf, her waist was thinner, hip was firmer and breast was plumper. She twisted when walking, perfectly displaying the sex appeal of women. Especially she wore a holy smile. Elf seemed to be born with charm!


In the meantime, Li Changfeng also saw the peculiar animals on Ruize Land. Each of cute and innocent pets boasted amazing abilities. White rabbit could spit out fireball with a high temperature, while gray squirrel could release iceball. Those pets were too powerful!


Shit! It was unbelievable!


Although Li Changfeng had met weird orc people and an enchanting elf, it was still difficult for him to receive those pets. If he was barbecued by rabbits in the wild, it would be so disgraced.


Different from Li Changfeng, Xiaodie was not surprised at all. She went around lovely pets, seeming she wanted everyone. But the selling price stopped her. Li Changfeng was clear about their current situation. In addition to the five gold coins from the General's Residence per month, they had no money to purchase a pet favored by Xiaodie.


It's better to have short sharp pains than long dull pains!


"Steam the rabbit in clear soup or braise it in soy sauce, which one will be better?" When Li Changfeng put forward this question in dead earnest, they were thrown out from the shop. It had to say the elf was high-qualified, she just blurted out a sentence, "Get out! Never come here, otherwise I will kill you."

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