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Li Changfeng and Oscar left the store at noon. In order to prepare a suitable armor and weapon for Oscar, the several designers of the store was so busy. In the whole morning, they surrounded Oscar to confirm his size. Oscar was so tall and strong that there was no fitted armor for him. They had to customize armor for Oscar.


Regarding the weapon, it also cost their so much time. After hearing Oscar's description about the weapon, the weapon designers darkened their faces. They confirmed Oscar's description several times. Although tauren had strong physical strength, the weapon weight Oscar needed was too shocking. If Li Changfeng didn't support Oscar's request, they would not accept the order, because there was a huge risk in building such a weapon.


At first, Oscar wanted a hammer. But according to his requirement, even the enlarged eight-angle hammer couldn't reach the demanded weight. In the end, the hammer was replaced by a shield. Based on their preliminary view, the shield would be 1 meter wide and 2 meters high with a camber shape.


Thinking of the weapon, Li Changfeng couldn't help twitching his face. The shield cost him 150 gold coins and was almost large as a tent.


"The armor and weapon sell for 300 gold coins. Ah!" Walking out of the store, Li Changfeng felt his heart painful. Oscar cost him so much money!


The armor and weapon were both large; therefore, lots of dark steels and iron essence needed to be added to them for enabling their rigidity. This was the first time for the store to accept such a difficult order, so the store was very careful. Additionally, Li Changfeng was Childe Fourth of the General's Residence, so the store took nearly all factors into consideration. In fact, 300 gold coins was just a cost price. If Li Changfeng had no such a high status, the armor and weapon would charge of 500 gold coins at least.




"Don't move!" Li Changfeng patted Oscar's arm and hid behind Oscar at once when Oscar wanted to make an explanation.


"Em?" Oscar was simple and honest, but he was not stupid. He understood Li Changfeng immediately and opened his big eyes wide to observe passengers, picking up several suspicious objects.


"Heh, the two bastards dare to get out again!" Li Changfeng poked his head out behind Oscar and looked at a corner of street.


"Who? Leader, I have seen nothing." Oscar gazed at the corner and merely saw common people shuttling back and forth, no suspicious person.


"You have not met them." Li Changfeng didn't talk too much. He estimated time and then followed the two guys.


The two bastards were the two elf traffickers! He couldn't imagine after so many days, the two guys didn't leave the city. He got excited when he noticed them.


He thought the elf missing incident might end. After all, many days went by and those missing elves might be carried away already. But after seeing the two guys, Li Changfeng knew there was still hope and turnaround.

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