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Li Changfeng followed the two guys to reach a sparsely-populated street. He let Oscar go back home because Oscar was easy to attract people's attention.


"Wang Residence?" Li Changfeng pretended to be a passerby and gave a glimpse to the big house. Four muscular guards stood before the bright entrance door. It must be a big family's house, because its area could be on a par with the General's Residence.


Li Changfeng left here at once after he remembered the location. In order to avoid others' attention, he just walked for a round and then returned to the General's Residence.



"Xiaodie, do you know Wang Residence?"


After getting back to the General's Residence, Li Changfeng didn't eat the lunch immediately. He asked Xiaodie about the Wang Residence first.


"Wang Residence?" Xiaodie served Li Changfeng with dishes and got surprised, "There are several Wang Residences in White Tiger City. I don't know you mean which one."


"Em…A large one…It seems bigger than our General's Residence." Li Changfeng was not sure the specific street, so he described its area.


"Oh! Childe, do you mean Family Wang?" Xiaodie understood and nodded. After all, such a big house was not common in White Tiger City.


"Family Wang?" Li Changfeng winked, "Why do I feel familiar?"


"Of course. Childe, you contacted with a member of Family Wang some days ago. Do you remember Wang Baili? You met him when buying the short sword! He is Childe First of Family Wang." Xiaodie reminded Li Changfeng with smile.


"Oh, that upstart!" Li Changfeng remembered instantly. The man left an impression on him. Wang Baili had shown off before him so he had humiliated the man finally. Until now, he still remembered Xiaodie's charming image when she took his identity board, completely different from current gentle and virtuous appearance.


"Childe, what's wrong? Dose him find trouble for you?" Asked Xiaodie.


"He? Do you think he has courage?" Li Changfeng curled his lip, "Find trouble for me? I'll beat up him!"


"No, childe!" Hearing Li Changfeng's reply, Xiaodie shook her head at once, "Family Wang has a huge relationship network. They do business not only in White Tiger City, but also in three other major cities. Behind Family Wang must be a powerful government force. Childe, you'd better not underestimate them!"


"Hey! I can't believe our pure Xiaodie knows so much! Okay, I got it. Have the lunch." Li Changfeng picked up meat and put it into Sai Ya's bowl on the sly, causing she to roll her eyes to him. Then, Li Changfeng lowered his head and ate the meal.



As night fell, Li Changfeng put on black clothes secretly. He opened the door and came to the yard. Seeing Oscar lying on the ground, he lifted his leg and kick to Oscar.


In fact, Li Changfeng was surprised. Oscar gave up the room and bed, selecting the yard for sleeping. Did Oscar have mental illness?


"Em?" Oscar woke up instantly and jumped up directly.


"Shoo…" Facing Oscar's big feast, Li Changfeng immediately gave him a gesture to keep quietness. He didn't know Oscar could respond fast like this.


"Leader? What are you doing in the evening?" Oscar put down his fist when he saw Li Changfeng.


"Don't ask. Follow me!" Li Changfeng shook one finger, opened the door and sneaked out. Observing Li Changfeng's stealthy movement, Oscar was confused and then chased after Li Changfeng.

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