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On the next day's morning, Li Changfeng brought Oscar to first madam's yard. Although Li Changfeng didn't need Oscar to protect him, he felt his status being improved followed by Oscar. After all, Oscar was from a formidable ancient race!



"First madam, is there progress in investigating Liu Wuneng's death? Do you find out the murderer?" Li Changfeng felt peaceful when he sat in first madam's room and was surrounded by the slight sandalwood flavor.


Oscar peered at Black and envied his clothes and weapons.


Oscar compared his animal skin pants with Black's armor, his bare feet with Black's cowhide boots as well as his empty hands with Black's two iron bars.


The more Oscar compared, the unhappier he would be. He wore only pants! He was too embarrassed when standing beside him. They two were both guards! Why there was huge difference between them? Unknowingly, Oscar cast jealous glance on Black.


Black responded with scornful sights. Who was this fool? Where was he from? He was really tall and strong!


"Do you think Liu Wuneng's death not simple?" Hearing Li Changfeng's question, first madam showed a meaningful smile.


"Em! His death is strange indeed." Li Changfeng nodded.


"Changfeng, you think too much." First madam stood up, "The incident is clear. The surviving bandit of Pig Head Mountain killed Liu Wuneng. He died because he was careless with defense. This incident concludes."


"Em?" Li Changfeng slightly frowned.


What the hell!


Li Changfeng kept thinking of first madam's words after getting out of her yard. It was impossible for Liu Wuneng to lose his life to a surviving bandit.


If he didn't take part in the battle on Pig Head Mountain, he would believe the result. But he had killed Zaks by himself! He clearly knew those bandits had a close relationship with Liu Wuneng. It was impossible for them to kill Liu Wuneng. Obviously, first madam concealed something. She might find out the clue. But Li Changfeng couldn't guess out the reason why first madam hid the fact.


"Leader." Oscar opened his mouth in a sudden while Li Changfeng fell into consideration, surprising Li Changfeng.


"What's wrong?" Li Changfeng gave a glimpse to Oscar and suddenly found that he was close to the entrance of General's Residence. He didn't know what he should do, so he turned round and went back.


"Leader, I want clothes." Oscar followed Li Changfeng closely.


"What clothes? You wear clothes now." Li Changfeng stared at Oscar's pants.


"Not this! Leader, I want a suit of armor." Oscar touched his head and spoke out his desire.


"Armor?" Li Changfeng stopped and looked at Oscar from head to feet, "Why did you say that before?"


Although Oscar seemed doughty, his clothes were really dowdy. Facing Oscar's hopeful eyes, Li Changfeng turned round again and led Oscar to the store he had bought a dagger.

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