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"You think too much!" Li Changfeng took the necklace from Sai Ya and helped her wear it. "Where is man, where is home. Identification can't mean home! By the way, it's dangerous for them to leave the mountain now."


"Dangerous? You mean there is someone behind Liu Wuneng?" Smart Sai Ya understood Li Changfeng's worry immediately.


"Em." Li Changfeng nodded slightly, "The one behind Liu Wuneng has not turned up yet. If they show their faces now, they may be assassinated. You know Liu Wuneng was killed. This means that the one must be very vigilant now."


"Ah! You're in a more unsafe condition than them, right?" Sai Ya stared at Li Changfeng with worries.


"No. Now White Tiger City is cordoned off, so they don't dare to hurt me in the next period." Li Changfeng shook his head and took down the necklace. It was too bright-colored, not suitable for holy and pure Sai Ya.


"Xiaodie, what's wrong?"


Xiaodie squatted before the box and fell in a daze. At first, Li Changfeng thought she hesitated to choose the jewelry. But later, he felt strange because she was too quiet!


"This…This blood spar belongs to third madam. Why does it appear in this box?" Hearing Li Changfeng's question, Xiaodie raised her head with confusion. In her hand was a blood-red gleaming gem.




Li Changfeng frowned and pulled Xiaodie up.


"Childe, I'm sure this blood spar is third madam's." Xiaodie nodded, "Blood spar is a kind of rare gem. People who wear it will be warm in winter and cool in summer. And it can help people to retain youthful appearance. It's impossible to see another big blood spar like this in White Tiger City! This one is third madam's dowry. I saw it several times before, so I'm sure its source. But the blood spar was lost several years ago. Why does it emerge here?"


"Heh, interesting." Li Changfeng took over the blood spar and couldn't help throwing it up and down.


"Xiaodie, do you remember what time this stone was lost?"


"Em…" Xiaodie raised her head and thought for a while, "May be five years ago. I remember this blood spar was lost around Childe First's adult ceremony. I'm not sure the specific time."


"Five years ago? Around my eldest brother's adult ceremony?"


Li Changfeng narrowed his eyes. Five years ago, Li Yong had been assassinated by Zaks, and third madam's item had been found here. Maybe…


"Why didn't I see my third brother in the past two days? What is he doing?" Li Changfeng asked.


"Childe Third?" Xiaodie pouted in anger, "He has followed third madam to return Tortoise City. They left for two days!"


"Tortoise City?" Li Changfeng got surprised.


"Yeah. Third madam's parents' home is in Tortoise City. They go there may for Childe Third's nose. His nose is broken by childe, haha…" By saying that, Xiaodie couldn't help laughing.


"Heh heh." Li Changfeng also smiled. He clearly remembered if Black didn't stop him, Li Xiaotian would die already. But why did they go to Tortoise City at this time?



After bringing Oscar to get back to White Tiger City, the first thing Li Changfeng did was to buy black dyestuff. Oscar's golden hair was too dazzling, easy to capture people's eyes. Therefore, he had to dye Oscar's hair in black, so as to conceal Oscar's real identity.


At first, Li Changfeng didn't think it would be troublesome to bring Oscar back. However, when they had a meal, he found Oscar had a huge appetite. Oscar ate more than they three. Finally, Xiaodie and Sai Ya had to cook for Oscar three times. Then, Oscar expressed that he was half-full.


Li Changfeng even considered whether he should recruit two servants to cook the meal for Oscar. He had such a though because he owned much money now. If Oscar came here in the previous months, Li Changfeng was unable to provide enough food for Oscar.

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