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"Leader, how many subordinates I have?" After the etiquette, Oscar raised his head.


"Only you now. But don't worry! Our team will be expanded sooner or later!" Li Changfeng turned round.


"Leader, are you sure you don't taste it?" Buck handed a roasted rabbit to Li Changfeng.




Li Changfeng cast a glimpse on Sai Ya and found that she didn't care about his action.


"Good job!" Li Changfeng got into delight.


He tore off a rabbit leg and heavily patted Buck's shoulder, "You can lead the team when I'm not here. I appoint you as team leader of the eighth team!"


"Leader, thank you." Buck didn't show excitement with the appointment. All the rest eighth team members had survived from the previous mortal fight, so no one would regard him as team leader. They were only loyal to Li Changfeng, because all of them would die without the help of Li Changfeng. Therefore, Buck didn't care about the post.


"Leader, do you know what we found on the mountain?" Buck picked up another rabbit and baked it skillfully when he noticed Li Changfeng eating the roasted rabbit with satisfaction.


"Rabbit." Li Changfeng made a random answer.


"No, we found precious deposits!"


"Precious deposits?"


Li Changfeng got surprised for a short while. Why did he ignore it? Here had been a mountain occupied by bandits. If those bandits didn't transfer their stolen goods, then here must be a secret storage site.


Seeing Buck dragging out a big box from cave, Li Changfeng felt his hear beat speeding up.


Buck opened the box, which was filled up with jewelries and gold coins. Li Changfeng couldn't help swallowing saliva.




Sai Ya and Xiaodie shouted with excitement and ran to the box. No woman could dislike bling-bling jewelries.


"Buck, well done!"


Li Changfeng stood on tiptoe and patted Buck. He couldn't imagine he would obtain so many this time. He not only met Madox Oscar, but also gained big bucks without any efforts.


"Leader, em…May you give some gold coins to our brothers?" Buck rubbed his hands nervously.


"Of course!" Li Changfeng nodded heavily and picked up a handful of gold coins. Then, he handed out three gold coins to per person.


"Leader, are three gold coins not enough?" Buck almost cried out. How closefisted Li Changfeng was! The box was full of gold coins, but Li Changfeng only gave them three per person.


"You can't enter White Tiger City now. What can you do with money? I'll save the money for you."




Silence hit the eighth team. They knew Li Changfeng gained money, and then it was impossible for him to return it to them. Their medical fees given out by the military camp had been privately possessed by Li Changfeng; they didn't see even a silver coin. If they predicted this result, they would hide some money in advance!


"Can't they enter the city? Changfeng, how long do you plan to order them to stay here?" Sai Ya picked up a pink agate necklace and couldn't wait to put it before her chest.


"They're heroes of killing bandits, heroes of White Tiger City. You should declare the truth as soon as possible and recover their identities. Otherwise, they will be homeless after their identifications are eliminated."

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