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The next day, I was afraid of going to school.

And as for how angry Kaburagi was… Just imagining it was terrifying!

He wasn’t here yet. But I can’t let down my guard.

“Good morning, Reika-sama.”

“Gokigen’you, Reika-sama.”

My friends all greeted me with a smile. What nice smiles. Is it because they got to vent their pent-up feelings?


I sat down at my seat. And then people gathered around me.”

“Uhuhu, yesterday was terribly refreshing, wasn’t it, Reika-sama.”

Serika-chan was wearing a cruel smile.

Uh oh. Did I threaten them too much?

“Say, everybody. Those girls seem to be reflecting already, so let us not continue this. I have already forgiven them.”

“Eh, but,”

“I do not think that Kaburagi-sama would look well upon us girls being so vicious to each other.”

Everyone looked like they realised some shocking revelation.
Well, it’s not really something I should be saying after picking a fight with him though.

“If you say so, then…”

After giving each other a look, everybody nodded. Thank goodness. Kaburagi is incredibly effective, isn’t he. On the other hand, I can only imagine how quickly they’ll abandon me if they know I became Kaburagi’s enemy.

“Kyah! It’s Emperor and Enjou-sama!”


Kaburagi, and for some reason Enjou as well, suddenly entered the classroom. Oh crap, are they here to announce my death sentence!? Are they here to take me to the guillotine!?

The girls sitting around me displayed some unwanted consideration and parted left and right. Kaburagi was right in front of my eyes now.

Suddenly, his fist smacked down on my head.



“We’re even now.”

As I was cradling my head and moaning, Kaburagi left those words before heading back to his seat.


“Aahh, sorry about that, Kisshouin-san. I kiiinda have something to talk to you about. Are you free?”

All of my followers started kicking up a fuss again. Ah, deja vu.

My friends seemed to be having another terrible misunderstanding, because I was seen off under their envious gazes. As I rubbed my head, I was once again taken to that staircase.
Scary… Is this guy my executioner!?

“Is your head okay? He really shouldn’t have hit you. But well, at least that’s his way of apologising.”


You apologise by punching people in the head?

“We had a good talk after you left, yesterday. We realised that we were being kind of irresponsible, and reflected on it. But Masaya’s just stubborn, so he couldn’t bring himself to apologise honestly. That’s why he said stuff about being even instead.”

What the heck. What a loser emperor.

I’m not going to be enemies with all the Kaburagi fans?

“I explained to everyone in the salon. I told them that we did something to make you angry. Luckily there weren’t too many people. I made sure to forbid them from speaking, so there shouldn’t be any rumours.”

“Um, thank you very much.”

“Also, I’ve reflected on what I did as well. Sorry.”

Enjou gave me a bow.
Uwah, being apologised to makes it scarier and scarier!

“Ummmmm, so does that mean that we will forget about what happened yesterday?” I asked timidly.

“Of course,” he nodded.

Is he reallly being honest~? Is he acttuallyy still plotting something~? Sooo suspiciouss~

“Your expression says that you don’t trust me at all. Am I really so untrustworthy?”

Er, I can’t really say that to your face, so I’m going to pretend I didn’t hear it. What a great skill this is.

“I really do feel bad though. As an apology for Masaya’s punch too, please give me a good hit.”

Ehh, is this his plan to get more blackmail material?

But I’ll pass, since it’s suspicious. And I’m an ojousama. Violence is just beyond me.

“If you don’t at least hit me, I won’t be able to feel at ease. Don’t worry, and just hit me. Although I’m not Masaya, this time we’ll really count it as even, okay?”

“You truly will not hold a grudge? For example, using this to threaten me later.”

“I won’t, I said.”

Hmmmm~ Then should I just do it?

I see. Well then.


A gouging hook to the solar plexus.
If I hit you on the face, everybody would see, right? It’s a basic skill to hit where they can’t see.

“Well then, I suppose we truly are even now. Right, Enjou-sama?”

Enjou quickly nodded again and again as he clutched his stomach.

I left Enjou behind and returned happily to my classroom.

Maybe I’ll reward myself later with some high calorie Annatorte~

Annatorte, a signature cake of Café Demel, famous also for its Sachertorte. Layers of chocolate sponge and chocolate butter cream, with a strong chocolate taste and a hint of hazelnut.

With all of the annoyances settled, I passed each day in great spirits.

Hmmm~ I guess you could say that they’re close?

I quietly followed Akizawa-kun and waited for my chance. When there was nobody else around, I softly whispered out to him.

“Akizawa-kun, Akizawa-kun.”

“UWAH-! Kisshouin-san!? Why are you in the shadows like that?”

Is there really a need to be that surprised?

“There was a little something I wanted to ask you.”

“Eh-, what?”

“To be blunt, what kind of relationship do you have with Torishima-san?”


Akizawa-kun gave me a startled expression. Oh my?

“Why are you asking something like that?”

“I was told to investigate.”

“…Sakurako, huh. Kisshouin-san, you seem to be quite close to her. Even though she’s so afraid of strangers.”

Afraid of strangers? That queen with the tongue of poison? Does Akizawa-kun not know her true self?

“I cannot reveal my client. Well? What kind?”

“Ehhhhh… I don’t really…”

“Just a normal senpai-kouhai relationship?”


“What a terribly vague attitude. She gave you a Valentine’s chocolate, did she not? Was it obligatory? It cannot be that it was a serious one?”

“…I guess she might have written something like that in the card?”

What the! So Sakura-chan really was on the mark!? I’m sorry for making light of you.

“Don’t tell anybody, okay?”

“Naturally. Well, what did you do?”

“I told her sorry and rejected her. And she said that she understood. That should have been the end, but the other day Neesan went and spoke about how I got a chocolate from a girl in front of Sakurako. Apparently Neesan just decided to enter my room.”


“And then Sakurako asked me why I kept it hidden.”

Uwahh, interrogation by Sakura-chan? How scaryy.

“It feels like Sakurako’s been angry the whole time since then. What do I do?”

“Hmmm. How about asking her out on a date?”

“Eh-, a date!?”

“Yes. Lately you have been doing nothing but training, so I think she has been lonely. I am sure she would be overjoyed to go on a date with you. As for where, let me see… How about paddle boating at Inokashira Park? It is quite a standard couple’s spot.”

Inokashira Park in western Tokyo. A popular tourist attraction.

“But a date? We’re not really like that, but… Mn, I’ll try it. Thanks, Kisshouin-san.”

“Not at all.”

I saw him off with a smile.

I even received some info on Torishima-san from one of Ririna’s underlings, but it looks like I won’t have to use it.
May fortune smile upon the clichéd osananajimi couple!

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