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It’s time for the class trip again, or the ‘learning excursion’ as it’s officially called.

But I had to pack enough blouses for a few days, as well as spare uniform jackets and skirts. I needed clothes other than my school uniform too, and I’m bringing a few shoes too, so in the end my suitcase was full in an instant.

I sure am looking forward to it~

The trip is technically for ‘learning’, but we’re just sightseeing and aren’t learning a thing.

There, we went to that famous jeweller known for its blue box, and my close friends and I bought matching necklaces to commemorate the occasion.

Everyone put theirs on right after purchase. The blouse of my uniform covered it up, but it was new and matching, so just wearing it lifted my spirits. It’s so friend-like to have matching stuff! I kind of want to shop even more now.
Everything was listed in dollars, and since I’m paying for things by card, my money sense was a bit messed up. Before I knew it, my two hands were filled with spoils of war. It’s scary how I bought all this stuff I don’t even need. I’m not going to look at any windows anymore.

The hotel we’re staying at is a first class hotel fit for Suiran. Dinner was mostly hearty meat dishes. As expected of America. There was a lot.

Or so I thought, but it didn’t take long for my stomach to feel weird. I guess eating so much eat everyday might be a bit much for me. And it wasn’t just dinner, it was lunch too. Does this country have nothing but meat!

Serika-chan, who was staying in the same room as me, said,

“It’s a bit hard eating all this before bed, isn’t it.”

But Serika-chan, you left some meat on your plate, didn’t you?

I brought some snacks as emergency rations in case I didn’t like the food here, but my stomach feels so bad I don’t even want to touch them.
At night I did some exercises with Serika-chan said to help with digestion, but it didn’t feel like it worked at all.

After that we went on a field trip to a protestant school.

In front of real Christians, I suddenly felt guilty about the cross I was wearing under my uniform. I noticed the other girls were looking around at each other’s blouses too.

“Perhaps we really should have gone with flowers or a heart.”


But it was a lovely school with a nice sense of freedom. When I saw all these American schoolgirls lying about on the wide garden, I was like
It’s just like a foreign drama! and got all excited. It kind of made me want to study abroad.

We ended up having lunch at that school as well.

Now then, I wonder what we’ll have? Or so I wondered with sparkling eyes, but they carried out something completely brown.

…This is bad. What is this strange flavour.

Thanks to the rapid meat attack I’ve been forced to endure, I’d be fine skipping a meal but…

Incidentally, Kaburagi was eating indifferently.

I was sure that Kaburagi was the type to leave behind anything he didn’t like.

…Yeah. This school prepared us with this food, so it would be rude to leave stuff behind. I’m reflecting.

In the end, we were offered between carrot cake and mint cake, and when I chose the latter out of curiosity, this bright blue cake was brought out to be. This is impossible…
I met eyes with Kaburagi. He looked at me, and then at my cake, and then had this expression like I was some pitiful weirdo. What the heck!

After that, we just went to amusement parks every day.

In my excitement, I rode one ride after another, and then ended up motion sick…

Maybe it’s the curse of the meat dishes, but I’m feeling terrible.
I guess I’ll need to rest for a bit.

“Are you all right, Reika-sama?”

“Yes. I think I will be fine after a little rest. Please pay me no mind and continue enjoying the rides.”

Worried about me, Serika-chan and the girls suggested staying with me, but I had them enjoy themselves instead. They said they would come back to check on me after the first ride, but I told them not to worry and just have fun. Plus, some other girls seemed to want a rest too.

While I was sitting on a bench and spacing out, I saw Kaburagi and Enjou walk past. Kaburagi seemed to be enjoying himself, unlike his usual poker face. So he actually liked amusement parks?

Everyone is in casual clothing today, so it was hard to tell Suiran students from the other tourists. Well, it’s a big place. I wonder if there’s anyone else I know~

It’s Maiden Class Rep walking together with Miharu-chan!

Damniittt! An amusement park date? I’m so jealouss!

A while later when my friends came back, a bunch of male students were with them. Apparently they met each other in the lines, so they rode the rides together. They’re kinda looking at each other and smiling.

Eh-, why did everyone go on pseudo-dates while I wasn’t around!?

Could it be… No, it’s your imagination. It’s okay, Reika. Don’t think about it.

At night we went to the haunted house. It was night, so somehow the atmosphere was just better.

“Speaking of which, apparently a ghost appeared at last year’s summer camp.”

“Right, right. A girl from Class 5 saw it. A dripping wet yuurei woman!”

“I heard that she was gnawing a corpse.”

Everyone started talking about how scary it was.
I’m the one who’s scared, okay. The rumours just keep spreading…

“Reika-sama, didn’t you participate in last year’s summer camp as well?”

“Yes. But I don’t know anything about it at all.”

I’m definitely not going again this year.

After coming back from my meat galore trip, I gained three kilos. What do I do!
And it feels like all the girls except me are closer to the boys now! Why!?

“There, we went to that famous jeweller known for its blue box”
She refers to Tiffany’s.

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