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Today, my hair was curled extra perfectly. Last night I used a sheet mask that cost as much as 10,000 Yen per sheet, so my skin was soft and glossy too.

After washing down my stomach medicine with some water, I took out my favourite fan from my chest of drawers. It’s been getting warm recently, so I don’t think it looks unnatural.

I grasped it tightly in my hand.

Sally forth! To the frontlines!

The issue is when to take action. I’d like to avoid doing it during breaktime because of all the people here.

I hope it goes well.

“What a lovely fan, Reika-sama.”

“Thank you. I very much like it too.”

I fiddled with the folding fan in my hand.

I can’t delay things any longer. I need to settle this before any more white hairs appear.
I waited impatiently for school to end. And I had plenty of stomach medicine to accompany me while I did.

Since it’s scary by myself, I think I’ll have Serika-chan and Kikuno-chan flank me.

After a long time, school finally ended.

With fan in hand, I left my seat.

“Serika-san, could you accompany me for a little while? I was thinking of having a word with Tsuruhana-san and her friends.”

Serika-chan’s eyes glinted with a sharp light.

The other girls began gathering around us too.

“Well then, shall we go?”

When I curled my lips upwards, everyone gave a cold smile to match.

When we left our classroom, it didn’t take long to find her . She was coming our way, surrounded by her gyarus.

As I continued to open and close my fan, my eyes met with Tsuruhana-san’s.

“You’re in my way, Kisshouin-san. Mind moving?”

Tsuruhana-san gave me a challenging smile, and her followers all started to snicker too.

Shutting my fan with a snap, I said,

“Tsuruhana-san. Who exactly do you think you are speaking to?”


Taking a step forward, I continued.

“Say, Tsuruhana-san. When on earth did you gain the right to speak to me in such a manner? A normal student like you, to a Pivoine member like me.”

I pointed my fan at her and suddenly glared dangerously.
I could see the confidence in her eyes shake.

“It appears that the Pivoine’s influence has dwindled quite a bit. It surely has, has it not? For a person like you to take this attitude with me.”

I drew closer.

“Oh. Or were you perhaps instead implying that the Tsuruhana family is even greater than the Kisshouin family? I had no idea. I never knew that my Kisshouin family had grown inferior to the Tsuruhana.

Or is that how the entire Tsuruhana family sees it? That the Kisshouin family is one to make light of, that is.
If that is the case, I must really have a word with my father. It seems like we will have a lot to ‘deal with’.”

“Say,” I continued with a smile, as she grew paler and paler. “You know, I very much dislike conflict. Because of that, I have overlooked your behaviour for a long time. But lately, you seem to have gotten a little full of yourself. Do you not think so?”


“Or could it be, Tsuruhana-san, that your behaviour was actually a declaration of war? If that truly is the case, then with my power as a Pivoine, as well as with all my power as a Kisshouin, I do not mind keeping you company.”

Finally, grazing her cheek with my fan, I whispered into her ear,


Tapping the silent and still girl with my fan, I prompted her for an answer.

“…My deepest apologies, Reika-sama,”

she replied bitterly and painfully, her skin still white as a sheet.

I responded with the sweetest smile I could muster.

“Goodness. As long as you understand, I shall not give you any trouble, you know? Because I truly find no amusement in crushing you. As long as you refrain from irritating me, all shall be well. Are we clear?”

“…I understand.”

“Well then, good friends of Tsuruhana-san, are we clear as well? Of course, if you are dissatisfied, please feel free to speak. As long as you are prepared for the consequences,” I added, slapping the fan onto my palm.

All of her friends hung their heads as well, expressing their joint agreement.

“Good. It brings me such joy that you are all so understanding. Please have a little moderation in your actions from now on. Well then, everybody, gokigen’you.”

After giving a final, dark, Enjou-styled smile, I turned my back to them, my skirt fluttering behind me.

Because I suddenly noticed a gaze, I looked forward to find Kaburagi giving me a disgusted look before walking away.

“You did it, Reika-sama! I feel so refreshed!”

“That look on her face! It serves her right!”

When we arrived back in the classroom, all of the girls erupted in joy.

What the hell was that look.

Who do you think pushed me into doing something like this!

“I need to head to the Pivoine for a little!”

“Eh-, Reika-sama!?”

I flew out of the classroom.

The last thing I wanted was to use the power of my family.

I know that if our family ever falls into ruin, doing this is only going to bite me back. What would I do if I get treated like Sara?

Wai-, hey! Even while I’m agonising here, he still has no idea, does he!
Kaburagi, I hope your whole head turns white!

When I arrived at the salon, Kaburagi was enjoying tea with Enjou. I strode right towards them, and Kaburagi gave me a puzzled look.

“Kaburagi-sama, I need to have a word with you.”


“Could you take some responsibility and begin cleaning up after your own messes? Could you not at least control your own followers?”

“It’s not like I tell them to follow me. They just make trouble on their own. To begin with, I don’t even pay attention to them. And I have no recollection of accepting them as my followers.”

“Because they made the decision to follow you, it is none of your business, you say? So you dare to say something so irresponsible. It truly makes one question whether you even have what it takes to be the next leader of the Kaburagi Group.”

“What did you say!”

“Did I misspeak? If you cannot even properly handle such a tiny group of people, I can scarcely imagine the difficulties you will have in the future.”

Since he glared at me, I glared back at him.
Around that time, Enjou stepped in.

“Now, now, you calm down too, Kisshouin-san. Aren’t you letting the blood rush to your head a little?”

This time I glared at him.

“Could you stop pushing your friend’s problems onto me? I believe I have more than paid back the debt. I’m sick of cleaning up after you.”


“Masaya. Yeah, sorry about that. I’ve caused you trouble, huh.”

I don’t feel even a speck of sincerity from your apology, you know.

“Well then, I take my leave. Gokigen’you.”

Leaving the salon, I decided to just skip my lessons, and headed straight home.

I was excited from my victory against Tsuruhana-san, and rash because of my anger at Kaburagi, but once all that cooled down I became terrified.

Because I was so agitated, I had lost all sense of judgement. And of all things, I went and picked a fight with Kaburagi!

Oh my godd…
But it was all his fault, okay! I didn’t do anything wrong!

The moment I reached home, I hid under my futon and trembled.

When I woke up, I binged on salad-flavoured rice crackers.

Even though I tried so hard to become an easy-to-get-along-with character, because of that stupid Kaburagi, I sped straight down the road to Domineering Reika-sama, didn’t I!
Goddammmitttt, I’ll open a pack of mugichoco too!

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