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Leisurely Bathing, in a Giagantic Bath

It was my first time in a girl’s bath.

Not only that, I’m also only familiar with a bath short enough for me to reach both ends of the bath at once, with my head still over the edge.

This bath is much larger, visibly able to hold more than one person at a time.  It seems the tiles of the bath are also made of stone.  Even with all the hot moisture of the bath, there wasn’t any fan to help with ventilation, only the small vent above the bath. Looking up at the ceiling, it was barely visible.

The water for the bath was drawn from large hot water tanks, using tiny pumps that were attached to them.  It was surprising, is this the sort of privilege offered to rich mansions like this?  However, the hot water then has to be brought to boiling to stay warm, so I shouldn’t stay here for too long.

Regardless, that seems to be the norm here, unlike the world I grew up in.  Before, I would just quickly wash myself in the bath.  I guess it’s just a difference in culture.  Coming back today would be an important occasion, as well.  At least, this is what Oriza-san has been telling me.  I don’t know this world very well, which isn’t ideal, so I’m thankful for any information offered.

“So do you understand now, Seiren-sama?”

“Yes, thank you.  However, I still don’t understand why you’re here.”

Oriza-san smiled happily while washing my arm carefully with a sponge.  “I’m here to wash you clean.” She carefully lifted my arm to wash the inner side.

“Seiren-sama, even though you didn’t grow up in the Shiya houshold, you’re already accepted as part of the Shiya family.”


“Yes, your father and mother have always been thinking of you.”

Oh, I see.
My comfort is the most important thing to my parents, clearly.  This is why, even after just coming back, they didn’t want me to feel forced to eat dinner with them.

I still couldn’t believe I was part of the rich noble Shiya family.  It felt good to know that I belong to a family, but it was still still hard to get used to.  In the orphanage I grew up in, I wasn’t even this well cared for by the cleaning staff.  So really, I guess I should consider the situation for the staff here.  But I’m still struggling with idea of having parents who are this rich.  It’s too much to think about.  Things were so much clearer with the director.  They really are two different world, I’m still used to how things were back there.

“Seiren-sama, your chest has developed well.”

This.  I thought I wouldn’t need to worry about it yet…. But this is a bath after all.  In this house, it is normal that the maid will need to wash my entire body.  Which means, of course, that my full naked body would be inspected too.  This was an issue as well, I still can’t face the idea of being a girl due to my life in the other world.

“You should probably keep in mind that this is my first time seeing such myself.”

“Don’t worry, they are a good size.  Not too big, not too small.”

Oriza-san washed me carefully while telling me such.  Yeah, she’s only here trying to help me, it is her job after all, but it was a lot to think about.

“Okay, now time for your lower body.  May you please slightly spread your legs apart?”

“I, uh…”

“Don’t worry.  Please, we need to make sure your legs are cleaned front to back.”

“It’s really not that big of a deal.”

“It’s important to take care of your legs too.  I’m so envious of your well defined hips and thin waist.”

Well, uh, yeah.  I wasn’t used to that either.  She went over the details of my body so carefully, it was so embarrassing.  Well, at least her massage of my arms, thighs, and calves weren’t all that uncomfortable.

Then she made sure to wipe my whole body down with a large towel near the bath.  Well, it was at least similar to a towel, I wasn’t exactly sure what it was made of.  Still, it was a soft, comfortable fabric that quickly took the water from my body, so it works at least.

“Seiren-sama, lets get you dressed now.  I’ve got a change of clothes ready for you.”

Minoa-san showed up suddenly carrying an assortment of clothes, neatly folded in a basket tray, along with a set of underwear.  Yes, including bras and panties, with a simple white design.  They looked very light and soft.

“Oh, uh, thank you.  I’m still not used to this sort of underwear.”

“Don’t worry, they will still suit you very well.”

Minoa-san, thank you for figuring this out for me.  It seems at least I can rely on the maids for figuring this stuff out for me.  Mostly because they were a lot more familiar with such underwear.

I simply couldn’t have figured this stuff out on my own.  It wouldn’t have taken too much time honestly to fluster my way over the lace of the panties, even considering that I never had to worry about this stuff in the other world.  No, the problem was mostly the bras.

“… uh, how exactly do I put this on?”

“Oh?  You’ve never wore a bra before, Seiren-sama?  Even with such a chest?”

“Alright, first you need to put on both shoulder straps, making sure to not tangle the lower strap.”

It might be different now, but as a guy I never had to worry about such.  There was never a reason for me to handle, let alone wear, a bra in the other world.  There, my chest wasn’t at all curved and developed like this.  I’ve never had this weight pulling on my chest before.  I never understood what girls had to deal with.  Well, now I’ll also have to deal with it too, I guess.  Oh well…

“Uh, did I do this right?”

“Excellent, such suits you very well.”

My breasts fit comfortably within the cups of the bra.  It seemed to even be the right size.  Minoa-san continued to fuss over my outfit, looking impressed over how well it suited me, while Oriza-san went to the other side of the bath to start cleaning up.  She got a metal rod which she used to open the tiny window I noticed a while ago.  So that’s how that works.  With the help from the two of them, I did manage to get my bra on properly.  I hope I could do the same on my own tomorrow.  I guess if I can’t, I can always as for help again.

Next, she came up with a loose fitting light blue dress, which she had me wear.  I had to put on the dress by pulling it up over my legs, and then clasp the button on my back.  The belt that wrapped around it across my tummy was like that of a kimono.  Woah, it swooshes easily as I move.  I’ll have to get used to this as well.

“Do you feeling comfortable in that?”

“I’m still not very familiar with these clothes.  I think the belt might be done a little too tight.”

Minoa-san asked about my comfort while working on the buttons for my sleeves.  Surprised at being told about the belt, she also looked into that with a “My apologise.”

“I’m still so very sorry.  But these clothes are very becoming of you.  It’s surprising that Seiren-sama seems so unfamiliar with such an outfit.”

“Yeah, I never had to worry about such belt problems when living with the Director.  I’m sorry, I’ll just need time to get used to this.”

Well, no, it wasn’t just the belt.  My tummy is much more capable of a greater tightness of a belt now too.  With the director, I wasn’t able to wear something this fancy either.  It was saddening to reflect on, so I shouldn’t reflect on it too heavily.  Minoa-san really worked hard on this outfit, it was a marvellous dress.

“Seiren-sama, please sit so we can put your shoes on too.”

At this point, the bath had also been restored to its original cleanliness.  I was guided over to a wooden chair to sit on.  It seems Minoa-san even had a pair of replacement shoes in a box, ready for me.  Which is another thing to get used to, my old shoes no longer fit.  I mean, as a guy, my shoe size was 26 ((US size 8.5 mens / or 10 ladies)), but now they are probably 24 ((US size 6.5 mens / 7.5 ladies)), maybe less.

“Are the shoes the correct size?”

“I’m sorry, I don’t know exactly what size shoes I need.”

“I’ll help you figure it out, then.”

Without being phased at all by such information, Minoa-san took the shoes out of the box.  I really couldn’t tell if the shoes fit by just looking at them, after all.  The shoes looked like they suited my outfit.  I wasn’t certain in this, but at least the ribbon of the shoes had the same design.  I went to sit in the chair.

Anyway, this did demonstrate her talented maid-like skills, because..

“… wow, they fit perfectly.”

“Your toes aren’t too snug, right?  Is the width comfortable?”

“Yup.  I don’t know for certain without walking around in them, but so far no problems.  Thank you very much.”


“I will let you know if I find any problems.”

It’s true.  My feet felt fine in these shoes, they weren’t noticeably tight.  The sole felt a little hard, but I don’t expect anything could be done about that.  Still softer than going bare foot.  The heel was something to get used to, as was the fluffy ribbon of the shoes that wrapped around my ankles to keep the shoes secure.  They really looked like a cute pair of white shoes, which somehow look good on me after wearing them.

“Seiren-sama, we should go to your room now.  Alica will be in your room now with your meal.”

“Oh, alright.  Let’s get going then.”

“Yes, after you.”

Oriza-san and Minoa-san have helped me out a lot today.  They really gave me a hand adapting as a woman.  I carefully reflected on such as I got up from the chair.

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