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Casual Dinner Conversations

“Oh, Seiren-sama!  Welcome back, madam!”

When I returned back to my room with Oriza-san and Minoa-san, I was greeted by a smiling Alica-san and the dinner she had prepared for me.  I could already faintly smell the delicious dinner from the other side of the door.  It seems while I was having my bath, she had brought out a wooden table and chairs, covered with a white table cloth, and daintily decorated with a small vase containing white and yellow flowers.  Placed on the table was a set of dinning wear, including a glass, a fork, and a knife.  It looked like a formal arrangement I had only seen before on TV.  As such, I wasn’t exactly used to such an arrangement either.

“Thank you for your hard work.  Did you arrange all this on your own?”

“No, Minoa helped with setting this up as well.”

“Oh, really?  Thank you as well, Minoa-san.”

“Don’t worry, it is our job after all to make sure you are well cared for.”

Well.. They might be my exclusive maids, working this hard for my own comfort.  However, I still felt I should be thankful for all of their hard work.  This was something that I felt did not need to change.   Even if my body is now that of a girl, not everything has changed.  While considering this, I suddenly noticed Alica-san was staring at me.

“Hmm?  Yes, Alica-san?”

“Oh, sorry.  Your outfit suits you very wonderfully.”

“Oh, uh..  Thank you very much.”

I politely accepted their praise.  It was really embarrassing being regarded as beautiful like that.  Even though I was happy to receive praise, it was really awkward being told that I suit this outfit, because I’m still not used to dressing as a girl.  Even so, I need to remember that I am now a girl.  Oriza-san was there to make sure I would not forget this.

“Seiren-sama has such a well developed figure, her chest has blossomed so well.”

“Uh, wait, what?!”

“Oriza, don’t embarrass the young lady like that.”

Minoa-san and I both reacted to the embarrassing evaluation together, with her quickly intervening.  I had to admire how much friendly, even family, support I was getting here.  I mean, it’s not that I think poorly of Oriza-san’s bodily reviews, her input was really helpful back in the bath, it’s just that kind of stuff really isn’t suitable to say in front of other people.

“Oriza-san, please be careful about what you say about me.  I still don’t know how I should react.”

“I’m so very sorry.  I will be careful in the future.”

She was very quick to apologies, it was sorta surprising.

“Oriza understands the need for your privacy, as is part of the honor of a maid.  She will avoid such careless remarks in the presence of others.”

Minoa-san attempted to comfort me with such while glaring at Oriza.

The next problem was with dining etiquette.

“You hold your fork in your left hand, and your knife in your right.  Here, let me give you a hand.”

“Oh, that will be very helpful.”

“I’m here if you have any difficulties with such etiquette, I don’t expect you to learn it all right away.”

I was really thankful that I wasn’t expected to master such right away.  Really, eating should be the same in both worlds, something you just do to survive.  For an appetiser, I was served a refreshing salted salad, along with some delicious creamy potato soup.  The main course featured oil fried fish, which was delicious too.  It filled me with a bit of energy.  On the side was a bread basket, a nice round loaf of rustic bread.  It was baked slightly dark, but it also was delicious.  For dessert was a sort of fruit gelatin, which was sweet despite not having any notable sugars.

After finishing eating, I ended up at the sofa, drinking the same sort of tea Alica-san brewed when I was talking with my parents earlier.  I wonder if this world even has coffee.  I sorta miss a few things from the other world, but such won’t be part of my life anymore.

“Thank you, all of the food was delicious.”

“That’s good to hear.  I’ll be certain to pass that on to the kitchen staff.”

“Oh, yeah, sure.”

Of course that’s how things worked here.  While Alica-san laughed, I simply nodded.  Hehe, yeah, of course there would also be a chef doing the cooking here too.  It’s just that’s not the sort of life I’ve adjusted to so far, I’m just gradually getting used to my new life here.  While I turned slightly away in embarrassment, the maids each noticed attentively.  Oh how absolutely embarrassing.. huh ((this is more of a sigh))..

“Oh, come to think of it, was Oriza’s massage at the bath any good?  I hope you were very satisfied with it?”

“Oh, yeah.  She did very well.”

“Hahaha, thank you.  Actually, I learned my technique from Minoa.”



Alica-san sat there smiling while Oriza-san begun laughing happily at the new topic of conversation.  Minoa-san glanced around quietly when she came up in conversation.  Yeah, it was an interesting scene.  This was a good kind of change.

” Seiren-sama, if you were pleased with my massage services, then when it is Minoa’s turn, you will feel like you are in heaven.”

“Oriza, stop exaggerating.”

“I’m serious, it will be that good.”

“Yes, I’ve even got to see the quality of the Minoa massage.  I would have to agree that it really is that good.”


Now it was Minoa-san’s turn to be shy and embarrassed, huh?  Glancing among them as they talk, I’ve been uncertain how to express my own thought.  However, I do understand, I’ve been uncertain know how to react to such sort of praise recently, myself.

“Hahah.  Minoa-san, I’ll be looking forward to any chance of seeing just how good your massages really are.”

“Thank you very much.”

So as to not be any meaner after having been embarrassed myself earlier, I bowed to Minoa-san so that she could depart.

Minoa-san must have a lot of strength, to be able to so efficiently move around things like the table and chairs that were used for today’s dinner.  Oriza-san make sure to clean up all of the dishes.  Really, I would have loved to help, too, but I was told that it was simply their job as a maid.  So, instead I sat down with Alica-san on the sofa to continue talking over things with her.

“Today, all three of us were able to be here to help out Seiran-sama, but tomorrow’s shift will only include two of us.”

“Huh?  You guys work in shift work?”

Well, considering it, it would be stupid to think that all three of them would care for me all the time.  Though, that is one thing I must respect of the director.  He was always there for me, all day long, every day of the week.

“Yes, such is a part of our contract.”

“That seems reasonable.  It is good that you are getting time off too.  I’m already plenty thankful for getting any amount of care at all.”

“Oh, no, thank you for your consideration, Seiran-sama.”

I was at a loss for a moment as Alica-san deeply bowed her head. Then again, I think this is just the way things are over here.  I was still glad to have someone I knew I could trust who will help me with what the future brings. It was already impressive that I would have access to three exclusive maids.  It is enough if there will only be two of them at a time in the future.

“So today’s special care, it was because I just returned?”


I wondered at my own suspicions as Alica-san nodded her confirmation.  After coming to face with that simple reply, Minoa-san and Oriza-san showed up again, having completed their work.  Considering I just returned today, I should consider looking around my rather large home.  I really should consider inquiring on Yuzuruha-san ((I have no idea where someone got “Sylvester” from that)), since I haven’t seen him for a while.  He seemed to have disappeared hours ago… along with most of the male factors of my life, which becoming fleeting one after another.  At this point I’m really uncertain regarding how I am expected to behave.

“As your father has disappointingly pointed out, it was because we didn’t make sure to sufficiently guard Seiran-sama that she disappeared.  So since then, we’ve greatly improved on our security.”

“Ah, I see.  It would have been hard for my mother and father to have suddenly found me missing like that.”

“Yes, it was.”

In other words, it was like Oriza-san said.  I’m their daughter who was gone for 18 years, to have only just returned.

“This is why we were told to be your exclusive maids, so that this will never happen again.”

Soon after I was born, I disappeared, leaving them without their daughter, and have only just now returned.  While the amount of protection I’m getting is rather extensive, it does also make sense.  I still remember mother throwing her arms around me when I appeared before her eyes, as she cried tears of joy.  It really is a nice family, even if they are considerably over-protective.  As such, even the maids are here to act as my guards, because my safety is seeing as something that important.  This degree of security reminds me of the security systems from the other world.

In short, I should expect to be in the care of these three women.

“Yes, well, thank you once again.  Alica-san, Minoa-san, Oriza-san.”

“Don’t worry about it, Seiren-sama.”

We then bowed to each other.

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