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Chapter 4 – Somehow, I figured out how to do my business

“Please excuse me, Seiren-sama. I should have guided you earlier”

“No, I didn’t consider it either. I’m really sorry for the panic.”

I earnestly felt sorry for the Sylvester-san who was standing at the bathroom entrance.
Even so, the me whom just recently became a female can’t possibly learn the method of using the bathroom here from the male Sylvester-san. Therefore, I intended to learn it from maid-san but Sylvester-san followed because he was worried.
「I’m going to teach~」 Oriza-san came out grinning broadly while looking here. Geez, don’t look at me like that.

“But Seiren-sama, you didn’t even need to hear about the method at all, right~?”
“It wasn’t that different from how it was in the other world. Honestly, its a relief.”

Besides the construction and specifics that I don’t know,  it turns out that the method of using the bathroom is actually not that different from the western style bathrooms that I know. The toilet paper isn’t the roll type but rather, it is folded roughly into a square and piled up in the corner. The seat also seems to be made up of ceramic and it was cold to the touch, but I won’t complain. It seems to be properly cleaned too.

“But, even if I knew, I was shocked…”
“What is~?”
“….. Ah, no, its nothing”

Peeking at Oriza-san’s face, I hastily shook my head.
The things I need to confirm at the bathroom, are not limited to just the place and usage method. Even though I didn’t really want to see it, it can’t be helped.
In the middle of my underwear. Un, I saw it. (Japanese male boxers have this slit in the middle for easier access and now ‘it’ was gone)
The thing that was supposed to be there wasn’t there, it was completely flat.
I, seriously became female. How should I say it… I am dejected.

“Seiren-sama, are you okay?”
“Ah, Un, I’m okay. Just facing a bit of reality”

At times like this, Oriza-san’s cheerful tone is a big help. No, it’s similar to escaping reality. But I feel as if I’m no longer alone.
Back in the other world, the director filled this role. When I think about it, I may have depended on him…
Ah.. Really, if only I could have at least said a word of farewell..

Well, let me collect myself. Nothing will start even if I stay depressed in the corridor outside of the bathroom.
When I looked up, I suddenly saw Sylvester-san’s face. If he is just here to meet with the other maid-sans, he must have already finished his errands. And yet, he is still here.
I wonder if he still has any matters for me? Let’s ask him.

“That reminds me, Sylvester-san, are you here to meet with the maid-sans that came to my room earlier?”
“That might be so but, I still have one more issue to take care of.”

As I thought. The job of a butler is tough in various ways.
From my room to here, there appears to be quite some distance… As the bathroom is considered filthy, it seems that some distance has been placed. But even so, returning to my room just to listen to a new matter is ridiculous..

“What’s the matter? It’s fine if you say it here”
“Thank you very much. It is about dinner…”
“……Ah, it’s that time.”

Come to think of it, I didn’t attend the party after the graduation ceremony. I was sent here just before reaching it.
It was at lunch, where things got noisy… Even if that much time has passed, it wasn’t surprising.
The two worlds don’t really have much of a time difference. Or is it just coincidence? By the way my stomach was going… Aaun. I didn’t notice because I was holding for it in the toilet, but I was just that hungry. Thanks to the tea and sable at the reception room, I seemed to be able to retain it for awhile…

“Originally the Sir and everyone would gather at the dining room and consume their meals but, the Madam was concerned that Seiren-sama had just returned earlier and proposed that it would be better to give you time to collect yourself.”

As Sylvester-san said that, he made a slightly complicated expression.
Even so, those parents are perhaps trying too hard to be considerate of me.
On our first meeting, maybe not the first.. On our reunion, they were delighted to see me. Honestly, it wouldn’t be a surprise if they even held a feast to celebrate our reunion. Though this, might just be a poor man(woman)’s train of thought..

“Seiren-sama, if you wish, I could have the arrangements made so that you can have your meal in your room today? How does it sound?”

But, father and mother are being considerate of me. Pulling me out of the world that I have been living in for 18 years and then suddenly expected to have dinner together is considered a big leap isn’t it?
……Isn’t it fine if I just indulge in their consideration for today?

“……Umm, I’ll be having my meal in my room I guess. It seems that I still can’t mentally change gears properly.”
“Understood. I will relay it to the Sir as such.”

When I conveyed the conclusion that I came to, Sylvester-san nodded without changing his expression.
To Oriza-san whom is looking at me with wonder from the side: please read the atmosphere. Even I have various things to consider. Though, to voice these thoughts after the toilet uproar…

“I’ll leave it to you. Also, could you convey my apologies for not being able to eat together?”

For the time being, I tried adding it as an afterthought.
Because the both of them surely wanted to have a nice meal with the daughter that was finally found after 18 years.

“So, dinner preparations will be done by the accompanying 3 maids. I will excuse myself here.
“Thank you for the hard work. I appreciate the things you’ve done for me”
“This is my job after all, there is no need for thanks”

After settling the matter, Sylvester-san laughed shortly and bowed deeply before leaving. As expected of the top servant whom was supposed to be serving father…
I wonder if we can have a meal tomorrow… To be clamorously having a meal similar to eating at the orphanage, having a lively meal, seems impossible. But…


While I was engrossed in my thoughts, a girl’s face suddenly appeared in my vision with a ‘Doaappu’ feeling. Oriza-san seriously can’t read the atmosphere…

“D-don’t scare me like that….. What is it?”
“He he, sorry. Let’s return to the room, Seiren-sama”

Sticking her tongue out by the side, she should know that I’m seriously trying not to be angry… If she couldn’t even realise that, she won’t be able to continue as maid-san.
……Eh, perhaps, can she actually read the atmosphere?
Well, the Oriza-san whom blew away my thoughts continued her words while smiling and laughing.

“Dinner will be prepared by Arika and Minoa though~ Before that, since you asked for a hot water bath and a change of clothes, I’ll go and prepare?”
“Hot water bath. Ah, bath” (The distinction is made in Japanese as the english equivalent is the same thing between 湯浴み(Yuami)- Hotwater bath and 風呂(Furo) Bath)

I see, so this is the reason why the maid-san were introduced so quickly.
Thinking back, I have yet to change out of my bulky oversized school uniform. As expected, I can’t always remain in this appearance. At least, I need to change my shoes… How many times must reality crumble down on me?
Although I am having a meal by myself, I can’t possibly have my meal looking like this. Before changing my outfit comes the bath and of course, such a thing is a given.

“Before dinner, I will get to purify Seiren-sama’s body right~?”
“? What is the matter?”

Umm, stop for a moment, Oriza-san.
What’s with ‘purify Seiren-sama’s body’!?

“Umm… Are you perhaps, following me to the bath?”
“Of course~ Washing our master’s body is also part of our responsibilities~”

To the Oriza-san that answered as if it was natural, I felt faint.
Here, is there no washing of our own bodies? Being washed by maid-san is natural?
I mean, I just became female not so long ago and haven’t even seen my own naked body, I mean… No, I had already confirmed the bottom though.
Maid-san is going to be the first one to look at me utterly stark naked!?
Although we do enter the bath together in the orphanage, it’s usually ‘washing each other’s backs’ but never ‘washing the body’.

“Ummm… Ehh, is that common in this world?”
“Yes. Is it different from where Seiren-sama has came from?”
“Basically, our bodies are our own responsibilities to wash. When people enter the bath together, from time to time they do wash each other but it’s only till the extent of washing each other’s backs.”
“Haaa… Seiren-sama has been living the life of a commoner, right~”
“Well, commoners are commoners. I’ve been living as an orphan without parents after all.”

As I flatly said that, Oriza-san was shocked for a moment as she looked at me. Then, ‘…….I’m sorry’ was said in a small voice. Aaun, this…, it would be better to explain the circumstances when everyone gathers together later…
If they knew about my situation, things might just end up becoming less troublesome. From now on.

“A-N-Y-W-A-Y. It is a given that the ojou-sama of Shiiya house will be washed by maids during baths so, please get used to it.”

As for me getting used to the situation here, I can’t get used to it and it’s hopeless.

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