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Chapter 3 – Somehow, I’ll just wait in my room

“This is Seiren-sama’s room.”

“Um. All of this?”

“Yes. Also, there’s another room in the back of your bedroom. Is this too small for you?”

“No, that’s not it. It’s so big.”

I couldn’t help but tell my honest feelings, and the black-haired maid in pigtails smiled wryly. I guess that what I’m thinking is still somewhat close to normal even here, I was a bit relieved.

The place I’m at right now, seems just like the fancy bedroom of some noble. No wait, it is.

Before, I only had a simple wardrobe, sofa, and table, which would only take up a corner of this large room. There’s also a small chandelier that looks like it will really hurt if it fell on me hanging from the ceiling. Well, it’s small compared to the chandelier in the drawing room. If that one ever fell, it would probably cause a life-threatening injury, one that could send me off to yet another world.

Also, there was a canopied bed in the bedroom. If I squint, I can also make out what seems to be some sort of writing desk, with several books on top of it.

Having all this space just to myself, wow. In the orphanage, I would share a small room with several others, and everyone would have to crowd around a single table in order to study.

What’s more, all this furniture seems so simple in design. I’m used to everything being simple already, so this is surprising. I don’t know what else to say.

Also, everything seems new. I can tell just by looking at the furniture and carpet and curtains. They don’t appear to be used.

“Has this furniture always been here?”

“This was placed here one month ago. In order to welcome Seiren-sama who’s grown up now, new items were purchased.”

At hearing the maid’s reply, I was lost for words for a moment. My parents had prepared this room for my return. Since they didn’t know my tastes, they probably kept everything simple intentionally. Although, it still seems slightly girlish to me, and I was raised as a guy.

“……Was this room prepared for my return?”

“Yes. I’ll guide you in.”

I couldn’t say anything else as there was a clogged feeling inside my chest, while the maid just smiled gently at me.

Oh, let me give an explanation. It seems that basically everything here is the same as on Earth, with very few changes in names or what I’m used to. Well, other than the fact that there’s no electricity here, and the chandelier is powered by magic. Anyways, I have a question first.

“Formal clothes are here in this drawer, and this is regular clothing. Nightclothes and underwear are here.”

“Uh, thank you…… Underwear?”

As the maid showed the drawers of the wardrobe to me, I noticed a problem.

I’ve, turned into a girl. What’s more, I was their “daughter” to begin with.

Meaning, everything prepared for me to wear was girls’ clothes. This includes clothes, shoes, and of course underwear.

Yeah, the problem is definitely with the last part. Even though I’m in a girl’s body, I was male up until a few hours ago. I feel like as if I’d be cosplaying, wearing female clothing.

“Is something the matter?”

“……Um, girls’ clothes…… Wow~”

Sorry, maid-san. I don’t know what she’s thinking, but just let me clutch my head for a little bit.

Wearing female underwear while mentally male inside, I’m going to have to overcome some barriers. Come to think of it, while I was walking, I felt a strange sensation of my chest wobbling. I finally understood why it was that girls wore bras. With it shaking like that, especially if it’s too large, it would definitely hurt, I imagine.

“So, please make yourself at home here. In a little bit, Sylvester-san will be coming by, so please let him in.”

“Ah, okay. Thank you very much.”

After giving me a tour and explanation of my room, the maid with three black pigtails bowed and exited the room. I heard the sound of the door closing softly, and kept thinking about how ridiculous and impressive this family was.

Now that I’m by myself, I looked over my room again. There’s no sofa and table here, and no brats from the orphanage running about, I couldn’t help but think about them.

After all, it felt kind of fun there. There was the orphanage director, there were some older kids, and there were lots of little brats running around. Every day was bustling and fun.

And, everything’s changed so much in just the short time of a few hours. I’ve turned into a girl, and I’ve somehow slipped into a different world, and become a respectable family’s daughter.

Anyways, wow, I’m going to have two rooms to myself.

“……So big.”

It’s so luxurious, really. It’s all in all a bit of a girlish room, but that’s to be expected, since I’m supposed to be a girl.

When I checked the drawers of the wardrobe again, I saw piles and piles of dresses. There’s ones that look really tight, as well as ones that look like they leave way too much space for the chest. I wouldn’t really know if they’re the right size without trying them on. Er, what do I do if they don’t fit. I hope they’re easy to adjust if the size isn’t right, since buying even more clothes seems like a waste.

“……No, that’s not it. These are supposed to be clothes for me.”

I had to talk to myself out loud. If I didn’t, I wouldn’t be able to prepare myself mentally. At any rate, I need to ask the old magician more about the magic that returned me here and turned me into a girl…… Ah, oops. I forgot to ask his name.

I prepared myself, and put my hand on the bottom drawer. This one, will have women’s underwear in it. Panties, bras…… am I going to have to get used to using these? Wow, this seems daunting.

This is bad, I’m not ready to open it. Although I know I’ll probably have to face it in a few hours, for now I’ll just leave this drawer alone. I’m gonna avoid reality for now.

Come to think of it, let’s take a look at me now.

“……So this is what I look like.”

There was a full-length mirror next to the wardrobe, so I decided to check my appearance. My black hair that had nothing special about it when I was a guy was now suddenly shoulder-length, when I had kept it fairly short before.

I’m still skinny like before, and well, a bit rounder in some places. I took off my jacket because it had gotten too large on me, it feels like I’m the size of me from three years ago now.

As for my face…… everyone used to say I looked a bit girlish before, and it didn’t change much. It’s just that, I think my eyes have gotten bigger and narrower. If I ignore the fact that I’m talking about myself, I’d think I’m cute.

So this is the current me, Seiren Shiya.

The original me, Seiren Shikino…… I guess he’s not coming back. The old magician, had said that I was supposed to originally be a girl to begin with.

If I don’t use some sort of gender changing magic spell, am I going to remain like this for the rest of my life.

“What should I do……”

Honestly speaking, of course I would have some regrets left behind about my previous world.

Most of all, I wanted to thank the director for taking care of me for all those years. Besides, that small, bustling orphanage was still my home.

However, I felt it in my heart. That this was my real family, that this was the real world I came from.

So this is me.


As I was thinking about things, my body trembled. This is bad, I felt a chill in my mind.

“……Uh-oh, I need to go to the bathroom.”

I’m going to have to go to the bathroom in this world as a girl. I just drank some tea with everyone while listening to their story, and also had some cocoa in the previous world just earlier as well.

Whoops, I should have asked the maid just earlier about this. There doesn’t seem to be a bathroom in this room, so I wonder if it’s somewhere else. But I think I might get lost if I leave my room. It might be hard to find a bathroom by myself before I have to go.

Just as I was panicking about what to do, someone knocked on the door. By the way, it wasn’t a knock from someone’s knuckles, there was a door knocker attached to the door. I had noticed it when I entered the room.


“Mm? Ah, y-, yes.”

It’s Sylvester-san. Oh yeah, the maid had said earlier that he would come by. I wonder what he’s here for.

More importantly, can I hold it any longer, I wonder. For now, I’ll just sit on the sofa, and tell him it’s okay to come in. Since he serves my parents and I’m apparently his master’s daughter, I probably need to give him permission to enter.

“Sylvester-san? It’s fine to come in.”

“Excuse me.”

After I heard his voice, he entered with three maids behind him. One of them was the black pigtailed girl who had prepared the tea earlier and brought me here. I’m seeing the other two for the first time, as expected there must be a lot of servants here.

Then, Sylvester-san’s next words made my eyes go wide open in surprise.

“Allow me to introduce your personal maids to you, Seiren-sama. The three of them shall be attending and serving to your needs from now on.”

“Personal maids? Is this for real?”

“As the daughter of the Shiya family, this is only natural.”

Is that how it is. It’s considered natural to have three personal maids. At least in this family.

Meaning, there’s even more maids here. If even the daughter has three personal maids to herself, there might even be more than ten maids here.

Man, I can’t even imagine it anymore. Just how rich is this family.

While I just kept blinking, the black pigtailed maid smiled. Because she’s the first maid I met after coming here, I’m a little relieved that she’s with me.

“My name is Arika. I’ll be in your care.”

Then, the maid next to her, an almost expressionless taller girl with fluffy short hair bowed to me. Oi, her chest is huge. When I looked back down at my own breasts, I felt sympathy for how heavy they must be for her.

“My name is Minoa. Pleased to meet you.”

Lastly, the most petite of the three maids, a girl with curly hair introduced herself to me. Judging by her expression, she’s probably the typical lively type.

“My name is Oriza. I’ll be in your care.”

“Arika-san, Minoa-san, Oriza-san. I, I’ll be in your care.”

Anyways, so they’ll be taking care of me. I have to greet them properly, and lowered my head to them as well out of habit. Suddenly, my body reminded me that I had been holding it in and really needed to go to the bathroom. Uh-oh, this is bad, I really have to go soon.

“Ah, um, is it okay to ask something? I have an emergency.”

“What’s the matter!?”

When I hurriedly spoke up, Sylvester-san’s expression quickly changed to worry. Ahh, I have various things going on, you know. But right now, I want to ask the maids more than Sylvester-san. You know, because, because.

“Where the bathroom is, and how to use it, can someone tell me? I’ve been holding it in for quite a while.”


You all, and even Sylvester-san, don’t just look at me with eyes wide open like that! It’s an emergency, an emergency!

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