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Chapter 981

981 Coming in disguise

Want to use them as human backing? Don’t think about it!

Feeling Sima You Yue’s anger, everyone looked sideways .

“What’s wrong, You Yue?”

Those people are being hunted down by the spirit beast, As why they are not with us, it’s because we can help delay some time for them,” Sima You Yue repeated .

“Better pissed off . I will freaking kill them,” Little Seven rolled up her sleeves angrily .

The people of the Sea Star Palace are also very angry, demanding who said this .

“I don’t know either, they have an eagle embroidered on their clothes,” Sima You Yue said .

“An eagle? Then, it must be the people of the Osprey Palace . ” Zhang Fei said, “Humph, the Osprey Palace has always been selfish . It is not surprising that they thought of us as human backing . But they are being too naive!”

“Master, those people are so abominable, we can’t just let this slide!” Zhang Meng said angrily .

“Humph, if you encounter them, you must find an opportunity to get back at them!” Zhang Fei said with a calm face .

“Little junior brother, what’s their situation currently?” Han Miao Shuang asked .

“They are being chased by the spirit beasts all over the mountain!” Sima You Yue said, “Just looking at them, I don’t think they can make it here . ”

“If they can’t make it here, it’s their fortunes! If they do come here, they will pay us back everything they owed us!”

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Sima You Yue is so angry at the people of the Sea Star Palace, guessing that they have a history together before .

At this moment, there was a movement in the spatial ring, then an opening was opened in the air, and a simple looking man came out of it .

Seeing Sima You Yue, he smiled at the corner of his mouth and flew over, resisting the urge while looking at her with emotion .

Sima You Yue recognized who this guy was at a glance and asked in surprise, “Why are you here? Has the matter been dealt with?”

Wu Lingyu was satisfied that she saw his disguise and recognized him, and smiled and said, “Almost . ”

“Little Junior Brother, who is this?” Han Miao Shuang looked at Wu Lingyu and then Sima You Yue, thinking that guy was quite weird .

“Cough, cough, this is a friend of mine . It’s agreed that he will come and see me . ” Sima You Yue said, “Mm, you can just call him Little Five . ”

Wu Lingyu raised his eyebrows . Little Five? Little Wu[1]?

Abominable coldness almost pervaded the surroundings…

But seeing the smile in her eyes, he nodded and said, “You can call me Little Five . ”

“Well, we have something to talk about alone . Excuse me . ”

Sima You Yue, dragging Wu Lingyu with her, flew away .

Little Seven pouted at the backs of the two . Shouldn’t this guy be dealing with things? Why did he come back so soon!

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Wu Lingyu and You Yue stopped at a place far away from these people’s sight .

“Why did you come here all of a sudden, and didn’t tell me about it beforehand . ” Sima You Yue stared at him, “What if I accidentally revealed your identity?”

“You You, can you not recognize me? As it turns out, you can . ” Wu Lingyu hugged her and leaned down to kiss her .

Sima You Yue responded enthusiastically to him, pouring all these days’ thoughts into this kiss,

After a while, the two separated .

“Now that you’re here, everything’s settled?” Sima You Yue remembered that he had left in such a hurry last time and said that he had something to deal with, but he came here only a few days later . I don;t know how he dealt with it .

“All have been dealt with . The last time I went back, I happened to be in the most critical stage . After passing that stage, there was nothing to do later . ” Wu Lingyu stoked her cheek

Sima You Yue was very moved . Even though he said that the things were at the most critical stage, he still rushed over to her side immediately when he heard that she was in trouble . This indicates that she held a high position in his heart .

“How long can you stay this time?” She asked as she wrapped her hands around his waist and leaned against his chest .

“I won’t go for the time being . ” Wu Lingyu hugged her and laid his chin on her head . “It was only a few days after, I found that I missed you more and more . What should I do? I really want to tie you to my side . So I can see you every moment and all the time . ”

“You’re too much . ” Sima You Yue pinched him on the waist, but she cannot help her mouth from smiling .

“When can we get married?” Wu Lingyu murmured, “I had wanted to finish the matter of the Devil Realm and then talk about this, but I couldn’t wait . You said, when are we going to get married?”

Sima You Yue thought for a while and said, “The revenge cannot be rushed, but there are some things that must be done first . ”

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“What things?”

“You know what I must do . Since I am in this body, I promised the past Sima You Yue that I will be her . So I have to find my parents first . Such a big event as a marriage requires the presence of family members . ” Sima You Yue said .

“But you don’t even know your current identity! It will take quite a while to find your parents! It’s really an unpleasant thing . ” Wu Lingyu sighed .

But he has no reason to refute, because this is an irrefutable thing . However, he can order someone to check and help her find her parents earlier .

“I think it shouldn’t take long . ” Sima You Yue said, “Last time they told me that my set of integrated spiritual skills is an unique skill of the Sima family . I heard that only those with the blood of the Sima family can use this skill .

“I’ve heard of the Sima family in the inter regions before . ” Wu Lingyu said, “With this clue, it will be much easier to search . ”

“Then I will leave this matter to you . ”

“Well, rest assured, I will definitely find out for you . ”

“Ok . ”

Sima You Yue enjoyed this feeling of occasional reliance . He is the one she depends on, and she is willing to share her problems with him, but also willing to help share some of his problems .

But he never shared his problems with her . Everytime, he just quickly dealt with his problems by himself .

Does she need to get stronger before she would be able to help face those problems with him together?

But this feeling she got was not good!

Wu Lingyu felt that she was a little lost in her mind and asked: “What are you thinking about that makes you unhappy?”

After thinking about it, Sima You Yue decided to tell him what she thought .

“Lingyu, since we are together now, I want to know more about you . If you have some problems, I want to face it together with you, instead of knowing nothing under your protection everytime . I’m not the one who doesn’t like you for sheltering all the wind and rain for me, but I preferred to advance and retreat together with you . ”

Wu Lingyu looked down at the seriousness on her face and knew that she does not want to be protected forever . He chose to protect her from behind because of her low strength from before . But now she is not very happy about it .

However, he believed that he can still protect her even though it is not from behind but side by side .

“Well, since you said that, I’ll tell you something later, and let us both deal with it . How is that?”

“That’s much better . ” Sima You Yue smiled with satisfaction .

[1] (*Little Five and Little Wu sound similar in Chinese*)

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