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Chapter 982

982 A person shouldn’t be so shameless

They stayed in there for quite some time, and when they heard a cry from inside, they knew that something had happened . They rushed over, and had just rounded the bend when they saw them fighting with a group of spirit beasts .

“It’s them?!” Sima You Yue recognised them .

“Osprey Hall? What’s up with them?” Wu Lingyu asked .

Sima You Yue explained what happened, and he was filled with hostility against them .

Although they were just tiny slags, since they wanted to use his Yue Yue as a meat shield, he was incredibly ticked off .

“Do you want me to settle it?” He frowned .

“No need, those from the Sea Star Palace have already taught them a lesson . ” Sima You Yue stopped him .

If he got involved, they would definitely die with their eyes wide open . They wouldn’t be tortured slowly to death .

Wu Lingyu understood what Sima You Yue meant . Although he no longer thought of getting involved directly, he still found them to be an eyesore .

Those from the osprey hall thought that they had already died because the spirit beasts had chased them for such a long time . However, they just made mention of those from the Sea Star palace before they saw them resting in a valley at the mountain . Also, it was unknown whether it was due to their instinct or because they recalled the trouble they were in, but they started to run towards Mao San Quan and the others .

When those from the Sea Star Palace saw those from the Osprey Hall running towards them, they were infuriated .

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Damn, they were just talking about how they were going to use her as a meat shield, and now they had done this . They were really looking down on them, weren’t they?!

“Princess Zhang, save us!”

Those from the Osprey Hall cried out as they ran . They saw that not a single one of them was missing, and that they weren’t in sorry states, so they were extremely dissatisfied . However, this wasn’t the time to wonder about this . They first had to let them finish off those spirit beasts .

When those spirit beasts saw this, many of them turned to attack those from the Sea Star palace and the sect .

“Damn, they’re really shameless!”

Little Seven wanted to go and beat those from the osprey hall up, but Han Miao Shuang stopped her, saying, “Let’s get rid of those spirit beasts, first . ”

Although Little Seven was mad, she still went to get rid of those spirit beasts obediently .

She clenched her fists and charged over, beating those spirit beasts up ferociously . Her punches were malicious and her speed was quick . The weaker punches would kill one, while the stronger ones would take down two or three in one shot .

Very quickly, the spirit beasts that had caught up were finished .

When those from Sea Star Palace saw how powerful Little Seven was, they were so stunned that their jaws hit the floor .

“Are- are you still human?” Zhang Meng felt as if he was seeing stars . How was this little brat so powerful?!

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“She isn’t human . ” Zhang Fei said, “A human only begins cultivation at this young age . It’s impossible for her to be so strong . She should be a camouflaged divine beast . ”

“So powerful . It’s no wonder they brought her along . ”

Zhang Fei glanced at San Mao Quan and the others . Although there were few from the sect, their abilities were really a sight to behold .

Those from the Osprey Hall were the most surprised . They initially thought that these people would be able to hold them off for a while to give them time to successfully break away from these spirit beasts . They didn’t think that they would really be able to get rid of those spirit beasts . Furthermore, it was done single-handedly!

“Just who is this brat? How is she so powerful?!” Someone from Osprey Hall cried out .

The eyes of their leader, their branch hall palace master, narrowed as he looked at Little Seven with eyes filled with greed as he tried to see through her .

If he wasn’t wrong, this little lady was from the Heavenly Sect . Initially, he had wondered why they brought such a young kid with them to drag them down . He didn’t think that she would be such a powerful evolved beast .

If that little lady became one of their own people…

Little Seven felt a chill down her spine and turned around to see who was plotting against her . She sent a glare behind before walking over to Sima You Yue and Wu Lingyu .

“Branch Hall Master, what is the meaning of this? You actually led the spirit beasts right to us . Trying to cause trouble for us? You were trying to kill us!” Zhang Fei’s words were extremely harsh .

Xu Gang was extremely bitter about the fact that he had been in the Osprey Hall only to remain as a branch hall master, so Zhang Fei’s words were like a harsh stamp to his injured foot .

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However, faced with the enraged glares of the Sea Star palace, with the men casting disgruntled glares his way, he had to force a smile onto his face and cup his fist in a gesture of thanks, saying, “Princess Zhang, you misunderstand . We didn’t expect to see you here, and subconsciously looked to you for help when we saw you . What do you mean that we’re causing trouble?”

“You already said that you want us and those from the sect to be your meat shields . Are you trying to deny it now?” A female disciple directly exposed him .

Xu Gang was startled . He had indeed said this, but they were so far away, so how did she know? Could it be that they were just very well informed?

However, no matter what, they dared not quarrel with her . He could only smile and deny it, saying, “What do you mean . How could we have said something like that!”

“Hmph, you know for yourselves, whether or not you really said that!” Zhang Meng huffed .

“We naturally would not have said something like that . ” Xu Gang was really puzzled as to how they knew it, but he did not want the topic of conversation to continue as he asked, “You didn’t lose a single one of your members, neither did you face any losses in battle . Could it be that you didn’t encounter those spirit beasts . ”

“Nope . We didn’t see a single spirit beast today . ” Zhang Fei denied it, “What, did you meet many of them? Oh right, you were a group of three powers . Why are you the only one left?”

“You guys actually didn’t meet a single one?” Those from the Osprey Hall looked at them with wide eyes filled with disbelief .

“Yeah . ” Han Miao Shuang’s eyes turned, saying, “You said that we were at the most dangerous area, so why didn’t we end up meeting a single one? Did you guys get it wrong?”

Her expression was one of puzzlement, as if it was really because there wasn’t a single spirit beast here .

It was as if those from the Osprey Hall had eaten a housefly as they lost their minds .

They clearly left the most dangerous area to them, so how did things turn out this way? If they knew early, they would have taken this place for themselves!

“Oh right, you didn’t tell us what happened to those who were with you! Han Miao Suang said, “They shouldn’t have died, right? Did you toss them behind as meat shields?”

She said it very bluntly, but had hit the nail on the head . This momentarily caused them to fluster .

Xu Gang continued to talk nonsense, his face revealing an expression of regret and hurt, “How could that be! It was because the attacks of the spirit beasts were too powerful . We had no choice but to split up and escape, trying to cut down their attack power . What, did you not see them?

Sima you Yue was at the valley, paying respects to how shameless this guy was .

They had clearly dragged these people back to their palace, but he claimed that they had split up .

A person’s skin really shouldn’t be that thick!

“We all came because we wanted to find out the cause behind everything, so why don’t we go together?” Xu Gang started to plot in his heart .

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