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Chapter 980

980 Dilemma

Having found the investigative tangent, it would be easier to target the search later . Many things that were previously ignored by other people were discovered by the group, and some information systematically checked out .

More and more clues affirmed the previous speculation that those who perished here were poisoned . But the rest of the things they found were not as useful .

The more information they found, the more frozen Mao San Quan’s face was, that was because it made them think of more things further into the future .

Sima You Yue and Han Miao Shuang also thought that if it was the poison from the regular group, it was impossible to have such a severe toxicity that even the Alchemist Guild could not find the cause . Hence, without guessing further, the source of this poison should be from the inner circle .

The inner circle had intervened with outside matters and made such a big deal of it, especially with the impending Alchemy Contest . No matter what their purpose was, it was enough to send chills of fear to others .

“We have to get this piece of information back quickly . ” Zhang Fei said .

“No . ” Mao San Quan stopped . “We can’t bring the news back . ”

Seeing Mao San Quan stopping her, Zhang Fei was puzzled and asked, “Why not? If we don’t bring this information back, then I’m afraid more people will die . ”

“If we bring it back, it will be us to die!” Mao San Quan said, “Do you want someone else to die, or do you want to die?”

“I…” Zhang Fei stammered . They were originally sent here by Song Chang Jie as cannon fodder . Regardless of whether they knew exactly what went on there, once it was known that they didn’t perish in this place, someone would be sent to kill them .

If Song Chang Jie already knew that this was mad-made poison, or if Song Chang Jie and gang were the actual murderers, then should the information be brought back, wouldn’t they be silenced?

So no matter what, no contact should be made with those people!

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“Then what should we do? We can’t just never go back?” Zhang Fei said .

“We need to think of a way, we cannot just return directly . ” Mao San Quan said .

“Hmm . ” Zhang Fei also realized, “It is really necessary to think of a solid plan to return, so that they will have no way to blackmail us . ”

“We need to ponder about it,” Wei Zheng said .

“Actually, there is a more straightforward method . ” Sima You Yue spoke and everyone looked over to her .

Because she had led everyone in avoiding the attack of the spirit beast, and she was also the first to discover the antidote, as well as speculated that these things were caused by man, as such, everyone had unconsciously formed some sort of trust in her .

“What method?” Zhang Meng asked .

“The night before we left the city, I asked my bees to do some investigation . One piece of news is that the current Guild President and the Chairman are still alive . ” Sima You Yue said .

Mao San Quan said before that the president and chairman did not return after investigating the matter here .

“You know they are still alive?”

“My bees flew to the Alchemist Guild and heard the people inside speak . They said that although they did not get the news from the president, they are sure that they have not died . ” Sima You Yue said, “If we can find them, then we can return directly without any trouble . ”

“Go to the president and chairman? This area is so big, there are so many dangers, how will we find them?”

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“And if they don’t want to come back, how can we find them?”

“That’s right . ”

“This is the most direct, simple and effective method . ” Sima You Yue said, “If you think of other methods, those will be more difficult to implement . ”

“But I think finding the president and chairman is the hardest way . ” Someone muttered in a low voice .

The president and others had been missing for so long, and the Guild must have sent many people to find them, and yet so many people failed . They only have that many people in the group, how would they be able to succeed?

“As long as they are here, we can find them . ” Sima You Yue said .

“If they are in danger, we can also save them . If they hid themselves, we can’t find them even if we want to,” said one of the disciples from Sea Star Palace .

“Now, I hope they are in danger . If they really hide themselves, I’m afraid that there isn’t much use even if we found them . ” Wei Zheng said .

If they hid themselves, it meant that they can’t return now . It also explained that there were going to be huge changes in the Alchemist Guild and the Pill Subdivision .

“Since they are here, let’s find them and speak with them first . ” Mao San Quan continued,, “No matter what the situation is now, we must find them . ”

The people from Sea Star Palace also agreed that the way to solve their predicament was to find the president and chairman .

“Classmate You Yue, do you have any ideas?” Zhang Fei asked at Sima You Yue .

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Since she could use her Scarlet Bees to guide them away from the spirit beats, she should be able to use them to find the people who were still alive here .

Sima You Yue nodded and released more Scarlet Bees . She instructed them to fly in different directions .

As she watched the bees fly away, there were still some things she couldn’t comprehend . They had only wanted to participate in the contest, how did they end up investigating the matter here? And how did coming here to investigate turned out to become a man hunt?

The waters of this Alchemist Guild ran really deep!

“We have been here for more than ten days, soon the Alchemy Contest will start . If we can’t return in time, we will be disqualified . ”

“The Alchemy Contest is still a month away . We will be able to return on time . ” Han Miao Shuang said confidently

“We have avoided the spirit beasts all the way . I heard that they were also affected . It’s crazy! I wonder if the other two teams have encountered them . ”

Sima You Yue’s mouth twitched into a hard-to-detect smile .

They had indeed met a lot of spirit beasts . They really look forward to seeing them again, which will definitely surprise people .

At the same time, in the mountain valley way over yonder, a dozen people ran breathlessly . Everyone was gasping for breath, their clothes were ragged just like those beggars on the streets and their clothes were ragged, like people begging on the street . Many of them had blood stains on their persons .

Behind them, there were many spirit beasts running after them . There was a dullness in the eyes of those spirit beasts, and from the first glance, they didn’t look normal .

“Why are there so many spirit beasts here?” They yelled in dismay .

“It is said that there are spirit beasts within the area . I told you not to talk so loudly, lest you attract them! Yet you didn’t listen! See what you’ve done!”

“What’s the use of saying these things now! Let’s quickly think of ways to get rid of them!”

“If there is a way, would we have been chased by them till this far?”

“Damn, it’s really unlucky we bumped into these guys . Why didn’t they attack the other two groups?”

“Exactly!” Someone echoed, “If we knew that there are so many crazy beasts here, we should have let the people from Sea Star Palace and Tianfu College stay together, so that they can help us fend these beasts off . ”

Let people with lesser power act as meat shields for them, Sima You Yue’s face immediately blackened after hearing the narration from her Scarlet Bees .

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