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Chapter 956: 956
Chapter 956: Chaotic warfare

Li Zhi, who was fighting with Wu La Mai, saw her smile and suddenly had an ominous premonition .

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Stalling for some time, what was he planning? Calling for reinforcement?

Hah, Little Tree’s spirit barrier stops anyone from going out, people outside couldn’t come in either . Did he really think that he could call for reinforcement?

With this thought, he then fought with Wu La Mai at ease .

Although he looked young, he was actually an old guy . Wu La Mai was the King of a Clan, although he could only suppress him for a while, he couldn’t completely bring him under control . Everytime when he was about to catch him, he would dodge with the help of the Blood Demon Tree .

Little Seven was more relaxed, although Blood Demon Tree had a lot of branches, her speed was fast enough to break the branches when it started to attack .


Branches attacking from all directions, no matter which direction she dodged, she will be caught .

“You really think that you caught a turtle in a jar?” Little Seven called out loud, dashing towards those branches .

Seeing those branches closed up together, Little Seven was trapped immediately and couldn’t be seen at all .

“Little Seven!” Shi Chen and the rest saw Little Seven get trapped, they wanted to help but were surrounded by a huge wave of people .

“Little Seven!” Wu La Mai knew You Yue cared about Little Seven, seeing her get into trouble, he jolted from Li Zhi wanting to save her .

“Bah, why did I compare myself with a turtle!” Little Seven’s angry voice came out from the net made by the branches, afterwards, they saw a small human shadow crawling out from inside, with a branch being pulled in her hands .

She forcefully pulled, a knot was made out by her, all the branches she beat up became knotted .

“I thought you wanted to catch me, hur, I won’t let you move!” Little Seven ruthlessly punched and the wooden knot bursted .

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Although the situation was dangerous, after everyone saw that scenario, they couldn’t help but burst out laughing .

“Boss, they have too many people, we can’t hold it any longer!” Hu Yang shouted to Sima You Yue .

Hu Yang was defeated by Sima You Yue single-handedly, that was why he followed suit and called her boss .

“Almost done . ” Sima You Yue said .

She looked at the crimson moon in the sky, because of the spirit barrier, the connection between the outer realm and here was weak . She tried to stir up heavenly tribulation but realised it was useless .

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“Little Roar . ” She called Little Roar over, combined their physiques and flew up in the air .

Li Zhi noticed that Sima You Yue was flying upwards, he didn’t think that she could really fly out, but when he felt that Sima You Yue dashed out, he was shocked .

At this moment, Wu La Mai hitted his chest with a palm and made him fly back .


A branch flew out, caught him and pulled him back in .

“How did he pass through the spirit barrier?!”

The people beneath were all shocked .

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“Why is he standing on top?”

“Why did he stand there and not run away?!”

Sima You Yue glared at the tree on the ground and said , “Wasn’t you absorbing those people’s flesh and blood? Didn’t you say that you weren’t afraid of heavenly tribulation? Then we shall try it today!”

She then proceeded to mobilize her body’s top grade purple lightning .

Cloud Spirit was just finishing up striking a transformed beast and was about to take a rest, wanted to drink some wine, but realised that all the wine was finished . When it was about to think if it should ask Sima You Yue for some wine, it felt like it was summoning itself .

“Hey, is this telepathy?” It laughed and went .

Seeing the situation in Blood Fiend City, it got stunned .

What was this situation? How could there be something that was from the devil’s realm here?

“Hey little guy, I’ll help you with this favor this time!” Sima You Yue told Cloud Spirit .

Cloud Spirit knew if it didn’t see the situation here and got found out by the top, it would definitely get punished . Sima You Yue had indeed done it a big favor .

“I owe you a favor!” Cloud Spirit was unhesitating as well and began to accumulate its body’s strength, the tribulation cloud became more and thicker, covering the whole sky .

“Ah——Ah——How did the Lightning tribulation find out?!”

The moment they saw Lightning tribulation, Blood Demon Tree began shouting and it didn’t have the mind to control those people, it kept all the energy, preparing to fight with the heavenly tribulation .

Those people in the city suddenly regained consciousness, many people saw themselves outside and were puzzled .

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Why am I here?

Those higher strengths, stronger mentality, although they were being controlled, they could vaguely remember what happened .

“Everybody quickly leave the central district, don’t be striked by the lightning tribulation!” Bi Sheng shouted aloud, while flying far away .

“Old Bi, what exactly happened?” Someone asked when they recognised him while pulling his hand .

“I’ll tell you all what happened later, for now, leave this place as soon as possible . ” Bi Sheng commanded .

Previously, Sima You Yue told him, after lightning tribulation came, he was told to bring everyone out and avoid getting affected by the lightning tribulation . At that time, he thought it was Blood Demon Tree that would attract the heavenly tribulation and didn’t think that he was the one who summoned it .

Seeing the way he and Cloud Spirit communicated, his connection with the Cloud Spirit must be good . But from the start to now, he never heard of anyone’s connection with the Lightning tribulation was good at all?!

Others in the city didn’t know what happened, but seeing everyone running out along with the roll of Lightning tribulation in the sky, everyone frantically ran .

Little Seven saw Lightning tribulation and was reminded of the scene when she was striked, she screamed in horror and flew towards Sima You Yue .

“Don’t be afraid . You want to hide inside?” Sima You Yue asked while embracing Little Seven .

Little Seven gave it a thought and nodded her head . With this range, no matter where they ran to, they would be striked, it was safer to go back .

Sima You Yue kept Little Seven in the spirit pagoda, lifted her head and told Cloud Spirit, “Those people are innocent, you have to be careful, don’t strike everyone, they will be my members next time . ”

This wasn’t even invoked lightning tribulator to begin with, it wouldn’t punish those who weren’t implicated . It would be an accident if it striked those people .

But it wouldn’t tell him .

“If you want me to go easy, sure, but remember you owe me a favor . ” Cloud Spirit said while hiding in the clouds .

It didn’t say to offset the favor of Sima You Yue’s summon, because it knew, it was carelessness from itself, it was true to itself .

Sima You Yue flew down to Wu La Mai’s side and opened up Little Realm and kept them inside . Nobody noticed those people that were frantically running for life .

After that, she kept those people in spirit pagoda .

“You can draw in heavenly tribulation . ” Li Zhi covered his chest while looking at Sima You Yue .

“Yes . ” Sima You Yue laughed, “I told you, heavenly tribulation will come . ”

“How is it possible that you can draw in heavenly tribulation?!” Bi Sheng saw the heavenly tribulation became thicker and crazier .

“That is the fact, there’s no way to explain it . ” Sima You Yue continued, “When you had planned to make a sea of blood, you should have thought of what to do when heavenly tribulation came . Good luck to you!”

After finishing her sentence, she leaped,flew and sat on Calamity Cloud to watch .

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