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Published at 11th of July 2020 02:30:06 AM
Chapter 957: 957

“Oh damn! Boss is so aggressive!” Hu Yang shouted excitedly when he saw Sima You Yue sitting on a tribulation cloud .

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 “Someone can actually sit on the tribulation cloud!” Someone shouted out loud .

 Those who didn’t notice, looked towards and saw Sima You Yue sitting on the tribulation cloud .

 “Holy shit, there’s indeed someone!”

 “Who is that? How did he sit up there?”

 “That must be Si Yue? The one who was recently trending in Blood Arena? I heard someone call him Boss just now . ”

 “The one that was recruiting!”

 “What a dashing person! It will be good if he is willing to recruit me!”

 “I want to follow him too!”

 “I like him!”

 “Don’t be a love-struck fool, didn’t you hear what he said? He only wants to recruit the King of the Tenth Floor and above . ”

 “Ah? Can it be more accomodating? I really want to follow him . ”

 “Don’t think of this now, think of how to digest this situation . Blood Fiend City is actually a hallucination from a Demon Tree, what do we do next time?”

 Many people went silent . That’s right, what happens next?

 “We will think of it when the time comes . Let’s think of how to live through this lightning tribulation tonight!”

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 “That’s right . What a huge lightning tribulation, it can strike the whole city!”

 “But with that spirit barrier, we can’t go out . ”

 “People from outside can’t come in either . ”

 “But others can see the situation here . ”

 “If they know about the situation here, that means we can’t stay here next time?”

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 “Then what will we do next time?”

 “Already said not to think of the future, just think of how to pull through tonight!”

 “True . ”

 Sima You Yue overheard those people while being on the cloud, her eyebrow creased slightly .

 What they said made sense, if those people lost the shelter from Blood Fiend City, then their life would go back to how it used to be, being chased to kill around by their own foes .

 Although Li Zhi and the others’ original intention was to provide nutrients for the Demon Tree, on the good side, he indeed provided a stable life for those people .

 Although because of that, they couldn’t cultivate or lose their life .

 But after tonight, which path would these people take in the future?

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 If Little Seven wasn’t there, Blood Fiend City would continue living like this for the next few hundred years and this day wouldn’t come so soon, then they wouldn’t have to go back to how they used to live so soon .

 Speaking of which, he felt sorry for them .

 “Little tree, what should we do?” Li Zhi watched the lightning tribulation as his eyes filled with fear .

 And the Demon tree who was his partner all along, didn’t give him a firm answer this time round .

 “Little tree?”

 “Heavenly tribulation locked on us, no matter where we escape to, it will be the same . ” The Blood Demon Tree answered, “What we can do now is accumulate all the energy and fight against the heavenly tribulation . ”

 If it succeeded, he didn’t even need all these energy to evolve . If it failed, all these years of suffering would go to waste .

 Sima You Yue looked at the alcoholic Cloud Spirit who was drinking wine while hiding in the clouds and said, “Do you not intend to start?”

 Cloud Spirit lifted its head from the wine jug and said, “No rush, I just started feeling their sins, it’s still early . Let me finish this jug first . ”

 Sima You Yue frowned and said, “How do you measure the magnitude of the lightning tribulation?”

 “It’s simple! After feeling their sins, automatically we can determine the magnitude . We are only responsible for releasing the accumulated energy . ” Cloud spirit was drinking and didn’t mind Sima You Yue’s interrogation .

 “Then who is the one that decides the magnitude of lightning tribulation for this sin?” Sima You Yue questioned .

 “Heaven . ” Cloud spirit bungled its mouth and said, “Heavens have the capacity of all natures, nothing escapes its eyes . If it wants to know, nothing can be hidden from it . ”

 “What will happen in this kind of situation?” Sima You Yue pointed to the tree below .

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 “Everyone dozes off at some point of time . ” Little Seven said, “If it wants to know, it gets to know, but it’s not a garbage receptacle, so it won’t look at everything . ”

 Eh, garbage receptacle, it’s a good name .

 “This guy, you better use some energy to eliminate completely . ” Sima You Yue said .

 “Don’t worry, this guy’s sin not only tonight, those from the past will be settled together . They won’t be able to escape tonight!” Cloud spirit assured .

 Sima You Yue nodded, with its words, she felt relieved .

 After Cloud spirit finished drinking, then it ran beside Sima You Yue and looked at the tree and the human below and said, “Let’s start . ”

 Ater his words, countless lightning strikes towards Blood Demon Tree, because its roots were planted in the whole city, the lightning strikes everywhere .

 Thousands of lightning descended, repeating continuously, at a sight, it looked like the whole city was having a lightning performance, it was a magnificent sight!

 Those people in the city, once they saw the lightning descended, they congealed spiritual energy to protect themselves, some of the timid ones saw the descended lightning and screamed intensely . But Cloud spirit already striked a round, they realised that they didn’t get striked .

 “Nothing happened to us?”

 “Why didn’t the lightning strike us together?”

 “I remember, just now Si Yue said on the clouds, asking lightning tribulation not to strike us! He saved us all!”

 “Seems like we owe him a favor!”

 “Indeed . ”

 Seeing those lightning didn’t striked them, everyone felt relieved and daringly watched the beautiful scene .

 It might be the only chance in this life .

 And outside of the thousands of kilometres range, everyone saw a golden age impressive sight . Curiosity arises from this, but because they felt the destroying strength, no one dared to go close .

 “That is the direction to Blood Fiend City . Go check out what happened there!”

 “Quickly, go take a look at what happened there, why did it attract such a strong lightning tribulation!”

 “Quickly, go check out what happened!”

 Countless people came to the place at a safe distance, they saw a black patch there and everyone didn’t dare to go any closer .

 Ever since from the dark forest, hundreds of Monarch rankings were striked to death by the plan of a student, everyone’s fear of lightning tribulation was increased . Now when they saw lightning tribulation, they only thought of how to escape quickly, avoiding being involved with the strikings .

 But some of the stronger forces, even though they didn’t go close to Blood Fiend City, they seemed to already know what happened there .

 After a day and night of striking, the dark clouds in the sky finally passed after Cloud Spirit made sure that there wasn’t any sign of life of Blood Demon Tree in the whole Blood Fiend City .

 “I’m leaving, for the favor of not striking your people, give me more wine . ” Cloud Spirit’s eyes brightened while looking at Sima You Yue .

 Sima You Yue took out a whole lot of wine jug and put it on the clouds and said, “It’s not like you don’t know where to find me, you can look for me when it runs out . But just don’t strike me!”

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