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Chapter 955: 955
Chapter 955: She’s the karma

Looking at everyone’s puzzled gazes, he continued, “Originally we were not intending to activate tonight’s plan . Or perhaps it could be put in this way, tonight’s plan would be delayed until many years later, perhaps a few hundred years, or maybe thousands . Whereas you, your appearance here, led all these to happen much earlier . ”

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“What do you mean?!” Little Seven came beside Sima You Yue and asked while staring at him .

“Very simple, originally little tree’s evolution still requires much more power to be accumulated and we can only slowly absorb these people’s blood, slow accumulating our power . Hence this lifestyle will continue for at least several hundred years . But your appearance made everything pushed forward . ” Li Zhi looked at Little Seven with a devilish demonic smile .

“You want to eat me to obtain power?” Little Seven crossed her arms in front of her chest, “Just you in this state, are you able to eat me?”

“Although I don’t know what thing you are, but little tree sensed that you wield incredible energy and eating you, it will be able to evolve . ” Li Zhi said, “Of course, just eating you isn’t enough, we still require a large amount of blood . ”

“So you sealed off the entire city so that no one could escape out of this place . ” Sima You Yue said .

“Smart . ” Li Zhi said .

“Aren’t you afraid of suffering punishment from the rule of heaven?”

“Afraid, but now it has no effect on us!” Li Zhi said, “Little tree has a concealment spirit barrier and by the time the punishment from rule of heaven finds out the scenario here, it would be too late as little tree has already completed its evolvement, hence there’s no need to worry about this sort of thing . ”

“You have a beautiful dream but only thing is your concealment spirit barrier will not be able to last till then . ” Sima You Yue said .

Or perhaps, Cloud Spirit would already be here before that .

“Alright, time’s up, Crimson Moon… is about to start again . ’

The crowd looked up following his words and saw that round moon hanging in the sky slowly turning red . Initially it was just a faint shade of red and until the end, it turned into a blood red colour .

“Crimson Moon really exists, isn’t it a hallucination?” Little Seven cried out in surprise .

“It’s not a hallucination . ” The others all flew up as well, standing by their side .

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“Hallucination? No, no, no, this isn’t a hallucination . ” Li Zhi’s figure swayed and he was already on the crown of the Blood Demon Tree .

Sima You Yue lifted up her head to take a detailed look along with the scent, she said, “It’s not a hallucination . ”

“Then what is it?”

“It should be the gas which the Blood Demon Tree is giving off . ” Sima You Yue said, “Or the spirit barrier which it came out with . ”

“Smart!” Li Zhi looked at Sima You Yue in admiration, “This is little tree’s blood spirit barrier . Only when it’s full moon’s night would little tree’s strength reach its peak, and only then would it be able to set up this spirit barrier . With the spirit barrier, little tree would be able to cross the sea by a trick and proceed with the engulfment . ”

“This crimson moon is indeed not some natural occurrence!” Hu Yang shouted .

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“Ha ha ha—” Li Zhi kept on laughing loudly, “For so many years, only you guys would believe that this is some kind of natural occurrence . Those who didn’t believe in it wanted to come over here to check but were all eaten up by little tree . ”

“Hmpf, what a scammer, your good days will end today!” Little Seven gave a cold huff .

“Hur hur… . ” Li Zhi looked at Little Seven, “Little tree, you’ve endured long enough . Now that the crimson moon is already completed, let’s start and take action!”

“Swish swish—”

Blood Demon Tree shook violently and that originally sparse branches and leaves suddenly sprouted and grew many new branches and leaves, turning the original dandelion into a lush willowy state .

“After being suppressed for so many years, today can finally have a free rein . ” The branches from the Blood Demon Tree danced wildly as it laughed out loudly .

It shot its branches towards Little Seven as it laughed in a crackling tone, “What a fragrant smell, ka ka ka ka, I can sense an immense power, ka ka ka ka, as long as I eat you, I will have nothing to fear! Ka ka ka ka ka… . . ”

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“Tsk, just you in this state and you want to eat me? Just wait for me to chop you into pieces of log for Yue Yue to use for firewood!” Little Seven retorted .

“Hahaha… just you few, dare to be so arrogant!”The Blood Demon Tree laughed wildly .

“We are not just a few people!” Hu Yang boomed .

“You mean to say you’re already fed the antidote to those few people? Crackle crackle, you’d best turn back and take a look . ” Blood Demon Tree waved its branches wildly, giving off an evil laughter .

The crowd looked back and the entire street outside the City Lord’s Residence was filled with people . Their eyes were listless, as they headed over here without any conscious .

“This feeling seems very much like the vampire scene which Yue Yue mentioned before . These people are just too terrifying!” Little Seven felt her goosebumps rising on her arm .



Innumerable tree roots flew up from the ground and those originally clumsy roots turned extremely lively as it coiled around those people dancing in the sky .



Those people cried out miserably and quite a number of them were split into halves by those roots, while there were some who resisted against it .

“These are all our men!” Hu Yang shouted .


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Tree roots also broke out from the ground in other directions and many houses were instantly destroyed as many people were coiled around by them .

Different from those in Bi Sheng’s guesthouse inn, these people had no reaction at all even when they were coiled in mid-air .

These people walked to the City Lord’s Residence and stopped as they gazed at the few people in mid-air, their eyes glistening with a blood red glow .

“It’s sucking those people’s blood!” Feng Kai looked at those people who were coiled up as he shouted .

“Look at the city walls!”

Everyone turned their gazes around when they heard what Shi Chen said, only to see from far away, the city walls shining and after the glow disappeared, the original city walls actually turned into Blood Demon Tree’s tree roots!

“What the heck, this city wall is also an illusion by the Blood Demon Tree!” Little Seven was stumped for words .

Sima You Yue finally understood why she had found it so weird when she just entered the city . So it wasn’t real city walls so naturally there was a lack of natural feeling about it!

“These people have already been controlled by the Blood Demon Tree, the entire city is estimated to have more than ten thousand people! It’s obviously not possible for us to go up against them one by one . ” Wang Mou analysed .

“Although these people’s strength isn’t as strong as us, but their numbers outweigh ours . ” Miao Lian Xin added .

“These people are all controlled by the Blood Demon Tree so as long as we deal with the Blood Demon Tree, these people would naturally not be a problem . ” Bi Sheng said .

“But it has so many roots, if we can’t totally destroy them all, it’ll be useless as well . ”

“Try your best to stop these people, leave this Blood Demon Tree to me . ” Sima You Yue said as she opened the little door to her little realm, releasing the Spirit Pagoda’s Four Winged Roc, Egret Clan’s Elders and everyone inside, and also summoning all her contracted pets .

Hu Yang was stupefied when he suddenly saw so many people being released .

“What the! Who are all these people!” Hu Yang shouted .

“My guards and Little Roc’s guards . ” Sima You Yue said, “Don’t go head to head with them, just help me gain a bit of time . ”

“En . ” Everyone nodded as they flew towards those people .

“Let’s go as well . ” Hu Yang rubbed his hands as he took out his axe and charged towards those people .

“I’ll go deal with that one body two souls guy . ” Wu La Mai said .

“I’ll go beat up that fellow who wanted to eat me up!” Little Seven rolled up her sleeves as she flew over along with Wu La Mai, leaving Sima You Yue alone on the spot .

“Alright, then I’ll start as well . ” Sima You Yue cracked her knuckles as she looked at those dancing and weaving roots as she gave a radiant smile .

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