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Chapter 871
Chapter 871: Little Seven rages

Little Seven was mad, very mad .

She had clearly not participated in any of the competitions earlier, so how did the old coots let her directly join the current competition?

He said something about how he didn’t think of it earlier, but she couldn’t back out now even if she wanted to, so she just had to participate .

She was mad, extremely mad! The outcome was very serious!

She had no idea who her opponent was right now, but no matter who it was, it could become the scapegoat .

She would beat him up so badly that he would cry and wail for his mother and father, make him feel so ‘good’ that he would go crazy!

Why was it that Yue Yue could watch from up top while she could only wait to go on stage from below .

This! Was! Not! Fair!

“Look at Little Seven . She looks like she’s going to explode!” Fatty Qu pointed at her and said with a laugh .

“Fatty Qu, Little Seven has a belly full of anger . If you tease her now, you should worry that she’ll beat you so badly you won’t be able to leave the bed for three days!” Sima You le was standing beside Fatty Qu and said jovially when he saw the look in her eyes .

Little Seven looked over when she felt their eyes on her and glared hatefully at Fatty Qu when she saw that he was laughing at her .


Fatty Qu didn’t take his words to heart at all, but the look in Little Seven’s eyes caused him to shrink his neck in .

Those eyes of her said that she would beat him up if he continued to tease her!

He totally believed that, if Little Seven was to beat him up, being unable to walk for three days was considered light .

When Sima You Yue and the others saw the way Fatty Qu was acting, they couldn’t help but laugh .

As long as it involved Little Seven, Fatty Qu would be completely terrified .

“However, the way Little Seven is, she must be really angry . I wonder who’s so unlucky as to become her opponent . ” Sima You Yue joked .

“No matter who it is, I’m afraid that the outcome won’t be good . ” Sima You Ran siad, “Unless the other party admits his loss immediately and doesn’t give her a chance to act, he may not even get the chance to speak later on .

It was finally Little Seven’s turn, and she immediately flew onto the elevated stage . Her hands were crossed over her chest as she glared at the opponent .

Her aura could be felt even by the judging teacher . He coughed lightly and said, “This round, Little Seven will be fighting against…”

“I admit defeat . ” The opponent did not wait for the judge to finish speaking before he opened his mouth to admit his loss .

“What did you say?!” Little Seven raged .

They hadn’t even competed! How could he just admit defeat like that?

The judge looked at that person and asked, “Are you sure?”

“Yes, I am . ” He said, “I admit defeat . ”

It wasn’t like he didn’t recognise Little Seven . Whose strength was comparable to hers? Furthermore, she had evolved even further . He was not her opponent at all .

Seeing the vicious aura pouring from her body, even if he used his butt to think, he knew that she was enraged right now and looking for someone to take it out on . If he didn’t admit defeat now and waited instead for her to begin fighting, he might not be able to admit defeat even if he wanted to .

“You’re not allowed to give up!” Little Seven roared, “If you do, do you believe that I’ll beat you up?!”

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When he saw Little Seven acting this way, he immediately told the judge, “I’ve admitted my defeat . Hurry and announce the verdict!”

When the judge saw this, he did not offer anymore advice . With Little Seven acting this way, it was no wonder the opponent wanted to admit defeat right away .

“Third arena, Little Seven wins!”

After hearing the announcement, he immediately escaped . He dared not spare another glance at Little Seven .

“Too scary! Too scary!” He couldn’t stop patting his chest and saying .

“Hmph!” Without getting the chance to beat someone up, Little Seven stomped her feet angrily and had to stomp down the stairs .

“Ka ch”

Sounds of breaking reached everyone’s ears as they looked to the elevated stage . What they saw was the elevated stage that was completely made of stone, was split apart in the centre where Little Seven had just stepped .

The stage was… broken!

However, nobody dared to say a thing to Little Seven . They could only watch blankly as she walked down the elevated stage .

“Broke- broken?” Fatty Qu said with disbelief .

Initially, he had wanted to set breaking the stage as his personal goal, but Little Seven had accomplished it with a single step?

This was too big of a blow to him!

Mao San Quan and fan Lei, who were sitting in their platform, were filled with heartache . That was the ninth star sea stone that could only be found in the ninth star ocean! There were only that few of them, but it had actually been broken with a single step!

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“This guy, why is he so angry?!” Mao San Quan’s heart was dripping blood .

“At least it’s just the elevated stage . Based on her character, that step would have ended up on our bodies instead . ”

“Is this method reliable?” Mao San Quan said rather tentatively, “We shouldn’t suffer a loss trying to trick the enemy!”

“Whether or not it’s reliable, things have already reached this stage . We just have to wait for the results!” Fan Lei sighed .

“Sigh, I hope it won’t go to waste…”

On the other side, Little Seven returned to the observatory and sat down beside Sima You Yue with a crestfallen expression .

Sima You Yue saw her darkened expression and smiled, pinching her nose .

“Alright, don’t be mad anymore . See, you’ve already broken the elevated stage . Shouldn’t you have vented your anger?”

She was probably the only one who would dare to pink Little Seven’s nose .

“Hmph, If you let me break the five elevated stages, I won’t be mad anymore . ” Little Seven huffed .

“Instructor Mao and the others should already be heartbroken by the single one you’ve destroyed . Look at their faces . Doesn’t it look like they’re in pain?” sima You Yue said .

Little Seven followed her line of sight and saw how sad Mao San Quan looked . When she saw his eyebrows quivering, she couldn’t help but snicker .

“Pfft- I just want him to suffer . I’ll see whether or not he dares continue to treat me this way next time!” Little Seven said this, but she wasn’t that mad anymore .

“With the lesson this time, they definitely won’t dare to anymore . ”Sima You Yue said, “So don’t be mad anymore!”

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“Yue Yue, you’re still the best . The others can’t wait to hide far away from me, but only you’ve come to accompany me . ”

Bei Gong Tang and the others who were standing at the side couldn’t help but purse their lips .

She was radiating such a strong malicious energy, of course they would hide far away . It wasn’t like they were all You Yue, who had a special place in her heart . Whatever You Yue said was advice, but if they said it, they would just be adding oil to the fire . They may even set themselves on fire and be given a beating .

Maybe not for the others, but if it were Fatty Qu, he would definitely be beaten up!

That was why not just anyone could give her advice!

“Alright, continue to watch the competition . ” Sima You Yue said as she patted her hand .

The elevated stage in the centre was broken and the sect didn’t plan to change it for the time being, so they set it aside .

Wang Si Miao, Pang Jia Nan and Hua Piao Miao had already finished their competitions and they all rose to the top ten . Later on, Tang Yan and Mo Bin had advanced as well . Adding Little Seven to the mix, there was also Sima You Yue who had directly advanced . Of the ten, there were already seven of them .

When noon came and He Feng was competing, he managed to defeat his opponent and landed himself in the top ten . Then, two more others were chosen .

These were the top ten of the billboard ranking competition .

The sect declared that the competition would end there for the day, and they would let everyone take a day to recover . The next day, they would decide the five out of ten .

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