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Chapter 870
Chapter 870: Charging to the Semi-Finals

While Sima You Yue was banging in the alchemy room, Mo Sha was joyous outside .

Although he consumed a lot of power, he hadn’t felt such a real touch for a long time .

The feeling of holding her was especially memorable .

Sigh, the time was too short! His body couldn’t hold for him to savor it .

“However, kissing really is not like this?”

He didn’t understand . It could only be blamed for his inexperience . Otherwise, it wouldn’t have made her so angry . He couldn’t help but come up with this reason .

However, if he was really inexperienced, wouldn’t You Yue be more angry?

Little Spirit waited for the storm to pass before appearing in front of Mo Sha along with Ling Long .

Little Spirit didn’t say anything but quietly packed up the messy space . After tidying up, he glanced at Mo Sha and left with Ling Long .

Sigh, in front of him, Yue Yue’s combat power dropped low!

If they really got together in the future, Yue Yue would be bullied .

“Yue Yue is really pitiful!” Ling Long said .

“Humph, it is unknown who will bully who in the future!” Little Spirit held on this thought .

“Mm! Yue Yue is still powerful! We have to believe her! Although I think the possibility is very small, there is always a chance . ” Ling Long nodded .

If Sima You Yue who was in the alchemy room heard them, it was uncertain if she would crush the pill bottle in her hand .

Were they growing her aspiration or extinguishing her prestige?!

In the fourth round, the top 75 of 150 advanced . In the fifth round, one person from the 75 will directly advance to the next round while 37 of the remaining 74 would advance .

You Yue didn’t have good luck to advance directly, but still killed to the top 20

At this time, she was the only left in the freshmen group . Sima You Lin and them were eliminated in the 150 to 75 . They could no longer participate in the next round, but they could participate in the subsequent ranking challenge to determine their final ranking .

Since the last round of promotion to 19th position, one person would be drawn again . You Yue was lucky this time . She won the promotion lottery and went to the top ten .

A freshman advanced to the top ten!

Everyone in the sect was in an uproar, and they all knew that she was strong . But they didn’t think she could go this far .

“Tsk, what’s the fuss . Although she did not fully use her spirit power, I heard she is a lower divine saint rank! How many of you can reach the lower divine saint rank? If so, can you enter the top twenty!”

“Lower divine saint rank?!”

“Not really! So, that guy is powerful!”

“I don’t know which force he is from to be so powerful! So powerful at such a young age!”

“Not only that, he’s also a body refinement master!”

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“Took the body refinement path?”

“Didn’t you see she used her physical strength to defeat the opponent in the previous rounds?”

“Seems like it . ”

“Then she is too good!”

“He is so powerful . I am afraid that only those ahead of her in rank can resist him?”

“That’s not necessarily . I also heard that she has a lot of contract beasts . Each one of them is powerful . ”

“Yes yes, I also heard that . He has a Legendary Great Roc which is the king of rocs!”

“To put it this way, then wouldn’t he be able to order all the birds?”

“That’s right!”

“God who else can be his opponent in this continent!”

“His original strength was already very strong and possessed such a strong outside force . Sima You Yue is simply a divine person!”

“Sigh, I used to think entering Heavenly Sect was already amazing . Now when I compare myself to him, I find myself unworthy!”

“That’s true . It’s too shocking!”

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“He has a powerful strength . He’s also an alchemist . How are we going to live!”

“Fortunately, there are not many maniacs like him, otherwise we won’t be able to survive . ”

“Speaking of this, the people in there are all maniacs . Bei Gong Tang, Ouyang Fei, Sima You Lin and the others are very powerful . A freshman can enter the top ten and enter the hundred ranking . Sima You Yue’s brothers are also . Their cultivation is obviously like regular students, but their combat power is stronger than regular . The worst in the group is in the top two hundred . ”

“When are freshmen so powerful!”

“I heard that Crazy He, Tang Yan and them also joined the team . Presently, the team has the least people, but the most popular!”

“Yeah, most people wouldn’t be able to join . ”

“I don’t think he has used all his strength to fight with them . I think when the finals are over, there will be a feast before my eyes!”

“You can see it tomorrow . ”

At this time, Sima You Yue was sitting behind these people and listening to their discussion .

As the competition advanced further, she could no longer continue to study in the Spirit Pagoda . With this final competition, she also had to come to investigate the situation around her opponent .

Today’s competition would pick out nineteen to enter the top 10 . She just happened to get an empty draw and directly advanced to the top ten, competing with the remaining nine for a ranking .

Of the nine pairs of competitors, five had already gone .

“This He Feng is worthy of being a fighting maniac! His combat power is really good . ” She said to Bei Gong Tang who was beside her .

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“Mm, he frequently went to challenge others who were deemed good in these years, and he got beaten a lot too . I think this combat power is a result of being beaten . ” Bei Gong Tang chuckled .

“It’s fortunate he was in the inner sect . If he was in the outer and looked for people to fight everywhere, I’m afraid he would be dead already . ” Wei Zi Qi sighed .

“Tang Yan is also strong . His opponent is Lai Xiao Tian who is ranked 15th . This battle is not too difficult for him . ” Sima You Lin said .

For today’s competition, most of the participants were the previous top 20 . Every one of them had extraordinary combat power . A battle could last for three to four hours and all kinds of spirit beasts and pills were revealed .

The treatment of the top ten and top twenty were very different!

“You Yue, these people’s combat power is extraordinary . To deal with them, I think you would need to put in more power . You can’t do like before . ” Wei Zi Qi said .

“I had good luck before and haven’t met a capable opponent . ” Sima You Yue said . “But it won’t be luck later . The experts in the billboard are people with power . ”

She hadn’t watched the billboard competitions before . She left every time right after she finished . Her opponents had all been like flowing water, and she had not encountered any with real strength . But she did not think the students were all inexperienced .

The experts were in the back!

“Didn’t Hua Piao Miao look down on us all this time . You Yue, if you encounter her, you must beat her up!” Fatty Qu said .

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