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Chapter 872
Chapter 872: Hidden people inside the sect grounds

All the contestants rested for a day .

It was still alright for the contestants . They could rest on their own . However, the other students were impassioned as the entire sect was abuzz with discussion about the competition .

Nobody was too surprised about the old seeds . The one they spoke the most about was Sima You Yue . This new student was so strong it was perverse!

The first place was obvious without thinking . It would definitely be Little Seven . This point was unsuspenseful and nobody could fight over it .

It was on who the second place would be that everyone started fighting . Some said that it would be Wang Si Miao, but others said it would be Hua Piao Miao .

Some said that Wang Si Miao was the previous second place, so it would definitely be him .

Others said that the last time they competed, Hua Piao Miao had only lost to Wang Si Miao by half a move . She had improved so much since then, so she would definitely triumph over Wang Si Miao and end up as second place .

Yet others said that it would be Pang Jia Nan or Mo Bin, because they had performed extremely well in their previous matches . They didn’t do any poorer than Wang Si Miao or Hua Piao Miao . This was why it was possible that it would be them .

Ten years was not a long period of time, but neither was it short . Especially for youths in their prime, ten years could enable a vast improvement, or they could also have remained where they were . This was why the second place was such a hot topic .

Amidst the cacophony of voices, there was a tiny one that spoke of a different idea .

“I feel like the second place might be Sima You Yue!” It was unknown who spoke this .

Towards this train of thought, there were those who agreed, and those who mocked at it . She was just a freshman, how could she get second place? Being able to enter the top ten was already based on her luck .

At this very moment in an unknown place by the mountains behind the sect, Pang Jia Nan looked to his left and right before stopping in front of a hill .

He looked behind him and entered the cave at the foot of the mountain after ascertaining that there was nobody behind him .

This cave was deep, and new traces of markings were left on the side of the walls . It seemed to have been carved in not too long ago .

After entering the cave and going down a few forks, he entered a stone house deep inside .

Inside the stone house sat an old man . When he heard him coming, he opened his eyes and asked, “What are you doing here?”

Pang Jia Nan bowed in greeting as he said, “I’ve already checked into the situation from before . At that time, Sima You Yue and Little Seven were the ones who gave Wang Si Miao the poison . The ones who overheard us speaking the last time was Fatty Qu, the guy from their team . I’m guessing that he told Sima You Yue about it, which was why Sima You Yue gave him the poison to hinder us from acting again . ”

“Sima You Yue… just who is that person that he is able to refine poison capable of killing a monarch ranked?” The old man asked .

Pang Jia Nan told him about what he found out about Sima You Yue and the others, letting the old man form his own conclusions . ”

“The fact that the person was able to get so close to us the last time means that he knows how to conceal himself well . ” The old man said, “He’s called Fatty Qu, is he? This person has ruined our plans . Find a chance to get rid of him . ”

“Yes, Elder Peng . ”

“Since his friends know about it as well, just get rid of all of them together!” Elder Peng said .

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“That Little Seven…”

“Who would have thought that, after looking in the inner sect for so many years, the Eye of the Earth would actually be in human form . ” Elder Peng siad, “It is no wonder that we couldn’t find it after searching for so many years . ”

“This is truly shocking . ” Pang Jia Nan agreed, “We initially never joined the dots together for Little Seven being the Eye of the Earth . However, we realised yesterday that Little Seven is just too strong . Not just any evolved beast has that kind of power . That is why we feel there is a possibility that she is the Eye of the Earth . ”

“Since we have already decided, we should act quickly . ” Elder Peng said, “There are as many experts in the sect as there are clouds, and what I want is not mutual support . Neither can we keep the secret for a long time . I keep feeling like there is something scanning the back mountains recently . That is why I believe the sect is already beginning to catch on . ”

“Then we shall act quicker . ” Pang Jia Nan said, “If we delay, we may not be able to get away . ”

“It would be unlikely for us to be able to take the Eye of the Earth away under the sect’s nose . We have to come up with a thorough plan and carry it out immediately . ” Elder Peng said .

“Should we ask for external help?” Pang Jia Nan enquired .

“Not for now . ” Elder Peng said, “Those in the sect have been keeping a watchful eye recently . I dare not casually do anything . I’m afraid that, if we make contact with the outside, those old coots will discover us . Let’s do this, think of a way to bring the Eye of the Earth to the back of the mountain . As long as the old guys don’t coe, we’ll catch her and still have time to escape . If you do it in the inner sect, those old guys will come even quicker . The inner sect has a spatial barrier so we can’t cut open a space in the void . As long as we can leave its scope, we will be able to leave quickly . ”

“Alright, I’ll definitely think of a way to lead Little Seven to the back of the mountain . ” Pang Jia Nan said, “But, Elder Peng, that Wang Si Miao, he…”

“The information that you gave that person the last time . Did he believe it?”

“He did . ”

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“Then let him continue . ” Elder Peng said, “It’ll be best if he can succeed . If he cannot, as long as we can obtain the Eye of the Earth, everything else is inconsequential . ”

“I understand . ” Pang Jia Nan said, “But, Elder Peng, we can look for them if we want to kill Wang Si Miao . However, if we want to kill Sima You Yue and the others, it wouldn’t be good for us to approach them . After all, it’ll be hard to come up with an excuse . ”

Elder Peng gave a thought before saying, “The situation is different now . Everything weighs heavily on the Eye of the Earth . We cannot let other things affect this . We can let loose on those people and talk again later . ”

“Understood . ”

“Alright, you can head back first . If you don’t hear from me anymore, just carry on with the plan . Don’t come here anymore in case you leak my location . ” Elder Peng said .

“Okay . ”

Pang Jia Nan left the cave and looked around him . When he was sure that nobody was around, he left the mountains and rushed back to the sect .

What he didn’t know was that amidst the dense leaves of a large tree at the outside of the cave, hid two scarlet bees .

One scarlet bee followed him as he left the mountains while the other remained on the tree, continuing to watch that cave…

Parting Garden .

Sima You Yue, Little Seven and Wang Si Miao were seated in a pavilion at the courtyard .

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“What is it? Did you receive any news?” Little Seven asked .

Sima You Yue shook he rhead, saying, “The other side had a very strong expert, so the scarlet bees did not dare draw near . They merely eavesdropped on a little bit stealthily . ”

“What did they hear?”

“They mentioned you and the principal . ” Sima You Yue said, “As to what about, I don’t know . ”

“Who would have thought that such a strong expert would be hiding in the sect . I wonder whether or not the sect knows about this?” Wang Si Miao said with a solemn expression .

“Whether or not they know, we have to notify Instructor Mao and the others . ” Sima You Yue said, “That these people are hiding in the sect means that they have some big secret . For us, this is a big problem . ”

She took a look at Little Seven, knowing that the other party was definitely here for her . She had to tell the sect about this point . If Little Seven got caught up in trouble, the consequences would be dire .

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