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Chapter 1868: Nothing better to do

Sima You Yue became more curious about this Eye of the Dragon now, “You have merged with it, so why can’t you even hold it?”

“I don’t know this either.” Wu Lingyu didn’t know the matters of the Ghost Realm so well either. Before, he didn’t know of the River of Oblivion and the Eye of the Dragon.

“That old fellow, Hades, must know!” Sima You Yue snorted, “I’ll ask him.”

As soon as she was about to get up, she was held by Wu Lingyu, and fell back on his lap.

“Before you go to find him, tell me first, how do you know him? And it sounds like your relationship is still so good?” Wu Lingyu hugged her, not allowing her to move.

A sour smell of jealousy wafted in the air!

Actually, it could not blame Wu Lingyu for being unhappy. It has been a few years since You Yue came to the Underworld, how could she have such a good relationship with Hades? And looking at things, it does not look like a normal relationship at all. Otherwise, how could Hades listen to her accusations and complaints and confess his own misgivings to her, not to mention, everyone called her ‘Young Miss’.

“In fact, it’s nothing. I was supposed to arrive in the Ghost Realm, but because my soul had been to the Chaos World before, I arrived at the Underworld instead. Hades was bored and thought I was interesting, so he wanted to keep me in the Underworld. I stayed there for a few years and I became acquainted with them. Later, he declared that I was the Young Miss of the Underworld.” Sima You Yue explained.

“Instead of addressing you as the Princess of the Underworld, but addressing you as Young Miss, what thoughts does he have hidden?!” Wu Lingyu curled his lips, however, such a childish action did not seem out of place on that handsome face of his.

Sima You Yue squeezed his face with a smile, and said, “I am not the daughter he recognized nor the sister he recognized, so how can I be addressed as a Princess!”

She just has a special identity in the Underworld.

“Because of this, I feel that his mind is not right!” Wu Lingyu snorted coldly, “Say, if this is not the case, why would he make them address you as Young Miss.”

“How would an old monster like him recognize me as a sister or daughter! Isn’t it normal for people to call me Young Miss?” Sima You Yue rolled her eyes at him. This could even be taken up as such a serious topic by him. She really had nothing to say!

The moment Wu Lingyu heard her call Hades an old monster, and all the sourness he felt before had all disappeared immediately. He pecked her on her cheek and smiled brightly at her: “You You is right, whatever you say is right!”

Sima You Yue scrunched her nose, made a face at him, got off his body, withdrew the barrier, and said, “Let’s go to Hades and ask about Eye of the Dragon first.”

However, after they went out, they did not see Hades, only Black Shadow and Huan.

He really had nothing better to do!

Seeing them come out, both Black Shadow and Huan were a little surprised, and they blurted out: “So fast!”

Sima You Yue rolled her eyes naturally at them in reaction to their surprise.

“Where is Hades?” Sima You Yue asked Huan, at least he was more stable.

“My King said he came all the way, just because he was afraid that you would suffer, but he had been shut out by you and since he felt frustrated, he went outside to relax.” Huan said with a smile.

Sima You Yue knew what was going on when he saw Huan smiling eyes, and whispered: “How old is he? Still behaving so childishly? Hey, I’m still angry! If he wants to go out, then just go out!”

Everyone: “…”

Sima You Yue took Wu Lingyu’s hand and said, “Lingyu, you haven’t eaten what I made for a long time? Or let’s go ashore and I will make you something to eat.”

Wu Lingyu knew what she was thinking by looking at her smiling eyes, and nodded and said: “Alright! I haven’t eaten your food for decades, and I just want to eat it.”

“Then let’s go ashore!” Sima You Yue took his hand and went upstream.

“Oh oh, Young Miss, I’m going to help you!” After Black Shadow finished speaking, he followed along and swam up. As for Huan, needless to say, he had already reached the front of Black Shadow.

The place they went up was a mysterious place, and no one dared to come in here. But for the likes of Sima You Yue and company, this place was no different from other places.

While Sima You Yue was cooking, Wu Lingyu still watched by the side as before. The two of them said something and laughed from time to time, and the smile from the bottom of their hearts made Huan and Black Shadow sigh with emotion.

“It turns out that when Young Miss smiles from her heart, it looks like this.” Black Shadow looked at Sima You Yue and sighed: “Speaking of which, the Young Miss has been unhappy all these years.”

Huan glanced at him faintly, but he didn’t expect that this guy would still be able to figure this out now.

“Well, Young Miss has been naturally been unhappy over the past few years. Her mother has not been rescued, and she has worked hard in the Ghost Realm by herself. She has no relatives and few friends around her. Finally, one or two can have finally been made but those things have happened. Only by staying with the Young Miss for these years can I really realize how miserable the Young Miss has been!” Huan felt very sorry for Sima You Yue in his heart, but he could not help much except to protect her safety. Busy, there is no way to make her truly happy from the heart.

Thinking of this, he looked at Wu Lingyu more pleasingly, at least his presence can make her feel happy in her heart.

“Hey, this is the one who was put on the cusp of my heart by the Young Miss.” Black Shadow looked at Wu Lingyu enviously, feeling a little disappointed.

“Alright, we are different from him, don’t think so much.” Huan patted him on the shoulder.

“I’m sorry for Young Miss.” Black Shadow said, “Why didn’t you say that My King didn’t help Young Miss rescue her mother?”

“Have you forgotten the rules of the Underworld? The Underworld can’t intervene in the Ghost Realm!” Huan scolded.

“Then you still wiped out the Dong family?” Black Shadow protested in a low voice.

“Is that the same? That’s bullying to our Young Miss! I’m defending the majesty of the Underworld!” Huan was arrogant.

“Then this thing is the same!” Black Shadow didn’t feel any difference.

“My King went to check that the suppression of Young Miss’ mother involved many things in the Ghost Realm. If we come forward from the beginning, it will cause a lot of trouble.” Huan said.

“So, does My King plan to wait for the Young Miss to save her mother and then take action?” Black Shadow, who had always been slower, had actually caught the key point this time, attracting a look of admiration from Huan.

“It’s hard for you to actually think of this.” Huan said, “The first move is that we interfere in the Ghost Realm. If they dare to bully the Young Miss, then they are hitting the face of the Underworld. This way we naturally want to protect our Young Miss!”

“Hahaha, this is good!” Black Shadow suddenly laughed, and Sima You Yue and Wu Lingyu both looked over. He quickly converged.

“Besides, My King has always been bored and has nothing to do. By letting him watch Young Miss grow up, it can be regarded as finding something for him to do. Directly rescuing Young Miss’ mother, My King will probably be bored again.” Huan added.

The corners of Black Shadow’s mouth twitched. Why did he feel that this was the real reason?!

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