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Chapter 1867: A Time That Belonged To The Two Of Them (3)

Hades stared at Sima You Yue’s arm around Wu Lingyu’s waist. His low whirling breath indicated that he was unhappy, very unhappy!

Sima You Yue ignored his obvious displeasure. He knew that Wu Lingyu was here but he didn’t tell her, she was still angry with him!

So, she leaned her head against Wu Lingyu’s shoulder and stared at Hades without speaking.

Hades nearly vomited blood: “I did this for your own good! You dare to be angry with me?!”

“Don’t give me that, don’t think that I don’t know that you only did it for your own evil desires!” Sima You Yue had pierced through his cautious thoughts.

Wu Lingyu didn’t speak. He hadn’t had any direct contact with Hades before now, hence, it was better that he didn’t speak now.

“I did it for your own good! You didn’t think of the Underworld in the beginning, did you? How could I tell you? How can the man that you have been longing for protect you if he didn’t have the strength? I did this to help him improve his strength! As a man, he shouldn’t complain to his woman when he encounters any problem.” Hades snorted coldly, his heart burst with fury at her insensitivity.

Sima You Yue stood up quickly, her face was gloomy when she spoke: “What did you do to Lingyu?”

“Huh?” Hades stared at Wu Lingyu, this guy didn’t say anything?

“Tell me now, what did you do to Lingyu?” Sima You Yue couldn’t imagine what he would have done to Wu Lingyu when he got bored.

“Actually, it’s nothing.” Wu Lingyu pulled Sima You Yue back to sit down, “He just gave me some experience that’s all.”

“Experience?” Sima You Yue glanced at Hades suspiciously, “I bet there is more!”

“It really was just an experience. I am fine now, aren’t I?” Wi Lingyu patted her hand soothingly.

“That’s right, and he also gained a lot of benefits out of it! Just look, the water in the River of Oblivion has become one with his body!” Hades snorted coldy.

He glanced at Wu Lingyu, his anger had subsided a little, at least he hadn’t complained to Sima You Yue.

“Become one?” Sima You Yue frowned slightly, she didn’t seem as happy as they thought she would be.

“What’s wrong?” Wu Lingyu asked when he saw her worried look.

“If you and the river have become one, does that mean you will have to stay here in the future and you can never leave? Will you be able to return to the Devil Realm?” Sima You Yue grabbed his clothes and asked worriedly.

“I…” Wu Lingyu wanted to tell her that he was fine, but when he thought about him not being able to leave the River of Oblivion, he realised that his lie was about to be exposed soon.

He hesitated for a moment, and Sima You Yue understood.

“What the hell is going on? And what’s going on with these two? You better tell me everything before I really get angry!” All the men in the room were stunned at Sima You Yue’s anger.

Hades felt wronged. He was the one who was supposed to be angry, how had he become subservient and be the one to apologize to her?

As if that wasn’t enough, she was so angry that she had given him attitude for the next two days. On the contrary, she had only scolded Black Shadow and Huan who had executed his order and that was it for them. Of course, this was what happened afterwards.

“I don’t believe a thing any of you say, get out! I have to speak to Lingyu alone!” Sima You Yue had waited till Black Shadow and the others had finished speaking before she drove the three of them out of the main hall and set up a spirit barrier.

Wu Lingyu noticed that she hadn’t used much effort in the spirit barrier that she had put up, it could be pierced easily with a little bit of spiritual energy.

Sima You Yue walked over and took his hands without speaking, her eyes were red.

“Don’t cry, I am really fine.” Wu Lingyu’s heart melted when he saw her this way.

She used to be so powerful and commanding, and she had also prospered in the Human Realm, her strength was so strong that it wasn’t like any girl’s. But today, she cried at every turn.

Sima You Yue nodded and said: “I won’t ask you how it happened because I know you won’t tell me the truth anyway. But you have to tell me honestly what the consequences are. I don’t care what happened in the past, but the future concerns the two of us!”

Wu Lingyu was very pleased when he heard her words. The corners of his mouth curved and coupled with his enchanting face, Sima You Yue was momentarily dazed as she looked at him.

Her reaction made him even happier, and he couldn’t help but kiss her again before he let her go.

“My situation isn’t very good at the moment.” Sima You Yue’s heart caught at the next beat when she heard this.

He patted her stiff body quickly and said: “I just meant that it doesn’t bode well for our future together. But if it was someone else, it would be quite good.”

“What do you mean?” Sima You Yue was puzzled, if it was quite good, why was it bad for him?

Wu Lingyu gave her a ‘don’t worry and listen to me first’ look, then he explained: “Since I came to the Ghost Realm for you, then naturally I will be here accompanying you. But right now, the River of Oblivion and I have become integrated.”

“Integrating with the River of Oblivion…what effect will it have?” Sima You Yue looked at him nervously.

“I can control the river at will, and I can also get power from the River of Oblivion. But…” Wu Lingyu looked at her bright eyes and sighed, then he told her the truth: “I cannot be more than a thousand miles away from it, otherwise, I will not be able to use its power. Once the power in my body has been exhausted, I will turn to dust.”

“So, you cannot leave with me.” Sima You Yue finally understood what he meant when he said that it didn’t bode well for them.

“I am looking for a solution.” Wu Lingyu said.

“How did you merge with the river?” Sima You Yue was unhappy, this was nonsense!

Wu Lingyu was silent for a while. Then he smiled and said: “It’s nothing, it’s just that once, when I was experiencing in the river and I was injured badly, my soul was very unstable, so I found something to lodge with. Unexpectedly, I merged with that thing in the end.”

“Don’t tell me you merged with the Eye of the Dragon!” Sima You Yue looked at him in shock. When he nodded, the corners of her mouth twitched involuntarily.

She had heard of the Eye of the Dragon when she was in the Underworld. At that time, Hades had taken her for an experience in the River of Oblivion, he had told her that the water in the River of Oblivion wasn’t water that had fallen from the sky, but it had come from the Eye of the Dragon. The Eye of the Dragon was a product that had been created at the beginning of the chaos of heaven and earth. It was very mysterious. As long as the Eye of the Dragon was around, the water in the River of Oblivion would not dry up.

His body had merged with the Eye of the Dragon, no wonder his body had become one body with the River of Oblivion.

“Then can’t you just pick up the Eye of the Dragon and put it on you?”

Wu Lingyu blinked, “I have tried this method many times, but I can’t take the Eye of the Dragon out. So recently, I have been thinking of ways that will allow me to pick up the Eye of the Dragon.”

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