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Chapter 1869: Awkward

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When Hades came over, it happened that Sima You Yue had cooked everything and everyone was about to start eating.

When Huan and Black Shadow saw him, they immediately stood up and saluted. On the contrary, Sima You Yue and Wu Lingyu continued sitting on the ground with no intention of moving.

When Hades saw her with such an attitude, he was infuriated but the moment he saw her glare at him, he immediately felt the guilt welled up in him stirring.

This matter… Although he did do something wrong, there was no need for her to still be glaring at him even now.

Sima You Yue didn’t speak, and Hades just stood there and didn’t go over. So Black Shadow and Huan naturally didn’t dare to sit and eat. Everyone was so stiff.

Wu Lingyu sighed, and said, “You You just finished whipping up a feast. Will Hades like to enjoy this meal together? You You prepared a spread, there’s even fine wine.”

When Hades saw that Sima You Yue didn’t say anything, he nodded along the way, and sat opposite Sima You Yue, and Black Shadow immediately came up to pour him wine.

“My King, this is the kind of wine that the Young Miss said before, it tastes really good, try it!” Black Shadow said eagerly.

“You know that it tastes good? So that means that you have already drunk it?” Hades glanced at him, and his body froze immediately.

The corners of his mouth twitched and he put on an expression of envy, “Of course I would love to taste it! But I didn’t follow Young Miss! If you’re saying who had tasted it, then Huan would be the one. I just smelled it when I opened the wine jar. ”

“I thought you wanted to go back to guard the hut!” Hades snorted coldly.

Black Shadow’s body stiffened for an instant, and My King really knew this! Oh no, it’s over! Looking at My King’s appearance, it seems like he was due to settle scores later!

After Hades finished speaking, he ignored him, picked up the wine cup and tasted it. It was indeed good as she said.

Sima You Yue didn’t care about him, and ate with Wu Lingyu.

When Black Shadow and Huan saw that both sides had started on the food, only then did they begin to feast on the food in front of them.

Hades who ate this meal was very depressed. He stared bitterly at someone who was picking food for Wu Lingyu with a smile. The shrimp that he liked most in the past was no longer tasty.

This woman just kept eating! Hmph! Was she afraid that he was really angry and no one in this world could protect her? !

But, she was not afraid!

She knew he wouldn’t do anything to her!

But… he really won’t punish her! She couldn’t even see her being wronged a little bit. Regarding Wu Lingyu, even though he had some reasons for not wanting her to see him, that’s why he was made a stumbling block. But in fact, the most real reason is to improve his strength so that he could have the power to protect her.

With such a kind heart, she was still angry with him, hmph, he felt so wronged…she was so unreasonable and he was heartbroken.

But… why? Why could he not bear to punish her?

He thought about this question more than once, but he couldn’t think of the answer.

He once thought that he himself fell in love with her, but he repeatedly confirmed that it was not the feeling of love.

He also thought that his affection towards her was as a relative, but he had never had a relative, so nowhere would he feel this way, so he didn’t.

He seems to be very fond of her, he likes to see her do all kinds of things, even if it doesn’t matter to her. It seemed that he was happy to follow her in this way.

It seems that, a long time ago, he had felt this way about something, but after too long, he had forgotten what it was.

But something wasn’t right! He even remembered the colour of the pants he wore when he was a child, how could he not remember what they were? He didn’t even have any impression of whether it was a person, a thing, or a beast.

What exactly was it? Why doesn’t he remember?

Sima You Yue looked at him in a daze at the food, seemingly lost in thought. She sighed in her heart, and then said, “By the way, Huan, Black Shadow, you’ve all been in the Underworld for so long. You should have a better understanding of this River of Oblivion, right?”

Huan and Black Shadow both noticed that their king was lost in contemplation, and just as they were thinking about what to do to relieve this awkward atmosphere, they heard Sima You Yue’s question.

“River of Oblivion, yes we do know! Why are you asking this?” Black Shadow replied.

“Do you know Eye of the Dragon?” Sima You Yue asked again.

Although she was asking Black Shadow, however, her attention was focused on Hades, so when she saw him looking over, she immediately pretended to look to one side indifferently, and the corners of her mouth rose.

Black Shadow and Huan were both stunned by her question. They were clear about the fusion of Wu Lingyu and the River of Oblivion, and they naturally knew the purpose of her asking this, but how could they understand something in which they weren’t familiar with nor had they been in contact with. Otherwise, why would Black Shadow only watch Wu Lingyu and Eye of the Dragon merge into one, and feel helpless about it?

“That Eye of the Dragon…Young Miss, we really don’t know anything about it. You have to ask My King about this.” Huan could also find another way for Hades to interact with her.

When Hades heard Huan say that, his heart muttered that this guy was still reliable and Black Shadow should still be sent back to guard his little hut!

He stared at Sima You Yue, he would not speak unless she spoke first.

Although Sima You Yue and Hades spent only a few years together, she still understands his temperament. After a cold scoff, she said, “Hades, you are the King of the Underworld, and you should know everything. What is the origin of this Eye of the Dragon, Lingyu can’t even leave the range of ten thousand li.”

When Hades saw her speak first, his face was no longer gloomy and followed her, giving a cold scoff before he said: “You have been in the Underworld for so many years, and you don’t know anything about the Underworld. In the end, I took you to so many places for nothing. ”

Sima You Yue wanted to say that he didn’t bring her to the bank of River of Oblivion at all, how the hell would she know what this Eye of the Dragon was! But thinking that only he knew the matters of the Eye of the Dragon, so she swallowed back all the words that were at the tip of her tongue.

“This Eye of the Dragon is something produced from the very beginning when Heaven and Earth was formed from the Chaos. It stands there after being separated from heaven and earth. It is the foundation of River of Oblivion’s existence. Since it has merged with his soul, naturally it cannot be left too far.” Hades said. There was no lack of gloating in the words.

Hmph, who asked you to be angry with me, who asked you to throw a tantrum at me all for a man! He he, now you should be worried!

Sima You Yue knew what he was thinking as soon as she heard what he said, and rolled her eyes helplessly.

“Well then, Lingyu, since you can’t leave the Eye of the Dragon, then let’s take the Eye of the Dragon away. Then you won’t be too far from it!” Sima You Yue thought this was a good way, and planned to take a look at the Eye of the Dragon later.

Wu Lingyu wanted to remind her that he had told her before that Eye of the Dragon could not be picked up. But according to her usual self, she should not forget it so saying that should be for another purpose.

“Wu Lingyu should have tried it? This Eye of the Dragon can’t be picked up at all, what’s the use for you to go!” Hades stared at her, trying to see her disappointed eyes, but saw her eyes staring at him with piercing eyes.

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