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Chapter 1866: A Time That Belonged To The Two Of Them (2)

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Sima You Yue’s heart hurt like it was being pricked by needles. She leaned against his body and shook her head and said: “I won’t, I won’t do anything like this in the future to make you feel upset again.”

“If you break your promise, I will…” Wu Lingyu didn’t know what to say.

“What will you do?” Sima You Yue looked up at him, “Will you ignore me, not want me anymore?”

“Do you think I can bear to?” Wu Lingyu rubbed her head, “Ignore you, not want you, I can’t bear to do either. I just hate myself, if I had been by your side back then, you wouldn’t have…I knew your body was in danger, but I still left you in the Human Realm, I can’t forgive myself.”

“You’re not to blame!” Sima You Yue refused to let him blame himself, “You know my strength, as long as I didn’t use my Power of Faith, I would still be able to control it. You didn’t know that I would use my Power of Faith. Speaking of it, when my divine sense plunged into darkness, I thought I saw my body as it exploded into pieces.. But the Ancestor told me that my body was saved by someone, that’s how I was able to retain my memories. What happened when I lost consciousness?”

Wu Lingyu didn’t want to think of what had happened back then again, every time he relived the memory, it was like his heart died. But since she had asked now, he had to tell her.

“By the time I got there that day, all that remained of you were indeed just broken limbs. I used Time Reversal and returned to the moment before you exploded and reshaped your body. But your soul had already left your body, so even though your body was restored, it was still a lifeless corpse.” As Wu Lingyu told her this, his body shook uncontrollably.

Sima You Yue embraced him and kissed him on the cheek, she said soothingly: “Lingyu, I’m here, that’s in the past! If you don’t want to, then don’t think about it again.”

Wu Lingyu stroked her hand and said: “What happened really scared me.” He paused, and then continued, “Later, Yin Lin brought Master Feng, and she used her most valuable treasure to exchange your life back.”

“Aunt Feng…she…I owe Aunt Feng once again.” Sima You Yue murmured, “Do my grandfather and the others know about me?”

“They do. Because we brought your body back to the Sima Family back then.”

“Did they get a shock?”

“They really did. But Yin Lin told them to nourish your body and that you will return to it again, so they felt better. As for the medicinal ingredients needed to nourish your body, they were sent to the Sima Family by various people. The Sima Family has stolen the limelight and surpassed even the first class forces!”

“Do Feng’er and the others know?”

“They do. If the people in Paramount Valley weren’t held back by the Valley Master, I’m afraid that they would have most probably gone to the Sima Family to guard your body. Feng’er and the others were very sad, but they’re alright. Li’er is the one who’s changed the most, because this incident was caused by her being arrested. She blamed herself and said that if she was stronger, these things wouldn’t have happened. The last news I received of her was that she had left Paramount Valley and gone outside to experience.” Wu Lingyu said slowly as he recounted the matters of the Human Realm.

Sima You Yue imagined the reactions of the people, and after hearing of what happened to Ximen Li, she sighed and said: “Li’er has always been sensitive and attentive as a child, I’m afraid that this has been a big blow to her.”

“It was a big blow to everyone.” Wu Lingyu said emotionally.

“What about you?” Sima You Yue looked up at him, “How did you come to the Ghost Realm? Don’t try to fool me, you know me.”

Upon hearing this, Wu Lingyu was unable to say everything he had prepared to say. He smiled helplessly and said: “It’s nothing much really, I just used a secret method to pull my soul out of my body. It’s almost the same as you, just that I didn’t suffer like you did.”

The rims of Sima You Yue’s eyes reddened, although she didn’t know what secret method he had used, but she knew that it must have physically hurt his body and the process must have been very painful. She didn’t know if it would affect him in the future either. Yet he still came here for her.”

Wu Lingyu felt distressed when he saw her expression and comforted her quickly: “It was nothing really, it will be over in a while.”

Sima You Yue’s eyes were still red as she continued shaking her head. She didn’t believe what he said, he must have suffered a lot.

“Lingyu, thank you for doing so much for me.”

“Silly, there’s no need to say thank you between you and I. If you really want to thank me, then don’t think about the past anymore and be happy. My heart breaks seeing you like this!” After he had spoken, he pretended to clutch at his chest with both hands.

“Pfftt…you’re not Xi Shi,1 why are you clasping at your heart for?” Sima You Yue was amused, and her self-blame eased.

Wu Lingyu moved his lips closer, “You You, I much prefer seeing you smile.”

Having said that, he kissed her delicate lips…

Huan and Black Shadow had walked around the underwater palace more than a dozen times. By the time they had returned to the main hall, it was still surrounded by spirit barriers.

“Young Miss is so bad, we have already walked around the underwater palace more than a dozen times, I don’t even know how many ants we have stepped on and killed by now, and she’s still not come out.” Black Shadow poked at the spirit barrier and complained.

“Are there ants in the underwater palace?”

“I’m just using a metaphor!” Black Shadow glanced at Huan in dissatisfaction. This guy was always a wet blanket. “Should we keep waiting outside?”

“Don’t worry, they will come out soon.” Huan said affirmatively.

“How do you know?”

“Because the King is coming.”

“The King is coming? How did you know?”

“The King has been paying attention to Young Miss’ affairs all this time, and now that she’s been abducted, naturally he will come.” Huan explained.

“You mean to say that the King has been paying attention to the things happening here?” Black Shadow was dumbfounded.

“That’s right, so he probably knew when you said that the King’s palace was like a little hut.” Huan said, and gave him a sympathetic look.

He dared to say the King’s palace was like a little hut, just wait till he had to go back to guard those two small huts!

“Why didn’t you tell me earlier?” Black Shadow looked like he was about to cry as he looked at him reproachfully.

“You didn’t ask me.” Huan’s faint expression made Black Shadow want to punch him twice.

However, having experienced countless beatings, those thoughts could only remain as thoughts.

When he thought of his possible fate, his heart wailed in doom, please don’t let the King know! He didn’t want to go back to guard those two little huts…

After a while, just as Huan had said, the spirit barriers that surrounded the main hall were removed. That meant that the people inside had given them permission to enter.

However, after they saw Sima You Yue and before they could speak, there was an abnormal movement in space. A door opened, and Hades walked out of it. However, the pressure on his body was so low that the water in the river nearly froze.

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