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Chapter 1865: A Time That Belonged To The Two Of Them (1)

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Sima You Yue and Wu Lingyu went to the underwater palace and didn’t take any notice of Black Shadow and Huan.

She didn’t know what had happened, but since Wu Lingyu knew Black Shadow, that meant that Black Shadow and Huan were hiding something from her.

They hadn’t told her the huge news that Wu Lingyu had arrived in the Ghost Realm. Naturally, she wanted to punish them as a show of protest.

When she and Wu Lingyu arrived at the underworld palace, she had so many questions upon seeing the magnificent palace.

As Wu Lingyu hugged her and sat down on the throne, she stretched out and wrapped her arms around his neck.


“Shhh… don’t speak.” Wu Lingyu kissed her red lips. He wrapped one arm around her waist and the other arm under his armpit and pressed her lightly towards himself..

Sima You Yue felt his enthusiasm, his lingering and endless thoughts, which mirrored how much she missed him.

How often she had thought of him and was unable to concentrate on cultivating. How often had she recited his name and felt lovesick, but had to continue to face the future by herself.

She thought that she would have to successfully cultivate and return to the Human Realm before she could see him again. She was also worried that she would take too long and he would no longer wait for her.

She had never expected to meet him in the Ghost Realm. His appearance made her think that this was all an illusion because she missed him too much.

Wu Lingyu released her lips and held her face in his hands. He leaned his forehead against hers and rubbed the tip of her nose lightly.

“You You….”


“You You…”


“You You…”

This time, You Yue didn’t respond to him this time, instead, she held his face and offered her lips…

After Black Shadow and Huan broke free from the water shackles of the river, they went to the palace. They were able to enter all the other parts of the palace, except the main hall where they were in.

“This guy’s spirit barrier is so powerful!” Huan had always thought that Sima You Yue’s spirit barriers were pretty good, but he hadn’t expected Wu Lingyu’s to be so much better than hers.

“Oh no, Young Miss is going to be very angry this time.” Black Shadow grabbed his neck with both his hands, “What are we going to do? What are we going to do?”

“Young Miss will be fine after a while. I’m worried about that guy now.” Huan said solemnly.

Although he wasn’t by Wu Lingyu’s side, he knew a lot about his affairs and also understood a little about his temper. Now that he knew that they had brought Sima You Yue here but didn’t let them meet, he feared that this matter wouldn’t blow over so easily!

Black Shadow on the other hand was relieved and he laughed: “As long as Young Miss isn’t angry, that’s all that matters! Wu Lingyu loved Young Miss whole-heartedly and doted on her very much. As long as Young Miss said something on their behalf, he wouldn’t pursue this matter again!

“Then we better be sensible and not disturb them right now, otherwise…” Otherwise Sima You Yue would be angry too.

“Then let me show you around the palace. This underwater palace is quite nice, much better than the King’s little hut!

“Are you not afraid that the King will beat you up if he hears you?”

“The King is not here right now.”


Sima You Yue and Wu Lingyu held each other for a while before they let go of each other. Wu Lingyu touched her blushing cheeks and whispered softly: “You You, I’ve missed you.”

“I’ve missed you too.” Sima You Yue rubbed his palm and wrapped her arms around his waist, then rested her head on his shoulders. “Lingyu, I’m not dreaming am I? Have you really come to the Ghost Realm? Are you really not my imagination?”

Wu Lingyu felt her dependence on him and he felt both happy and his heart also ached. He moved his head across and kissed her on the cheek, and said: “I’m here You You, I’ve come to be with you.”

Sima You Yue’s arms held him even tighter, as if holding him tighter could alleviate the longing in her heart.

Suddenly, she sat up. She looked at him in horror and exclaimed: “This is the River of Oblivion, only souls can come here. Are you already dead? Who was it? Who killed you?”

“Don’t be nervous You You, I’m fine.” Wu Lingyu grabbed her hand and calmed her down.

“That’s impossible!” Sima You Yue didn’t believe him, “You are also a Soul Body, how could you…”

“I came by myself.” Wu Lingyu said, “I’m not dead. My body is being nourished in the Devil Realm.”

“Why are you…” Sima You Yue was puzzled, “Why didn’t you come here directly?”

It was not a difficult task for him to travel through the Three Realms.

“Yin Lin said that I would only be able to see you if I waited for you here. We will meet again on the riverbank of the River of Oblivion. That’s why I came here to wait for you.” Wu Lingyu explained.

“How is Yin Lin?” When Sima You Yue heard his name, she thought of her former friends.

“Yin Lin died shortly after you left.”

“Yin Lin…” Sima You Yue was a little sad when she heard the news, and sighed: “When I first met him, his health wasn’t so good, I just didn’t expect it to be so soon…how about the Little Helper?”

“Little Helper took over as Master of the Divinator Sect, the people in the sect had no objection. Before I came to the Ghost Realm, I heard that his foresight ability has improved very quickly and he has been able to gain everyone’s recognition with his own strength.” Wu Lingyu said.

“Little Helper was very attached to Yin Lin, he must have had a hard time after Yin Lin passed away.” Sima You Yue felt sorry for Little Helper, but she was helpless.

“I am also very attached to you, you should feel sorry for me when I saw your body blown up in pieces.” Wu Lingyu said.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t expect this to happen. It happened to me after I used the Power of Faith.”

“You really didn’t know?” Wu Lingyu asked her.

Sima You Yue pouted and pinched his earlobe, she said coquettishly: “I couldn’t help it at that time either. The old guy’s protective shield could only be broken by my Power of Faith. If I hadn’t done that, the Supreme Fifth Spirit Senior, the vice president and the others would have all died.”

“Hmph!” Wu Lingyu snorted coldly.

“Lingyu, don’t be angry.” Sima You Yue squeezed his earlobe and said with heavy emotion: “It is so good to be able to touch you again, this meaty feeling is really good.”

Wu Lingyu’s anger was driven away by her words and all that remained was helplessness and heartache.

He knew that she had done it deliberately, but he was still taken by her tricks. He squeezed her face and said: “Do you know how I felt when I rushed over to see you and you had already…? I felt that the sky was falling down on me. There didn’t seem much point in living in this world anymore.”

Sima You Yue hugged him: “I’m sorry Lingyu, I’m sorry.”

Wu Lingyu hugged her back and bit her lips as a punishment. He murmured: “Don’t do this again in the future, You You, I can’t lose you a second time…”

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