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Chapter 1700: News of Sky Splitter Devil Sword

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Sima You Yue recalled the feeling she had when she left. She nodded and took Sima Liu Xuan’s arm. “With father, I am not afraid of anything!”

“Let’s go. There is a long way to go until we get to Eastern Lai Clan!” Sima Liu Xuan said.

The three entered the Spirit Master Guild, paid their fee, and left through the teleportation array. After going around for several times, they slowly reached Eastern Lai Clan’s zone of influence.

“It would be great if every state had spatial ships.” Sima You Yue had used a month-long of teleportation arrays, which was worse than sitting a month in space.

The cost of spatial transmission was too high and the materials were not easy to collect. It was impossible for every state to have them.

“An Lei, how long til we get there?!” Sima You Yue asked. “If it’s still far, let’s rest for a while.”

“We will be there in about ten days.” An Lei answered. “We’re now in Eastern Lai Clan’s zone of influence. We will get there soon.”

“Ten more days?” Sima You Yue messaged her waist. “Forget it, we are not in a hurry anyway. Let’s go to a nearby city and rest for two days.”

Sima Liu Xuan and An Lei had no objections. She was the leader, so she could do whatever she wanted. In the end it was only two days.

They went to the nearest city to find an inn to rest. Sima You Yue remembered that they had been busy lately and had not taken a good rest. She took the two out for shopping saying that she needed to go relax herself.

After walking around the street for a day, the group of three entered a teahouse for a break. Sima You Yue had a habit of going to the teahouse because recent news could be heard there.

Sure enough, as soon as they sat down, they overheard the table beside them talking about some interesting things.

“Do you know that the Sky Splitter Devil Sword seems to have appeared near here?” The man with the big beard said to his friend.

Sky Splitter Devil Sword?

Sima You Yue and Sima Liu Xuan glanced at each other. They didn’t speak but listened to them talk.

“Is that real or fake? Why would the Sky Splitter Devil Sword appear here?” The other was surprised. “Didn’t you tell me that it appeared in the nearby states?”

“How long ago was that? It has been almost two years since the two hidden families led people to destroy Northern Du Clan. How could it still be there?” Big Beard said proudly.

“How many people died for the Sky Splitter Devil Sword after a year it appeared? Fortunately, it only appeared for a year and then disappeared. Otherwise, I don’t know how many more storms it would cause.” A white robed youth at another table said. At the same table as him, there were several people in the same uniform as him.

“Hey, you said the Sky Splitter Devil Sword disappeared? Why did Big Beard say it appeared near here?” Someone asked.

 “Of course I personally saw it with my own eyes.” Big Beard fiercely poured a bowl of wine. “You don’t know how I almost died at that time! Fortunately, I ran fast. Otherwise, I wouldn’t be drinking here.”

Everyone in the room laughed out loud.

“Big Beard, you’re boasting! If you saw the Sky Splitter Devil Sword, would you still be able to survive? You’d already be sacked a long time ago! Big Beard, you’ve been boasting a lot more recently!”

“What I said is true!” Big Beard thought everyone would praise him,but no one believed it.

At this time, a waiter came with tea and noticed Sima You Yue’s group was paying attention to Big Beard’s side. He smiled, “Guests, don’t listen to Big Beard boasting. He never says anything accurate.”

“Oh? Then why do so many people listen to him?” An Lei asked.

“Aren’t everyone spending time here for fun?” The waiter replied. “Big Beard is a frequent visitor and oftentimes brags. It sounds like it happened before and gives everyone entertainment. When it comes to fun, no one will pursue those things. But everyone knows his words are not to be trusted. Guests, your stuff is ready. Please enjoy your leisure.”

After he spoke, the waiter went down with the tray. Sima You Yue sipped her tea and focused her attention on Big Beard.

“Big Beard, since you’ve seen it, please tell us what it was like at that time.” Someone booed at his words.

“I’ll talk.” Big Beard poured another bowl of wine and then began talking of how he saw the Sky Splitter Devil Sword.

According to him, ten days ago, he was on a mercenary mission to hunt spirit beasts. While chasing after an injured spirit beast into the mountains, he witnessed two people fighting.

Realizing that the other party was stronger than him, he did not come close, but chose to hide and watch the situation from a distance.

The battle between the two came to an end. It didn’t take long for one person to kill the other and snatched the sword from the deceased’s hand. The person mocked, “A waste like you deserves to possess a Sky Splitter Devil Sword? You’re biting off more than you can chew!”

When Big Beard heard Sky Splitter Devil Sword’s name and thought of the man’s terrifying strength, he kept hidden and did not leave until the man left for a long time before escaping from there. He also described the appearance of the devil sword.

After he finished, he looked at the crowd triumphantly and waited to hear their applause. As a result, everyone burst into laughter after a moment of silence in the teahouse.

“Hahaha…..Big Beard, this is the worst story you ever made.”

“That’s right, your skill in telling stories has fallen a lot!”

“Big Beard, you’re still talking about things before! Don’t embarrass yourself with this.”

“Yes, hahaha….”

Big Beard flushed red at their laughter. It was unknown if it was because of a lie benign expose or people didn’t believe him.

“What I said is true! This time I really experienced it!” Big Beard tried to persuade others, but no one believed him. Instead, they laughed even more joyfully.

“You usually believe in the false. Why can’t you believe it now that I am telling the truth!” Big Beard was depressed.

“Big Beard, it’s not that we don’t believe in you. It’s just that this thing you said is really too fake. If you really witness someone snatching a Sky Splitter Devil Sword and is also such a powerful person, wouldn’t he kill you instead of letting you live. Escaping? Big Beard, do you think it is possible?”

“Why is it impossible?! I can escape if only they didn’t notice me.” Big Beard explained.

“But you said that the person is very strong.”

“I have a knack for shielding my aura. He didn’t find me because I hid my aura.”

“Boasting, keep on boasting! Hahaha!”

“I won’t talk to you anymore!” Big Beard still saw that no one believed him. He was so angry that he threw two middle grade crystals on the table and left.

The laughter in the teahouse followed him and floated far away. Only Sima You Yue’s group remained silent from beginning to end.

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