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Chapter 1701: Cultivating sword with blood

“Hmph, how could you doubt my words, pfft, you people who have no character wouldn’t be able to see the real side of Sky Splitter Devil Sword. Eh, wait till I have the power…” Big Beard swayed as he walked because he was drunk as he mumbled non stop.

When he turned into an alley and saw someone at the other end, he narrowed his eyes as he swayed, “I’ve seen you before, at the teahouse. Tell me, why are you following me?”

Sima You Yue didn’t think that he would be so alert even when he was intoxicated. She rested her hand behind her back as she stood deep inside the alley and said, “I’m here to listen to the rest of the story.”

“What story?” Big Beard was astonished, not knowing what she meant.

“The story that you didn’t finish in the teahouse.” Sima You Yue said.

“You believe what I said?” Big Beard was elated, he didn’t expect anyone would believe him and even came over to hear what he had to say.

Sima You Yue smiled at him, “Yes, I believe you.”

“Why?” Big Beard looked at her doubtfully, why did she believe him when everyone in the teahouse didn’t believe him?

Sima You Yue’s eyes brightened but also darkened, the smile on her face slowly disappeared. “Because I’ve seen it…..”

Seen it? What did she see? Sky Splitter Devil Sword? Big Beard’s thoughts were stopped.

“I’ve seen the Sky Splitter Devil Sword, it’s just like what you described earlier on. So I believe what you say.” Sima You Yue continued, “Can you describe it in detail?”

“Young Lady, I’ll give you a word of advice since you’re pretty. Don’t even think of getting our hands on the Sky Splitter Devil Sword or else, you’ll lose your life!” He became sober just thinking of the scene that very night.

Sima You Yue knew that things weren’t that simple from what he said in the teahouse just by the look on his face.

“As I’ve seen the Sky Splitter Devil Sword, I’m curious about its owner. Just tell me what you know, it’s up to my own decision if I decide to get it or not.” Sima You Yue said as she threw a Spatial pouch to him, it was filled with crystals.

Big Beard was elated after seeing so many crystals. He put the cosmos sack in his interspatial ring and started talking, “That very night, what I saw wasn’t two people battling each other, it was someone killing a group of people with the Sky Splitter Devil Sword. Moreover, there were a few hundred Monarch Rank elites, tsk tsk, none of them survived.”

Sima You Yue frowned, she didn’t think that it would be like this.

“Did you get a clear look of who that person was?”

“How could I have taken a clear look! That person was wearing a cloak that can block divine senses, and he didn’t take it off from the start to the end, I don’t even know what he looked like.” Big Beard said, “But I think he’s a madman!”


“Because I noticed that he was delirious while he was killing people, or should I say that he couldn’t control himself. There were a few times that he was hesitating, but he killed them ruthlessly.” Big Beard continued, “I told you that the Sky Splitter Devil Sword can control human’s wisdom, I think he’s being controlled as well.”

“Where was the place you said?”

“The Azure Dragon Mountain that is a few hundred thousand kilometres from here.”

“Did you do anything at that time? Did you bury the bodies?”

“I was too shocked and when I came back to senses, my first instinct was to escape, so why would I have thought so much?” Big Beard said.

“I understand now, you may leave.” Sima You Yue nodded, “Let me give you a word of advice, don’t even mention this ever again if you want to live. You might not be able to talk loudly in the teahouse again if that person knew that you’ve witnessed the whole thing.”

She disappeared into thin air after she spoke. There wasn’t any fluctuation in the air, so Big Beard doubted himself and wondered if he was hallucinating.

He knew he wasn’t hallucinating as he saw the cosmos sack in his interspatial Ring. He shivered as he remembered the warning she gave before she left.

She was right, if that person knew about it, he wouldn’t be able to stay alive.

He checked the alley back and forth and quickly left the city. He never came back.

Sima You Yue went back to the teahouse, where everyone was still talking about Big Beard’s boasting.

“Did you ask?”

“Mm.” Sima You Yue sat down and repeated what she asked, “Should we go to Azure Dragon Mountain to take a look?”

“Young Miss, Azure Dragon Mountain is the Azure Dragon Clan’s territory. Did the Azure Dragon Clan do it?” An Lei asked.

“They might have.” Sima You Yue guessed.

“Let’s go and take a look since it’s not far away from here!” Sima Liu Xuan said.

He knew Sima You Yue had always been brooding over the birth of the Sky Splitter Devil Sword. The Sky Splitter Devil Sword wouldn’t be like this if it wasn’t for her and it wouldn’t cause so many deaths and troubles.

They were now so close to the Devil Sword, so she would definitely want to investigate.

“Young Miss, the Azure Dragon Clan functions as the Eastern Lai Clan’s eyes in the outer regions, should we put on a disguise if we go?” An Lei asked.

“There’s no need to. We didn’t come here sneakily anyway.” Sima You Yue continued, “And if I’m not wrong, Eastern Lai Clan must know that we’re coming.”

So, three of them went back to the inn and checked out as they rushed to Azure Dragon Mountain.

As it wasn’t far, Sima You Yue got Halcyon to transport them and they reached the place Big Beard had told her about in two days.

The whole mountain and valley was filled with bodies, judging from the state of the bodies, they were actually dead for more than ten days.

Sima You Yue took a look at the surroundings and noticed a few footsteps made of fresh blood, “Seems like someone got here first.”

“It seems like we’re not the only ones in the teahouse that believed what Big Beard said!”

“Young Miss, look!” An Lei pointed at one of the bodies, “It’s that Big Beard.”

They walked over as they saw Big Beard lying on the floor with his eyes staring into the sky, his eyes filled with regrets before he passed.

“He died in less than half a day.” Sima You Yue continued, “Those people must have captured him and brought him here and killed him after they couldn’t find any information about the Devil Sword.”

“Who asked him to boast in the teahouse.” An Lei wasn’t sympathetic to Big Beard’s death as he brought it upon himself.

“These bodies…” Sima Liu Xuan took a closer look at the bodies, “There are so many bodies here but there isn’t a lot of blood on the floor. Yue’er, have you seen how it kills?”

“Sky Splitter Devil Sword absorbs blood, it must have sucked up all the blood.” Sima You Yue’s heart sank.

Cultivating a sword with blood….

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