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Chapter 1699: Finally, Becoming a Pawn

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Before returning to Sixty Fourth State, Sima You Yue received news that the Xuan Qiu and Ouyang Clan led other clans to the Northern Du Clan and destroyed the Northern Du Clan. The foundation of a clan that dated back ten thousands of years was destroyed like that.

At the same time, the Yang Clan that was hiding there was found and were mostly killed off.

Although many people escaped in the middle, it was insignificant compared to the whole Northern Du Clan and Yang Clan. Even if they escaped today, they would not be able to appear righteously in the future, lest they would be hunted down by the entire continent. Those undead were even less likely to be used. As long as there’s a little clue, they would be exposed.

“I didn’t expect this matter to be resolved so easily.” Sima Liu Xuan was relieved. Although he expected this result a long time ago. He lamented the speed.

“It is what they deserved. If they did not do such a thing, it wouldn’t be easy for others to move them.” Sima You Yue replied. “However, I don’t think this matter would end like this.”

Sima Liu Xuan’s expression became solemn. “There are some instigators behind this who want the world to go into chaos. This time, the incident is not small. The aftermath would become bigger.”

“Sigh, we will eventually become a pawn in other people’s hands.” Sima You Yue sighed.

“Don’t think too much about this. They provoke us first. We’re doing this out of self-protection.” Sima Liu Xuan comforted her. “Besides, there is no absolute right or wrong in this world. We just need to do what is what we believe is right.”

“Mm.” Sima You Yue didn’t feel that she did something wrong either. The matter with the undead was already against heaven not to mention, those people wanted to kill her and her family.

Sure enough, within a few days, they got news again saying that the clans and sects who had been supported by Northern Du Clan had been hit in varying degrees. Although their claims were different, anyone could determine something in such a sensitive time.

Not only that, some forces that participated in the battle at the beginning were more severely injured and their strength was reduced a lot. Their enemies took advantage of the time to destroy their clan.

After these, news of other forces who joined the battle came that one force after another had been destroyed and one after another had fallen.

When Sima You Yue heard these news, she had already returned to the Sima Clan. She couldn’t do anything but sigh.

The outside was changing rapidly and all of this was driven by her hands. It was a domino effect. She pushed the first one, and the other fell down too, which was beyond her control.

What triggered her the most was the news of the appearance of Sky Splitter Devil Sword. A few years ago, no one knew who had the Sky Splitter Devil Sword. After some years of silence, she didn’t expect it to appear again. Because of it, the fighting outside intensified, many people died.

Fortunately, those people only focused on Feng Clan and the Bird Clan. So forces related to Sima You Yue found temporary peace in this troubled time.

“Yue Yue, those people asked for it.” Little Lucky jumped into her arms. “My father said these are caused by human greed. If they are not greedy, humans would fight a lot less.”

“Some are, but some are not. They are forced by circumstances and have to become involved in these matters.” Sima You Yue said emotionally.

“That’s what you humans always say that survival is for the fittest. The strong survive while the weak are eliminated.”

Sima You Yue watched Little Lucky tilted his head as if racking his brain. She smiled and rubbed his head. “The outside world is messy. I don’t know if Li’er and Little Roar are safe outside.”

An Lei, who came in from outside the courtyard, heard her and assured, “Miss, don’t worry. With Little Roar’s personality, would he not contact you if there is danger? Since he has not, it means that they are playing happily!”

Sima You Yue smiled. “You’re right. I am too absorbed in the matter to see clearly.”

“Young Miss is too concerned!” An Lei said.

Sima You Yue admitted. But she still sent a message to Ximen Feng and asked him to send more people to protect Ximen Li.

After finishing this, she told An Lei. “An Lei, I promised you before that I will help you pull out your mother’s grave. We have time now, let’s go take the trip.”

“Young Miss, it’s so chaotic outside. We shouldn’t go out at this time. My mother’s grave can be taken anytime.” An Lei hesitated and refused.

“Are you worried that Eastern Lai Clan would find trouble with me?” Sima You Yue said. “Don’t worry, they can’t move me.”

An Lei looked at her disapprovingly. “Miss, I know Easter Lai Clan better than you. They are not tolerant of betrayal. They already know you killed Eastern Lai Li, and they definitely will find you for revenge!”

“Since you understand Eastern Lai Clan, you should know the fallout with Northern Du Clan is already a gesture. Don’t worry, if they want to talk, we will talk to them. If we can’t discuss, then we will just use force.” Sima You Yue shook her fist. “Alright, you go get ready, I’ll go talk to father.”

Sima Liu Xuan had wanted to go, but something came up in the family, so he had to stay.

From the moment she walked outside the family house, Sima You Yue felt a sudden panic. She subconsciously held her hand over her chest. She couldn’t suppress the inexplicable emotion.

She turned around and looked at the gate of Sima’s house. Her expression was in a daze.

It seemed … after she leaves, she wouldn’t be able to come back….

An Lei saw her expression was amiss. “Young Miss, what’s wrong?”

“I’m fine, let’s go.” Sima You Yue turned away.

At the same time, Sima Liu Xuan who was discussing matters with Sima Zhi Yuan also felt flustered. His heart seemed to have become hollow.

“What’s wrong?” Sima Zhi Yuan asked when he saw his expression drastically change.

Sima Liu Xuan patted his chest. “I feel like something big is about to happen. No, Patriarch, you can leave this to someone else. I want to go with Yue’er.”

Before Sima Zhi Yuan could say anything, he ran out directly. He received information from the gatekeeper that Sima You Yue left a while ago. He hurriedly went after her, and finally with the help from Spirit Master Guild, he caught up with her.

“Father, why are you here?” Sima You Yue blinked, making sure it wasn’t an illusion.

“I talked to your Great Grandfather. I will be going with you.” Sima Liu Xuan said.

“He agreed?”

“I agreed.” Sima Liu Xuan replied. “Let’s go, in the future, don’t think of leaving your Father behind.”

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