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Chapter 1698: Exposed

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The news shocked the entire inner region.

The undead matter was a pain for many forces because the undead were created from their own clansmen who had been slain. Some subordinates’ towns were massacred and their blood drained.

This was also one of the reasons why the Yang Clan was besieged by so many people.

But there was no news of the mastermind. The Yang Clan had also gone into hiding and their whereabouts were unknown. Everything seemed calm for the moment. In fact, the matter had not been resolved. Everyone’s hearts were left hanging.

Now that they finally knew the mastermind behind the entire matter was the Northern Du Clan, everyone was shocked and surprised.

A hidden family who rarely appeared outside would actually do such a thing?

The Northern Du Clan was furious when they learned about this. Obviously, they just had Liu Clan kill that person. How did it end up like this?

“This must be a deliberate set-up from the start!”

“Is it Sima You Yue?”

“It’s very possible. At the beginning, Young Master disappearance was suspected to be related to Sima You Yue. Who else can kill the Young Master besides her? Only she knew the undead was related to us!”

“Sima You Yue!” The Northern Du Clan members gritted their teeth one by one.

If they knew beforehand, they should have killed her directly without caring for the Feng Clan! Then it wouldn’t have turned out like this!

“Now Ouyang and Xuan Qiu Clan are pressuring us step by step. Eastern Lai Clan suddenly had a falling out with us. Now that the matter is out, our situation is even more difficult.”

“What’s going on with Eastern Lai Clan? They obviously know Sima You Yue killed their genius, but they remained indifferent. Are they afraid of Sima You Yue?”

“They are not afraid of Sima You Yue, but Feng Clan and the Bird Clan.”

“This Sima You Yue is simply our nemesis!”

“Patriarch, what should we do now?”

“As far as the matter is, we don’t need to hide it any longer. Since they all know that undead are related to us, then we should use it generously! I don’t believe that with the addition of strength from the undead, we won’t be able to fight against Xuan Qiu and them!”

“I’m afraid it won’t be easy.”

“Patriarch, let me kill Sima You Yue! I can’t restrain this anger anymore!”

“Patriarch, me too! Please allow us to go together.”

“Yes, Patriarch, this thing can’t just be forgotten! We must make Sima You Yue pay the price!”

“Alright, what time is it now! Those forces know the undead are caused by us, and they will definitely make trouble with us. We are already struggling to deal with Ouyang and Xuan Qi Clan. Where do we have time to go find Sima You Yue?”

“Are we just letting her go like this?”

“When this matter is over, we will then deal with her!”

If she was an ordinary person, it would be fine sending some people to deal with her. But she had such a strong background with so many experts protecting her. It was not easy to move her especially when their situation was not optimistic.

Like that, Northern Du Clan temporarily let Sima You Yue go because they couldn’t spare their energy to deal with her.

Few people from outside forces knew of Northern Du Clan’s position. Even with such an exposure, they were not immediately affected. But the Liu Clan in the Sixth State was not so lucky.

How could Wang Clan, Liu Clan’s long time enemy, let just an opportunity go? Soon a group of people gathered and under the pretext of eradicating evil went to find Liu Clan.

It is said that the one who knew you best was not yourself but your enemy. Therefore, Wang Clan understood how many masters and how much strength the Liu Clan had. They naturally brought more than less people. Coupled with the help of those who loathed undead, the Liu Clan couldn’t resist them.

Sima You Yue heard the two sides fought for ten days and ten nights. The entire city was destroyed, and their defense formation lost effectiveness. Countless people died, not only from the Liu Clan but also from the offensive side. In other words, according to Feng Zhi Xing, corpses were everywhere; it was a terrible sight!

Those who stayed alive were in joy. There was no time to pay tribute to the dead. They were already dividing the Liu Clan’s fortune. The speed made her dumbfounded, and she couldn’t help but sighed, “Human nature…”

“Master, why didn’t you take people from Integral Moon Palace to join them?”

“What’s so good about joining in? Even if we go, we will get nothing but petty gains and will be treated as cannon fodder by those big clans. I am not dumb!” Feng Zhi Xing was very sensible. He led people from Integral Moon Place and watched from afar.

At this moment, whoever jumped in was seeking death!

Sima Liu Xuan also understood. As the instigators of this matter, they all become spectators.

Sima You Yue felt pity for the Integral Moon Palace. Even if the Sima Clan was far away from here, it was too far from the Sixty Fourth State for them to benefit. But she knew that Integral Moon Palace’s forces were spread throughout the entire inner region. As long as they intervene, they would definitely get a share.

“You’ve been too high profile lately. I as your Master got to keep a low profile.” Feng Zhi Xing smiled. “Besides, we are not here to investigate this matter for any benefit. We just want to solve the undead matter, so it no longer bothers you.”

Sima You Yue’s heart was moved. “Thank you, Master.”

“I’m your Master. There is no need to thank me.” Feng Zhi Xing chuckled. As he moved to rubbed her head, Sima Liu Xuan slapped it away.

“Don’t touch her.” Sima Liu Xuan glared at him.

“Stingy.” Feng Zhi Xing replied and obediently took his hand back.

“Since the Liu Clan matter is settled. We should return to our family.” Sima You Yue said.

“What about the Northern Du Clan?”

“I received news from Xuan Qiu He two days ago, saying that the Northern Du Clan was originally suppressed by the Ouyang Clan and Xuan Qiu Clan. Eastern Lai Clan suddenly stopped cooperating with them. Although they didn’t help Xuan Qiu Clan, it was enough to give Northern Du Clan a blow. Even if they have the help of undead, Xuan Qiu Clan has already contacted various other forces, using this as an excuse to prepare for the final crusade against Northern Du Clan.” Sima You Yue summarized. “So we do not need to worry about the Northern Du Clan. Someone will take care of them.”

“Mm. An unjust cause finds scant support. Northern Du Clan’s action is against Heaven’s ethics, so naturally there will be someone to clean them up.” Sima Liu Xuan nodded.

“Sigh, you go back. I still want to watch the excitement.” Feng Zhi Xing declined.

“Master, what are you going to do?”

“Of course, I’m going to collect benefits! I will never go back empty handed when I return to the Integral Moon Palace.” Feng Zhi Xing said. “I didn’t go before because I didn’t want to be cannon fodder. Now, it’s time to make a move.”

Sima You Yue was relieved. She thought he would really give up such a good opportunity!

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