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Chapter 1691: Banquet (2)

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The servant girl behind Xu Mo Li lowered her eyes to block the fluctuation in her eyes.

“Poisoning?” Yuan Qing chuckled, “Xu Mo Li, there have been too many people whom I have poisoned in my life. This has nothing to do with my Eldest Sister! You want to use this to provoke our relationship? Hmph, it’s useless.”

“Really? You poisoned them yourself, or you were instigated by your Eldest Sister to poison them, can that be the same? Of course, when you usually poison those people, those are the ones whom you can afford to provoke. But some people aren’t anyone you can provoke.” Xu Mo Li looked at her in a manner as if she was saying ‘look, how nice I am to point it out to you’.

“Xu Mo Li, what do you mean!” Yuan Li Li shouted, “Third Sister, this Xu Mo Li has always been unable to say good things, so we shouldn’t care about her.”

Xu Mo Li curled her lips, and said, “You know, your Eldest Sister invited Sima You Yue.”

Hearing this name, Yuan Qing’s body froze for a moment, but Xu Mo Li still caught it. She smiled even more and looked at Yuan Qing regretfully: “Look, I said you can’t afford to provoke this person, right? But when you were instigated by your Eldest Sister to give Yu Ke Luo the Drunk Poison Flower, you wouldn’t have ever imagined that she would give birth to such a heaven-defying daughter? Yuan Yu Qiu invited Yu Ke Luo’s daughter because she wanted to see her sweetheart, Yuan Qing. Do you know what you will face?”

“Impossible! Even if Sima You Yue is very powerful, it is impossible for her to know that I was the one who administered the poison!” Yuan Qing vehemently denied this.

“Third Sister!” Yuan Yu Qiu immediately roared at Yuan Qing, not allowing her to continue.

“Yuan Yu Qiu, why are you doing this!” Xu Mo Li shrugged, “While letting your own sister poison Yu Ke Luo, yet on the other hand treating Sima You Yue in a flattering manner… Hey, even I can’t stand it. You say, if she knew that you were the main mastermind behind it all, what would she do to you? Well, at least Sima Liu Xuan would definitely not look at you again, maybe he would even kill you personally.”

“She won’t know.” Yuan Yu Qiu sneered.

“That’s not necessarily true. I heard that she went to Chu Xuan’s place and I got the poison from Chu Xuan. She will definitely come to me.” Xu Mo Li smiled very proudly, “As long as I tell her that I gave you the poison, wouldn’t she know it?”

“You are right. She will know that you got the Drunk Poison Flower from Chu Xuan, but she won’t know that you gave it to us. Because you can’t get out of this place alive today!” Yuan Yu Qiu snorted coldly, “Come!”

A group of guards rushed in from the outside, not only that, the outside courtyard and the roof were full of people.

Xu Mo Li swirled the teacup in her hand and she didn’t panic when she saw the guards surround her.

“Yuan Yu Qiu, you really had to make me say it. You invited me to come, it’s definitely a weasel giving a New Year’s greeting to the rooster. I knew there was nothing good behind this farce. Beforethis, you still pretended this and that but after I mentioned the matter of poisoning, you dropped all pretense.” Xu Mo Li chided, she gave a long sigh and continued, “Yuan Yu Qiu, do you know? This part of you is really abominable.”

“I don’t know this, but I know, you can’t live here alive today!”

“Ah, you are really careful enough. Not only did you arrange so many people, you also poisoned me. Ah, my stomach hurts!” She covered her belly with one hand and threw the teacup on the ground.

“Xu Mo Li, knowing that this is your last feast, you still dare to swagger over. I can only say that you are stupid.” Yuan Qing laughed.

“I didn’t expect that you would use such abusive methods. However, your sister here is just teasing you, don’t believe anything.” Xu Mo Li straightened her body, where were there any signs of poisoning.

“You are not poisoned? Didn’t you drink the tea?”

“Yuan Li Li, why are you so mindless? You can poison me, but can’t I dispel it? Knowing that you sisters are up to no good, of course I came prepared.” Xu Mo Li enjoyed seeing the appearance of Yuan Clan sisters jumping about with anger. And she was immediately in a great mood.

“You played me!” Yuan Qing suddenly attacked, and a red flame leapt at them. The distance was so close, no one expected her to attack suddenly, and it was too late to condense a protective layer.

And the other guards didn’t care about anything else and immediately attacked Xu Mo Li and the others together. For a while, all sorts of colours exploded all around them.

Very soon, they could feel that they were on the brink of their demise.

“Sister, if I knew that Xu Mo Li was so easy to deal with, why did we prepare so many people to deal with her!” Yuan Qing said contemptuously, despising Xu Mo Li very much.

People who had been fighting with her Eldest Sister for hundreds of years weren’t anything to be afraid of!

But Yuan Yu Qiu frowned. Xu Mo Li’s behavior was too abnormal just now, and she didn’t have any worries at all, which made her feel a little flustered suddenly.

“Eldest Sister, what’s the matter?” Yuan Li Li asked when she saw that her expression was wrong.

“Stop the attack.” Yuan Yu Qiu ordered, and the people stopped immediately.

The spiritual skills gradually dissipated, but Xu Mo Li and the others still stood in place.

“Spatial Lock!” Yuan Yu Qiu recognized it all at once, no wonder those attacks were useless, because they didn’t come into contact with them at all!

“How could that be! How could you seal off such a large area of ​​space!” Yuan Qing was also an array master and could also seal off space, but she could only seal off the space of three or five people instead of a dozen people like this.

Such a large Spatial Lock, even Yuan Yu Qiu could not do it!

Xu Mo Li smiled at their sluggish appearance, clapped her hands and stood up, “Your spiritual skills just now were so colourful, so beautiful.”

“Xu Mo Li, how did you do it?” Yuan Qing exclaimed, “No, it’s impossible, you don’t have that ability.”

“I don’t have that ability.” Xu Mo Li admitted readily, “Well, didn’t I say that they were the ones who administered the poison?”

Yuan Yu Qiu was taken aback, this was not said to them, it could only be…

The body of the servant girl behind Xu Mo Li slowly changed, and her appearance and breath became Sima You Yue.

“How could it be you!” The Yuan Clan looked at her in surprise.

“It turned out to be you. No wonder even though it’s such a large area, the Spatial Lock is still so stable.” Yuan Yu Qiu understood in her heart, she knew that she had fallen into the ploy of them both.

“I have agreed with Senior Xu. If the poison was not related to the Yuan Clan, I will not take care of the affairs between the both of you. If you were the person who administered the poison back then, I will guarantee her to leave safely.” Sima You Yue said quietly. “Yuan Yu Qiu, today is not just the matter between you and her, we have to also settle the accounts of that year. My Mother treated you sincerely, but you treated her as such. As her child, I will avenge my Mother today! ”

After that, she leapt and protected her body with spiritual power, and directly smashed the roof. She stood in mid-air, looking at Yuan Yu Qiu who followed out.

She opened the Little Realm and Sima’s Cloud Guards and the Feng Clan came out, and she also called out a few spirit beasts as well.


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