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Chapter 1692: Seeking revenge for her mother

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As soon as the Feng Clan came out, Yuan Yu Qiu knew that the matter had been blown up. If Sima You Yue didn’t know what happened back then, it was still fine. But she had to discover it at this time and even had an agreement with Xu Mo Li.

Today’s matter, it was hard to salvage!

The movement here was quickly discovered by people outside, and many people ran nearby to watch the excitement.

“Yuan Yu Qiu, my Mother was so kind to you back then and even treated you as a sister. But because you were jealous that my Mother was able to be with my Father, you poisoned her! You almost killed her. Not only that, the poison was passed down to her baby. For me, my meridians were blocked and I couldn’t cultivate. Until now, you still tried to bluff me and even want to use me to garner my Father’s attention. Today, I want to ask for an explanation for my Mother and the sufferings I had experienced in the past!” Sima You Yue listed out Yuan Yu Qiu’s crimes out one by one in a clear and loud voice that resounded afar.

Those who watched the excitement were still wondering why did Sima You Yue suddenly attack the Yuan Clan, but no one expected such grievances from the past to surface.

“Aunt Xiang, I must avenge my Mother today. So, don’t let the Yuan Clan disturb.” Sima You Yue said to Feng Xiang.

Feng Xiang understood and immediately, a barrier was arranged to isolate the entire courtyard, even if the Yuan Clan came over, they would not be able to enter.

“Yuan Yu Qiu, today I will help my Mother end this all.” She then made some signs with both hands in a swift and fluid manner and very soon, a fire phoenix manifested before her. At first, it was a small one. It was flapping its wings in the air. Its body grew stronger, and it turned into a giant bird in a few breaths of time.


The Firebird soared towards Yuan Yu Qiu and at this time, Yuan Yu Qiu’s spiritual skills had also been completed. A huge snow wolf stood ajestically before her. One fire and one ice, the two spiritual skills collided violently in the air, and the power radiated made the people around them seem to be plunged into the deep water.

Yuan Yu Qiu had never placed Sima You Yue in her eyes before and the most was that she felt that she had some background. So this move would definitely be the her Snow Wolf’s victory, but she didn’t expect that the Firebird was not killed by the Snow Wolf and dissipate. Instead, the two sides were evenly matched.

“How is this possible?!” She yelled in surprise when she saw the condition her Snow Wolf was in and she suddenly understood.

“Yes, the Sima Clan’s fusion technique can improve your strength. But even so, you aren’t my opponent at all!”

“Well, you can give it a try!” After she said that, Sima You Yue swiftly did another set of signs with both hands again, and a short sword appeared before her. Then the second, third, and fourth…When she was over, hundreds of short swords appeared and shot towards Yuan Yu Qiu together.


Yuan Yu Qiu took out a long white sash and waved it to disperse all the short swords. At the same time, with a wave of the other hand, an ice lotus attacked Sima You Yue and interrupted her.

When Sima You Yue saw the ice lotus, she felt the majestic power inside, and immediately avoided it as she did a flip and the ice lotus swept under her.

Her body was totally unscathed.

“Are you a body refiner?” Yuan Yu Qiu was a little surprised.

“That’s right.” After Sima You Yue finished speaking, she teleported and appeared next to Yuan Yu Qiu, giving up battling with her spirit power and directly engaged in closed range attacks.

She could see that even if she added the power of the contract beast fusion, it was no better than Yuan Yu Qiu’s spiritual power, so she gave this up and turned to closed range attacks.

However, what surprised her was that Yuan Yu Qiu actually was strong. Although her movements were not as fast as hers, her strength was not weak. She didn’t suffer a lot when the two were fighting together.

Fortunately, Sima You Yue was agile and has a higher perception of space than her, so overall she was still suppressed. The two used teleportation and everyone only saw the two appearing here for a while and hitting twice, then appearing in another place and hitting a few times. After a few seconds, the two disappeared again, and when they appeared again, they were in another place.

The people of the Yuan Clan hurried over when they heard the movement here. Seeing Yuan Yu Qiu, who was being pushed by Sima You Yue step by step, as well as those guards who were killed without any heed, the Yuan Clan’s Patriarch’s heart was hurting!

“Sima You Yue, don’t think that you have the Yuan Clan behind you, and people in this world will let you oppress you! We kindly invited you to join the Glazed Gathering. You actually killed my family members. I’d like to ask the Feng Clan what the reason is!” The Yuan Clan Patriarch was blocked outside by the barrier and couldn’t get in, so he could only do something in a hurry outside.

“Patriarch Yuan, if we really want to destroy your Yuan Clan, we won’t just kill your daughter.” Someone from the Feng Clan shouted, “Your Yuan Clan deceives people too much, even if you want to speak reasonably in front of our Master, you won’t have anything good happen!”

“What do you mean?” The Patriarch of the Yuan Clan was shocked. Could it be that something happened to the family that he didn’t know?

“Uncle Yuan, don’t you know that Yuan Yu Qiu poisoned Sima You Yue’s Mother?” Xu Mo Li stood on the edge of the barrier and said with a smile: “Sima You Yue’s Mother’s relationship with your daughter was good, but your daughter in turn poisoned others. Not to mention, her Mother was pregnant with her then and was poisoned with Drunk Poison Flower. For humans, one won’t be able to live past half a year, but she is from the Ghost Clan so not only did she survive, but also gave birth to Sima You Yue. However, the poison also transferred to Sima You Yue’s infant body and caused her meridians to be blocked. She couldn’t cultivate for more than ten years, and she was bullied by others and snubbed as a waste for more than ten years.”

“How could Qiu’er…” Yuan Clan Patriarch didn’t believe it. If it was Yuan Qing and the others, he might still think it was possible, but Yuan Yu Qiu, he didn’t believe it.

“Uncle Yuan, Yuan Yu Qiu have confessed it personally.” Xu Mo Li said, “Otherwise, why do you think Sima You Yue would fight her personally?”

Seeing the Yuan Clan Patriarch’s look of disbelief, Xu Mo Li continued to poke holes in his heart: “Uncle Yuan, You Yue said just now, she only asked Yuan Yu Qiu and the others to settle the accounts, and would not be implicated in the Yuan Clan. But if the Yuan Clan insists on opposing her… If that is the case, then she will not be soft. She will not give up her hatred. So, Uncle Yuan, you have to consider the entire family clan!”

The Yuan Clan’s Patriarch and the elders behind them were all pale. After the Feng Clan killed the guards of the Yuan Clan, they stood in all directions to protect Sima You Yue. If she encountered any danger, they could respond and protect her first hand. Didn’t that protective posture show her importance to the Feng Clan and they meant to protect her all the way?

As the Patriarch of the Yuan Clan, he had to think about the family as a whole. Even if Yuan Yu Qiu and the rest were his biological daughters, he could not sacrifice the whole family to save her.

What’s more, they couldn’t enter this barrier at all. When Sima You Yue came out, everything would have been concluded. He can’t drag the entire clan in exchange for a daughter who would be deemed dead!

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