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Chapter 1690: Banquet (1)

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At the same time, in Yuan Yu Qiu’s room, several black robed men knelt on one knee.

“Did you find it?” Yuan Yu Qiu’s voice remained as indifferent as before. In this world, no one except Sima Liu Xuan can see her gentle side. But the one who can see it doesn’t even bother to look at it.

“Young Miss, Sima You Yue went to find Chu Xuan.” The leader of the black robed men reported.

“Chu Xuan…” Yuan Yu Qiu gritted her teeth and whispered her name. The hateful woman who was like a fishbone getting stuck in her throat. She could neither swallow nor pull it out, and yet she still had to linger under her nose all this while.

“Yes, she went to Chu Xuan’s medicine store and stayed for most of the day.” The black robed man said.

“I see. Is the Falcon Plan ready?”

“It’s ready. This time, none of the Xu Clan can escape!”

“Advance the plan, there’s no need to wait for the Glazed Gathering. Just carry it out in these two days. In addition, send people to pay attention and not to let Sima You Yue and Xu Mo Li meet.”

“Young Miss, would it be too hasty if the plan is advanced?”

“Isn’t three days not enough time for you to deploy?” Yuan Yu Qiu shouted, “If you don’t have this ability, what else would I do with you?”

“Young Miss, calm down, the humble one is just worried that there will be some omissions in advance, if it fails, we can’t bear the blame from above.”

“You just do what I said. I will arrange the others.” Yuan Yu Qiu said coldly, “As for other things, you don’t have to worry about it. Go ahead and arrange it.”

Seeing that the persuasion was ineffective, those people had no choice but to withdraw.

Yuan Yu Qiu got up, came to the window, looked at the full moon in the sky, and muttered: “You must not let the two meet, you must not!”

On Xu Mo Li’s side, although Kangmar City was not their territory, she still got the news before dark the next day, and she was so angry that she broke the vase.

“Hmph! Yuan Yu Qiu! This time we will see who is the one who will perish!”

Over the next three days, the people in the city were doing their own things peacefully. Sima You Yue only heard that Yuan Yu Qiu had sent an invitation to Xu Mo Li three days later, asking her to meet on the eve of the Glazed Gathering.

It’s not just her, everyone else who participated in the Glazed Gathering has heard of this, and some people were a little unhappy, because according to the custom of the past, they were to be invited together on the night before. Now only Xu Mo Li has been invited, and those people will inevitably think more about it.

When Sima You Yue saw Ru Shui still talking about how other people were upset, she just smiled faintly and returned back.

Ru Shui left her courtyard, but did not move away, always paying attention to her room and not letting her leave the courtyard.

She has always felt the breath of Sima You Yue, so she thought that Sima You Yue was always there.

The place where Xu Mo Li feasted was still in the other courtyard last time. Xu Mo Li took the servant girl and the guards to the appointment. Seeing a dozen people behind, Yuan Yu Qiu sneered at the corner of his mouth.

Come or not come today, these people are all going to die.

“Yuan Yu Qiu, you called me at this time, didn’t you specially invite me to join the Glazed Gathering?” Xu Mo Li walked to the seat and sat down, and the servant girls and guards all stood behind her.

“Why can’t I invite you to the Glazed Gathering?” Yuan Yu Qiu waved, and a servant girl served her tea immediately. “We have known each other for hundreds of years, but you have never participated in my Glazed Gathering. You have such a talent in alchemy, it would be a shame not to come to give pointers to those younger generations.”

Sneer— Xu Mo Li rolled her eyes and retorted. “This mouth of yours still hasn’t changed one bit. You don’t often speak the truth, but this time you finally said something right. We have known each other for hundreds of years. So that’s why I am like a tapeworm in your stomach. As soon as you move your butt, I know that you are going to poop or pee.”

“Xu Mo Li, we haven’t seen each other for so many years, you still speak so vulgarly.” As if dissatisfied with her description, Yuan Yu Qiu frowned, disgust flashed across her face.

“Yuan Yu Qiu, I’m actually very friendly to people. Unless the target is not a person, then I’m not polite.” Xu Mo Li lifted her legs and looked at her with a smile.

“Young Miss Xu, please have tea.” The servant girl came with a cup of tea and put it next to her.

“Talking to you makes me tired, and it makes my mouth dry.” Xu Mo Li finished speaking, took a sip, then put the teacup down and continued: “Yuan Yu Qiu, we don’t need to talk about the fake politeness we have. Yes. Tell me directly, what are you looking for?”

“I heard, you got the Seven Wonders Exquisite Array Pattern?”

“That’s right. You want it?” Xu Mo Li saw Yuan Yu Qiu’s face a little excited, her conversation turned, “You want it, but I don’t want to give it.”

“Your Xu Clan is a family of alchemy, and it’s useless to keep the Seven Wonders Exquisite Array Pattern. My Yuan Clan has studied a lot of battle arrays. If you are willing to give this formation to us, my Yuan Clan will definitely offer a treasure of the same value in return.” Yuan Yu Qiu said.

“A treasure of the same value? Yuan Yu Qiu, what can you bring out to change it? Let’s say even if you have it, I don’t want to change it!” Xu Mo Li said, “Hey, don’t be angry. Don’t you know I just like to see you gnashing your teeth, full of hate. You want to kill me but can’t kill me – that is the classic look of yours and my favourite one as well.”

The servant girl standing behind her twitched the corners of her mouth. What horror was she spewing out!

“Xu Mo Li! I’m talking to you properly, don’t make me angry!” Yuan Yu Qiu smacked the table and shouted sharply.

“Yuan Yu Qiu, what are you doing shouting so loudly.” Xu Mo Li dug her ears, “My ears are very good. I can hear you without saying so loudly.”

Yuan Yu Qiu took two deep breaths, suppressing the raging fire from within and finally uttered: “I came to you today to discuss with you, not to fight with you.”

“I know you are discussing it with me, but didn’t I just reject you? I said I won’t change at all, what else do you want to discuss? You will never do those things like robbing, right? It doesn’t conform to your Eldest Miss Yuan’s style.” Xu Mo Li said, “However, you are always playing tricks behind your back. Don’t tell me that you want to do something shameless and scheme to get hold of my array pattern?”

“Xu Mo Li, my sister won’t scheme against you! It’s because you aren’t worthy!” Yuan Qing and Yuan Li Li walked in from outside, saw Xu Mo Li, and snorted coldly.

“Really? Yuan Qing, do you just defend Yuan Yu Qiu like this? You think she deserves your kindness to her? I don’t know if you know those things and would think so.” Xu Mo Li looked at Yuan Qing amused.

“What do you mean?! Do you want to provoke the relationship between my Eldest Sister and I?” Yuan Qing jumped angrily, and immediately reacted.

“What do you mean? Literally!” Xu Mo Li said, “Didn’t you help Yuan Yu Qiu do a lot of things that her identity cannot do? For example… poisoning others.”

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