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Chapter 1666: Source of calamity

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In three months, the members of Paramount Valley were hunted down in the inner regions many times. Fortunately, Heartbreak Valley sent some elites over as they were afraid that the power that they had painstakingly built up in the inner region would be destroyed.

Liang Wu Ming personally brought men to the inner regions along with Sima You Yue. They went to the quarters in the inner regions and saw Bi Sheng and Liu Liang Cai.

“Valley Master, Deputy Valley Master, why did you guys come here personally?” Bi Sheng looked at them with curiosity.

“What’s the situation?” Sima You Yue questioned.

“It’s not good.” Bi Sheng continued, “We lost three hundred disciples in three months.”

“The undead are very powerful. We were already guarded but still couldn’t run away from their attacks.” Liu Liang Cai sighed, “Now we’ve asked the disciples to come back and avoid going out.”

“Mm, it’s good that you asked them to come back. Don’t let anyone out for the next few months. Close the shops as well. The Yang Clan won’t have the energy to care about us after two months.” Sima You Yue was rather angry as she narrowed her eyes. Those who knew her knew that those people were in trouble.

“Do you have a plan?” Bi Sheng felt relieved after seeing her.

Sima You Yue smiled, “You’ll know after two months.”

In the two months, a few undead were seen in the inner region. Many strong disciples from strong forces or clans were killed by the undead. The method was the same as how Paramount Valley’s disciples were killed.

They knew how it was like when they first attacked Paramount Valley as it was the same. It was predicted that they would seek revenge as Sima You Yue caused such a big problem for the Yang Clan. Now that they saw it was the same method, those people would eventually think that it was the Yang Clan’s doing.

Especially those sects with some of them who managed to escape and went back to report to the sect that the one who led the team was a Clan Elder from Yang Clan.

The Sect Master was so angry that he smashed the table and said in hatred, “We didn’t deal with the Yang Clan, how dare the Yang Clan attack us! Go and get some Clan Elders over here!”

As time passed, the Yang Clan was catching their breath from fighting with the big forces and lost quite a few people in a few months. The people those forces sent were not people that Paramount Valley’s disciple could match up with. They could eliminate them altogether even if they saw the undead.

With all these spreading around, everyone was sure about the undead that Yang Clan had. Some of the forces that weren’t even set up also joined in as they were afraid that Yang Clan would make the first move.

The pressure Yang Clan faced increased, and they left their capital land at Sixteen State and went into hiding. All these things happened in just a year after Sima You Yue went back to the inner regions.

Sima You Yue was satisfied with the result that Yang Clan couldn’t attack Paramount Valley for the time being.

“Boss, your method of setting them up is great!” Feng Kai was smiling brightly.

Liang Wu Ming went back to Paramount Valley as he got his ten brothers to come to the inner regions to help Bi Sheng and Liu Liang Cai to redevelop the work in the inner region.

“But this method can only be used by Boss.” You Si continued, “It would be impossible to trap the Yang Clan if Boss couldn’t change into another form and control the undead.”

“That’s why Boss is so powerful!” Ni An Yi was full of admiration for her.

“The Yang Clan is only in hiding.” Sima You Yue was happy but she didn’t forget, “I think other forces will join in.”

“Other forces?”

“Northern Du Clan will eventually get other clans to do this if they can get the Yang Clan to do that. The Yang Clan is not the only one with ambitions.”

“That’s right, if the source is not exterminated, the undead will continue to go on. At least we’re out of danger.”

They wouldn’t have so much pressure on them.

“Winning or losing doesn’t matter. The Yang Clan’s power increased because of the undead but they had to hide because of the undead as well.” Bi Sheng sighed.

Everyone sighed, if the Yang clan wasn’t the only one who had the undead, Sima You Yue’s method of framing others wouldn’t work like that.

“Where do you think the Yang Clan has hidden?” Dai Yi asked.

“Where else? They’ll hide at Northern Du Clan.” Feng Kai said confidently.

Since the Yang Clan and Northern Du Clan were tied together, the Northern Du Clan wouldn’t want to give up on a chess piece like them. Afterall, Yang Clan had the most control of the undead and others didn’t know that they were the mastermind of all these.

Sima You Yue and the rest knew that they wouldn’t let anyone know for now. They could still deal with the Yang Clan, but if Hidden Families were involved, no one in the continent could touch them as there wasn’t any solid evidence.

And in this period of time, Northern Du could make Paramount disappear on the Continent!

They had to possess substantial evidence to implicate the Northern Du Clan but it wouldn’t be enough with just Northern Du Hao.

“Alright, the matter of the Yang Clan stops here, now, your mission will be to develop the power in the inner regions. Keep a close watch on the undead.” Sima You Yue ordered.

“We got it.”

If the Yang Clan attacked Paramount Valley, they wouldn’t care if they didn’t use the undead. But once they used the undead, the whole Continent would be able to trace them from there.

There were many enemies of the Yang Clan!

As Sima You Yue was discussing about the Yang Clan, the Northern Du Clan was also discussing Sima You Yue.

“You’re saying that this was done by Sima You Yue?” A man dressed in a black shirt who had a square face sat together with Yang Wei.

“Yes.” Yang Wei nodded confidently. He clenched his fist and said with hatred, “We’ve deduced that Elder Seventh wouldn’t betray the Clan. He must have been threatened to kill those people. If it wasn’t for her, we wouldn’t be chased by so many forces to the extent that we would have to hide.”

“Serves you right!” That man shouted, “What did I tell you previously? Don’t make a move as Sima You Yue is different from others. You guys didn’t listen and tried to kill her just because of little things and exposed yourself because of that. You ruined the whole game of Northern Du! How dare you try to blame others?”

“Elder Hong, calm down.” Yang Wei quickly admitted his fault. At this point of time, they couldn’t afford to provoke the Northern Du Clan. The Yang Clan would be finished if they abandoned them!

“We’ve made preparations for a few decades and success was right in front of us, but the whole game was lost because of you guys! The Clan is already blaming you! If it wasn’t for the little use you guys had, without those people, we’ll eliminate you guys first!”

“Yes, yes, yes.” Yang Wei nodded profusely while going along.


After a moment of silence, Yang Wei asked again, “I wonder if the clan has any news of Young Master?”

“Not yet.” Elder Hong glared at him and said, “What are you trying to say?”

“I’m just thinking that this might be related to Sima You Yue as well.”

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