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Chapter 1667: These people cannot be left alive!

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Elder Hong glared at Yang Wei for a long time and thought about how he pulled Sima You Yue. He wondered whether or not it was because he had just that bit of grievance against her.

However, Yang Wei did not avoid his inquiring look as he continued, “As for this issue, I feel like there is a possibility that she was the one who did it.”

“Why so?”

“Young Master and Eastern Lai Clan’s Young Miss, Eastern Lai Li, went to participate in the Crimson Pearl Convention together but both did not return. Eastern Lai Li’s name jade has already shattered, and it happened a few days after the Crimson Pearl Convention. As for Young Master, he also went missing during that time. That’s why something must have happened to them.” Yang Wei speculated.

“You’re right. Based on what those people who went along said, they did disappear at the same time.” Elder Hong nodded.

“And at that time, Sima You Yue had also gone to the Lost Place to look for her master and teacher.” Yang Wei said, “They were all in the Lost Place and Young Master and Eastern Lai Li went missing and died. Although Young Master has not interacted with Sima You Yue before, that isn’t the case for Eastern Lai Li.”

At that time, many people attended Ximen Feng’s wedding and news that Sima You Yue had gone to the Lost Place had spread. The Northern Du clan even knew that she had participated in the Crimson Pearl Convention back then.

Yang Wei didn’t need to finish his sentence. It was not impossible for Northern Du Hao to have accompanied Eastern Lai Li to go and kill Sima You Yue.

“However, Young Master brought so many undead with him. How could Sima You Yue have managed to turn the situation around and kill them instead?

By saying this, it was a tacit acceptance that Sima You Yue had something to do with Northern Du Hao’s disappearance.

“Elder Hong, have you forgotten Sima You Yue’s identity? She is a child of a human and a ghost clansman. Her blood definitely has the bloodline of the ghost clan. Furthermore, that person was even the princess of the ghost clan. If she has the bloodline of the ghost clan, those undead probably wouldn’t be useful against her. Also, she is very powerful.”

“Men, come!” Elder Hong cried out. A guard entered and he instructed him, “Send men to dig up information about Sima You Yue for me to inspect. Leave no stone unturned. I want to know everything.”

“Understood, Elder.”

“Elder, there is no need to trouble them. I have a copy of her information.” Yang Wei took out a thick stack of papers and handed it to Elder Hong. “Actually, we want to deal with Sima You Yue not only because of that but also because this person has to be wiped out. If we wait for her to grow stronger, will we even have a place left for us?”

Elder Hong took out that piece of information and took a look. The more he read, the more shocked he became.

He always thought that Sima You Yue was merely a Young Miss from a little power. He had never paid any attention to her. He didn’t expect her to have done so many surprising things.

Yang Wei saw that his expression had changed and he continued, “In actual fact, it’s not that we were rash. At that time, the people that we had sent out were enough to kill a few monarch ranked experts, but she was completely unharmed. What does this say? The undead are not useful against her at all! If my guess is right, she has ghost aura in her and has also managed to control some undead. That is why no matter how many undead Young Master had to protect him, he would not have been able to defeat her. Also-”

Speaking up to this point, he stopped and looked pointedly at Elder Hong.

“Just tell me whatever guesses you have.” Elder Hong said impatiently.

“If Young Master really did activate those undead, based on how intelligent she is, she will probably have guessed that the Northern Du Clan is the one controlling the undead behind the scenes.” Yang Wei said.

Elder Hong’s hands trembled, “How accurate do you think your guess is?”

“Ninety percent.” Yang Wei said, “If, at this point in time, she spreads the word about this, the Northern Du Clan…”

“Take your clansmen and wait here. You are not to cause trouble outside. I’ll go and look for Patriarch!” Elder Hong said as he stood up and hurriedly left.

Yang Wei watched as he left in a hurry and laughed soundlessly.

Sima You Yue, Sima You Yue. When faced with the secret clan, do you still have the assurance of victory?

Whatever decision the Northern Du Clan decided to make was not something that he could influence. However, he believed that with this news, the Northern Du Clan definitely wouldn’t ignore Sima You Yue. Just the fact that she knew about the link between the Northern Du Clan and the undead was reason enough to kill her!

Thinking about Sima You Yue’s possible outcome eased the strain on his heart quite a bit.

And, just as he suspected, the news really aggravated the entire higher ranks of the Northern Du Clan. They gathered together to discuss how to deal with this.

“This Sima You Yue cannot be left alive!”

This sentiment was shared by all the Northern Du Clansmen.

However, when it came to deciding what to do, the opinions started to differ.

“Since the undead are useless against her, we cannot use this method. Right now, she has not yet announced this to the public because she has no evidence. If we send our undead to kill her, isn’t that as good as delivering the evidence directly into her hands?”

“That’s right. It would be best if they didn’t appear in the meantime. That way, we won’t draw attention to ourselves.”

“It would be best not to target her alone. In my opinion, we should eradicate the entire Sima Clan.”

“That can be done. Because of the Yang Clan, the Paramount Valley’s position is rather special. If we attack them now, we will end up attracting unnecessary trouble. However, the Sima Clan has always been lowkey. If we kill the Sima Clan, they won’t link it back to us. The best would be to find an arch-nemesis of the Sima Clan. If they don’t have one, we can just make one.”

“They do have an arch-nemesis.” Elder Hong took out a piece of paper, “At that time, when Sima You Yue returned to her Sim Clan, the Sima Clan used the opportunity to exterminate a clan. Although many died back then, some small fish escaped. We just have to make use of this well.”

“Alright, we’ll leave this issue to Elder Hong.” Patriarch Northern Du said, “Also, spread the word that Eastern Lai Li was killed by Sima You Yue. I’m thinking that the Eastern Lai Clan will not sit around and do nothing.”

“Patriarch, Eastern Lai Li has already died. Should we continue with our previous arrangement with the Eastern Lai Clan?”

“Of course we have to continue. Right now, we need the Eastern Lai Clan to serve as our shield.” Patriarch Northern Du said.

“Patriarch, about the undead…”

“Our chess piece, the Yang Clan, is useless now. We can only abandon them. We have to nurture another clan from the beginning to take the place of the Yang Clan.” Patriarch Northern Du said, “We have already chosen this clan, so you just need to teach them how to control the undead. It’s a good thing that a large half of our undead are still remaining and we do not have to use another few tens of years to make the preparations.”

“Patriarch is wise.”

Sima You Yue did not know what decision the Northern Du Clan had come to, but because it would be her Great Grandfather’s one thousand and two hundredth birthday soon and there was nothing much to do in Paramount Valley, she decided to return to the Sima Clan.

When she returned to the clan, she found that something felt off. Every single one of them had ashen faces. She looked at Sima Liu Xuan, who shrugged and said, “We have always been with you, so how could we know what happened in the clan? We’ll know once we meet the Patriarch.”

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