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Chapter 1665: You’re capable of framing others!

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The Yang Clan’s power had increased by so much. No one knew how many undead they had created, as they couldn’t even touch their foundation even if they joined forces to attack them.

“Why are the powers of the undead much stronger than when they are alive?” Ni An Yi questioned.

“The aura of the undead can actually resist some spiritual energy. Your Spirit Skill will eventually be weaker than theirs. In addition, poison was added in while they were being grown so they have poison in them, and they will poison others if others are not careful enough. It also increases the power of corrosion. Moreover, they are already dead so they won’t feel any pain. As long as they don’t get decapitated into pieces, they will continue to attack. This is an extreme fight, can you do it? If you can’t, you’ll lose out on this part.” Sima You Yue analyzed.

“It’s no wonder why the Yang Clan and Northern Du Clan would come up with the idea of the undead.”

Anyone would fall for it since it gave them such an advantage. Afterall, it was faster than nurturing a person since they just wanted to kill people.

“Boss, how did you get hold of the undead? How are you able to control them?” Dai Yi asked.

“I stole it from the Yang Clan.” Sima You Yue answered.

“Damn Boss, you’re so daring! You actually stole the Yang Clan’s undead. How did you do it? If that’s the case, we should just steal all of their undead!” Dai Yi said smilingly.

Sima You Yue rolled her eyes at him, “Wouldn’t Yang Clan be doing it for nothing if it’s so easy to steal?”

“Didn’t you steal it the other time? Come to speak of it, Boss, how many did you steal?”

“Not much, around ten thousand.” Sima You Yue casually said as she didn’t want to shock everyone.

“Ten thousand? Damn, Boss, are you cleaning them out?” You Si cried out.

“Ahem, I took all the ones I saw.” Sima You Yue lightly touched her nose.

“No wonder they were panicking, It turns out all the undead they made were stolen by you. Boss, if you can control so many undead, you’ll be the King of Walking Undead!”

“King of the Undead, your ass!” Sima You Yue slapped Ni An Yi’s head, “Undead shouldn’t be exposed, I will become their enemy if they knew I have undead here!”

“Dumbass, Boss has people around her while she’s out, why does she need the undead?”

“Hehe, true.”

“You’re stupid!” Feng Kai knocked on Ni An Yi’s head, “But it’s not that Boss can’t utilise them. She can still use them as a trap or something.”

Sima You Yue, “…”

“Let’s go back. Dismiss all the disciples.” Liang Wu Ming said as he brought everyone back.

“Shi Chen, bring An Yi back to rest.” Sima You Yue told Shi Chen.

Ni An Yi was injured badly, he was still weak even though he had taken an antidote earlier. Shi Chen nodded in response while he helped An Yi back.

Back at the conference room, everyone had a stern facial expression. The battle with the undead made them feel like the situation was rather thorny.

“Don’t be like that! Nothing has happened yet.” Sima You Yue looked at everyone helplessly.

“The Yang Clan is so hard to deal with and you have vengeance with them as well. Now that they have their eye on us, we’ll have to fight with them sooner or later.” Ximen Feng said.

The news of the Yang Clan growing undead was spread, and Sima You Yue’s contribution to that couldn’t go unnoticed. Everyone knew that this was exposed because she exposed it. If their grudge from the past was only a little bit, the hatred of Yang Clan towards her would be much more now.

Previously, they tried all ways to kill her because of little things. Now that it had grown, there was no way for both sides to save the relationship.

“You guys are thinking too much.” Sima You Yue broke into laughter while shaking her head, “If they sent people to kill me, I’d have Feng Clan’s protection. As for the undead, it’s much easier.”

“Why?” Dai Yi asked.

“Because Boss is born to be an arch nemesis to the undead.” Feng Kai continued, “Those undead wouldn’t dare to go near Vermilion Flame or even Heavenly Lightning. And Boss can control the undead. She will definitely have a way to deal with the undead.”

Sima You Yue glanced at him with a look that appraised him for being smart and said, “So, you guys don’t have to worry about me. Instead, I’m worried that they will do anything to the people in the Valley.”

This was still a troublesome problem!

“We’ll try to get everyone to stay safe.”

Sima You Yue went silent for a while and said, “Actually, this problem can be solved.”

“What kind of sly idea do you have in mind now?”

Sima You Yue, “….”

Since when did she come out with sly ideas? How could they describe her idea as sly!

Frustrations were just frustrations, she still had to tell them.

“Actually it’s simple. As long as we keep the Yang Clan busy to the extent that they can’t be bothered about us. Don’t they have a lot of forces to deal with? If they still have the energy to deal with us, we’ll just look for a more powerful force for them to deal with. Most forces would feel unconcerned and let matters rest, we’ll then get something for them to do. Feng Kai is right, the undead are not supposed to be exposed, but it’s suitable to use to frame others.” She laughed slyly.


It was indeed a sly idea!

But they loved this sly idea!

“This idea is not bad. This matter will be handed to you if the Yang Clan attacks members of the Valley.” Liang Wu Ming said with a wave as the worry from his face disappeared.

Although there were forces eyeing the Yang Clan, they chose to watch instead. Would they still be calm and do nothing if they were implicated in this?

Sima You Yue’s existence was to control the Yang Clan. Everyone loved the idea of setting them up.

“Alright. Let me know immediately if something happens in the Valley.” Sima You Yue continued, “At the same time, take note of the surroundings of the sect and get them to beware of people in the inner regions. Be careful of Yang Clan members if someone appears nearby.”

“We will.” Ximen Feng nodded.

“I’ll take my leave if there’s nothing else.” Sima You Yue said.

“Go ahead, go ahead. This Vice Valley Master in-name never cares about anything else in the Valley.” Liang Wu Ming whined.

Sima You yue smiled cheekily and left after bowing in greeting. She wasn’t interested in trifle matters!

But things went according to their prediction. Not long after, Paramount Valley members encountered an attack by the undead. They managed to drag it on till the aiding army came, but they couldn’t do anything to the undead and the aiding army was all eliminated as well.

Yang Clan had officially challenged Paramount Valley.

Sima You Yue was enraged upon hearing that a few tens of disciples of the Paramount Valley were killed and took out inner regions’ forces distribution charts and started studying it to look for someone to set up the trap.

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