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Chapter 1589: Stone coffin, illusion

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The stone room was big, but there were not many things inside. Or perhaps, it could be said that because there were only a few things inside there with only a stone coffin lying in the centre, as well as… a skeleton and an iron stick lying beside the coffin.

There was no need to talk about the iron stick. It was likely the other half of Heaven’s Halberd. Because this guy flew out of her hand the moment she entered and landed beside the iron stick immediately.

At the same time, the stone gate slowly began to close. Sima You Yue only now regained her senses and she immediately passed it.

Dangerous… she was almost locked outside.

She patted her chest and looked at Heaven’s Halberd that had already quieted down. Then, she turned around to look at the gate.

Just now, that bout of energy had enveloped her, but she could also sense that she was only able to enter because of Heaven’s Halberd.

Just now, the gate had also immediately started to close once Heaven’s Halberd entered. This proved the point as well.

She walked over and first took the other half of Heaven’s Halberd. It was just like an ordinary metal rod. It was not as close to her as the Heaven’s Halberd, and she really couldn’t tell that it was a quality item.

“Alright, you guys finally meet again. Once my armament skills have reached a good standard, I will help you fuse back together. You can first head back to rest.”

She placed Heaven’s Halberd into her Spirit Pagoda. It was no longer as noisy after finding its other half.

Sima You Yue shook her head. She secretly thought about how it was truly a divine artifact that an emperor had used before. Even if it wasn’t like the Spirit Pagoda that had birthed an Artifact Spirit, it had some form of intelligence.

When she took that iron rod, she had tripped lightly over the skeleton on the ground.

All the way until the person died, the person held onto the rod tightly…

She looked at the dead body on the ground then looked at the coffin. She decided to examine this person first.

How did this person die? There were no lethal weapons on the ground. Looking at its skeleton, it didn’t receive any injury and wasn’t poisoned either. It seemed like the person had died suddenly.

However, she wasn’t sure either. She was not a pathologist and dared not ascertain the cause of death.

However, there was one thing she was sure of. This person’s death definitely had to do with the owner of this tomb.

This stone room was dangerous!

She kept the person’s interspatial ring and wanted to use her divine senses to examine it but discovered that she was trapped outside.

Even though the person had died so many years ago and had become nothing but a skeleton, the person’s divine consciousness did not disappear. When she thought about it, she was shocked.

The person must definitely be very powerful, but he had died without rhyme or reason. This proved that the danger here was even greater than she had thought.

She warily examined around her. The empty room was obvious, and she examined it again. There was no area with a separate space, which meant that there was no mechanism.

She looked around her and her eyes were filled with confusion. Then, she cast her gaze to the one and only coffin here.

She did not believe that this person would have died here for no rhyme or reason. If this place had no mechanism, then the only reason would be that there was danger hidden in this coffin.

If the one lying in there was the emperor’s real body, then that was not impossible.

She stood where she was, a little hesitant.

The person on the ground was that powerful and had still ended up dead. Was she going to be able to hold on?

She had the answer without even needing to think. Obviously not.

However, she was already here. If she didn’t take a look at the emperor’s ‘appearance’, then she wouldn’t be able to handle it!

Furthermore, intuition told her that she would not be in danger.

Should she take a look?

She hesitated for a long while, but she was still unable to come to a decision. Finally, she looked at the skeleton on the ground and thought about how she still had things she wanted to do. If she died here, wouldn’t it not have been worth it? Although she was curious, in order to preserve her little life, it was better for her to forget it.

In any case, this place wouldn’t run away. Once she had settled her future things and was more powerful, it wouldn’t be too late for her to return.

Once she had finished thinking this through, she turned around and prepared to leave. However, she suddenly heard a sigh in the room. Then, the cover of the coffin flew to the side and a ray of light flew out from the coffin, stopping her and dragging her back.

It all happened too quickly. The time between hearing the sound of the coffin’s movement to now took merely a breath’s worth of time before she was dragged into the coffin. She hit her head fiercely on the coffin’s base. A wave of energy immediately dashed into her body.

Just before she fainted, she only had one thought: The coffin is empty. There’s nobody inside at all!

It was unknown how much time passed before she slowly opened her eyes and climbed out from the coffin only to find that the skeleton from before was gone. At this tie, the gate slowly opened and a silhouette walked in from the outside.

It was obvious that he was powerful, and the expression on his face was obviously one of excitement.

Her first reaction was one of shock. She thought about how this person and managed to enter, did this mean that her father and the others were in danger? Then, she quickly realised that it was wrong.

She was standing right in front of him, but he didn’t seem to see her at all!

The most important thing was that he held that rusty rod in his hand!

“I found it, I found it. I finally found you! As long as I obtain your inheritance, why would I be afraid of being unable to advance to the emperor’s rank? At that time, who in the continent will be able to contest me? Hahahah”

The person laughed evilly, as if he could see his beautiful future ahead of him.

It was only now that Sima You Yue realised that she was looking at an illusion. It wasn’t reality.

That was wrong as well. She felt as if she should be looking at the scenario that had happened in the room before, which was probably the time the skeleton on the floor had entered the place.

She subconsciously looked at the coffin. The cover was still firmly placed on it.

The man laughed for a long while later before he began to observe the room. After ascertaining that there were no mechanisms, he focused on the sole coffin in here.

He stretched forth a hand to touch the lid of the coffin and muttered, “Not bad. The map did say that this is the coffin where Emperor Qing Dao lies in eternal rest. It’s said that as long as we bring in something that possesses Emperor Qing Dao’s aura, we will be able to enter this room. It was not fake at all.”

Sima You Yue was stunned. Was this really Emperor Qing Dao’s tomb?

That wasn’t right. Just before she fainted, she clearly saw that there was nobody inside the coffin. This was just an empty coffin. Emperor Qing Dao wasn’t inside here.

Although it was just like the person had said, that they would be able to enter as long as they possessed something with Emperor Qing Daos’s aura, this only proved that this place had something to do with Emperor Qing Dao. Maybe it was one of the fake cemeteries that he had made for himself.

As she was pondering this, the male had already pushed open the lid of the coffin. When he saw that there was nothing inside, he cried out with surprise.

“How is this possible?”

Irked by the empty coffin, he sent the lid of the coffin flying. He obviously used a lot of strength and the average stone would have been shattered long ago, but this lid of the stone coffin was perfectly fine.

“Fake tomb… fake tomb… I spent so much effort only to find a fake tomb!”

He grabbed the side of the coffin as he continued to tremble unceasingly. Sima You Yue could see that he was enraged and disappointed

At this moment, there was suddenly movement from the coffin…

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