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Chapter 1588: She’s the only one who crosses over

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Sima You Yue still tightly clung to Emperor Qing Dao in her heart. It could be because he was the first emperor that she had interacted with. Or perhaps, perhaps because he told her that he hoped that she would be able to change the heavenly law.

She was not very powerful yet and was still unable to feel the effects of the heavenly law. The effects that she had come in contact with were just her experiences with the lightning calamity as well as the lightning punishment that would come as a result of defying the natural order that the Feng Clan had talked about.

If he wanted her to change the heavenly law, she felt like this was something akin to a dream.

However, when she thought about how Aunt Feng was an emperor that was not acknowledged by the heavenly law and how countless cultivators were locked at ranks under emperors because of the heavenly law, she felt like the heavenly law was a little unfair.

Forget it. How strong was she right now? There was no point in thinking too much about it.

After thinking it through, she jumped up and lightly flew across the underground river, landing on the other side of the tomb.

She didn’t expect how weightless it would be, and there weren’t any attacks that struck her. There was absolutely nothing. She arrived on the other side of the bank safely.

This was too easy, wasn’t it?

When they saw the confusion in Sima You Yue’s eyes, the three seniors that came along to the Tomb with her laughed.

“Did you think that all tombs would be as dangerous as the one before?”

Sima You Yue was embarrassed. Although she didn’t feel like it would be as dangerous as before, she didn’t think that it would be that easy either!

Very quickly, the others flew over as well and the group of them continued to head inside.

The other side of the tomb was different from before. It was sparse and empty, with nothing inside. Sima Liu Xuan said that he and Yu Ke Luo had obtained many treasures outside the last time. Even Little Spirit was obtained from that side of the tomb.

“There haven’t been any traps or pitfalls, so I keep feeling like something is not right.” Sima XIu Qi frowned.

It was strange that everything was normal!

The others agreed with this logic as well. Hence, for the remainder of the journey, everyone was even more careful. However, all the way till the end, they didn’t encounter a single bit of danger.

“This is truly too strange.” Feng Zhi Xing stopped walking. He walked to the front. When he stopped, everyone stopped as well.

“Is this really an emperor’s tomb?” Su Xiao Xiao and the others were puzzled.

They didn’t find a single bit of treasure on the way here, and didn’t encounter any danger either. How was this anything like an emperor’s tomb?

Even Sima Liu Xuan was a little puzzled. At that time, he and Yu Ke Luo had truly obtained some treasures. Even the spirit stone that they had left for Sima You Yue was not something that the average person could obtain. If this wasn’t an emperor’s tomb, then what was it?

Sima You Yue had pretty much understood after walking for such a long time. She looked at Heaven’s Halberd in her hand that was still rather ‘excited’, and said, “Whether or not it is, we will know as we continue walking forward. Unless the Emperor is reborn, he can’t do anything to us.”

It made sense just thinking about it. Sima You Yue had brought so many people with her in the Little Realm, especially with Feng Xiang and the others, they were powerful enough to walk around the entire continent as they liked. As such, the group of them continued walking forwards.


However, before they walked for long, they stopped again.

“I can’t go any further.” Feng Zhi Xing said, “There’s something blocking the front.”

Sima Liu Xuan was the person right behind him. When he heard what he said, he stretched forth a hand and felt the area in front of him. He ended up encountering some form of resistance.

“It’s not a barrier, and it’s not an array either.” Feng Zhi Xing understood barriers, and this resistance did not have a single fluctuation of spirit energy. It was definitely not either one of those things.

“This should be the same as the one outside. It should be a protection that the emperor left behind.” Jiang Jun Xian guessed.

“Let me try.” Sima Liu Xuan said as he attacked the area in front of him.

Sima You Yue was worried that this would cause the tomb to collapse and her heart leapt into her throat. In the next second, the spirit energy was dispersed soundlessly right before her eyes.

“Looks like attacks are useless.” Feng Zhi Xing said, “It should be able to swallow up spirit energy.”

“Let me try.” Huang Ying Ying said, as she also attacked it.

In the end, the result was the same.

“It’s no use.” Everyone looked at the barrier and knew that no amount of attacks would be of any use.

Heaven’s Halberd moved restlessly in Sima You Yue’s hand and wanted to charge ahead. She furrowed her eyebrows and said solemnly, “The other half of Heaven’s Halberd is inside there.”

“Most people can’t enter. This means that this place really is Emperor Qing Dao’s tomb?”

Nobody was able to enter, and the other half of Heaven’s Halberd was inside there. This proved that it could only be left beside the owner of the tomb.

“It’s a pity that we aren’t able to either. Otherwise, we would know who the owner of this palace is.” Han Miao Shuang said a little regretfully.

Heaven’s Halberd saw that Sima You Yue had stopped with no intention to move, so it moved even more agitatedly. The burst of power dragged her forward.

“I can’t go inside.” She said helplessly to Heaven’s Halberd, not caring whether or not it could understand her.

However, Heaven’s Halberd did not quiet down, and it kept pulling Sima You Yue forward.

Sima You Yue was helpless because of it, and was forced a few steps forward. She felt a layer of resistance, but did not stop because of it. Instead, she was led inside.

“You- You entered?” Han Miao Shuang looked at Sima You Yue with surprise. How did she manage to enter?

The others had various expressions. Everyone was stuck outside but she was able to go in. Just thinking about it was strange.

At that time, when Sima You Yue found herself inside, she felt that it was a little inconceivable. She looked at Heaven’s Halberd in her hand and wondered whether or not it was because of it.

Without waiting for her to figure out why, Heaven’s Halberd moved again and continued to lead her forward.

“You Yue, don’t go in!’ Feng Zhi Xing cried out.

Without them around, if she was alone, what would they do if she landed up in danger?

“Master, relax. I’m thinking that the inside will not be dangerous.” Sima You Yue turned around and smiled at them, “Just wait for me here, I’ll be back soon.”

After saying this, she turned around and continued to head forward, ignoring their shouts.

“Seriously, how could she be so rash!”

“Too reckless. Once she’s out here, I’ll definitely give her a good scolding!”

Jiang Jun Xiang was not worried at all. When he saw how anxious they were, he said, “There’s no need to worry. Junior Sister has never been impulsive. Since everyone is stuck outside, it should be fine inside there. Since she’s able to enter, it shows that she has fate with this place.”


There was no way they didn’t already know what he said, but they couldn’t control how worried they felt!

However, it was useless to say anything now. They couldn’t go in and could only watch her disappear with their eyes wide open.

Sima You Yue continued to walk forward. Heaven’s Halberd was a lot more quiet. It would merely help her choose the correct path whenever they were forks in the road. If not because she had refined it before and had brought it here herself, she would have wondered whether or not it was alive and had even lived here for a period.

After walking on for half an hour, Heaven’s Halberd brought her to a stone gate. As she was wondering how to enter it, a gentle energy was released from the door, enveloping her and Heaven’s Halberd. Then, there was the sound of a bang. The stone gate swung to the side and Sima You Yue saw a coffin lying inside.

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