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Chapter 1590: Meeting Emperor Qing Dao again

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Sima You Yue saw the rays of light shining out from inside the coffin, and it swept her in like it did to her before.

However, this time, the difference was that she had been dragged into the coffin while he was left standing there.

“Inheritance! Inheritance!” The guy’s disappointment and rage from before turned into joy.

When Sima You Yue heard what he said, she pursed her lips.

His desire for the inheritance really drove him mad! How could that ray of light have been the inheritance! She felt like the danger was real.

However, that person did not feel the same way. He closed his eyes, wanting to accept the inheritance. However, shortly after, Sima You Yue saw his eyebrows furrow tightly together and his body started to sway. It was only because he was holding onto the coffin that he didn’t collapse entirely.


Before Sima You Yue could understand what was going on, various streaks of light shot out from inside the man’s body. Although he did not bleed, it gave off a very strange feeling.

A few breaths of time later, the person fell on the ground. In his hand, he continued to hold the other half of Heaven’s Halberd. Shortly after he collapsed on the ground, a ray of light flew out from inside his body, surrounded the cover of the coffin and flew back over.


The coffin lid landed firmly on the coffin and the entire room fell into silence. If not because of the dead body lying on the ground, it would have seemed like nothing happened.

There was no blood nor injury. A person who was close to the monarch rank died soundlessly just like that.

As if she had suddenly thought of something, she couldn’t help but curse.

She had clearly felt that ray of light envelope her earlier on. Her body couldn’t have become like that, right?

If that were really the case, there was no use no matter how much she regretted it!

“He he-”

There was a sudden burst of laughter and the voice was rather familiar, but it made Sima You Yue heighten her divine senses.

“Who’s there?” She looked warily all around her.

“You asked who I am?” The other party didn’t appear.

Sima You Yue thought about it as her eyes widened, “Emperor Qing Dao?”

The scene in front of her eyes changed. She was in a stone room earlier, but she was now in a vast land of ice.

The black silhouette was exceptionally attention-grabbing against the snow.

Although she had only seen him twice, Sima You Yue could recognise him at a glance. This person was Emperor Qing Dao.

She walked over and stopped when they were around ten metres apart. When the person turned around, she saw that he really was Emperor Qing Dao, whom she had seen twice before.

“Emperor, it really is you.” She was still a little puzzled. How could he be here? Was he still alive?

“Do you think that I could live for such a long time?” Emperor Qing Dao guessed her thoughts and laughed.

Sima You Yue laughed sheepishly, “Isn’t it said that an emperor’s lifespan is limitless.”

“An emperor is not omnipotent after all.” It was as if he thought of something as his tone sounded downcast.

Sima You Yue knew that emperors were not omnipotent as well. Otherwise, why would Feng Ru Yan have been sick for such a long time, and almost wither away like a flower.


“Emperor, is this a trace of your divine consciousness?”

Emperor Qing Dao stopped dwelling on his thoughts as he looked at Sima You Yue and asked, “Where did you see me before? How did you obtain Heaven’s Halberd?”

Where did she see him before? Did he not remember?

“I bought Heaven’s Halberd at an auction before. As for when met the first time was at Heaven’s Pavillion. I also met a trace of your divine consciousness there. The second time we met, I was clearly meditating when I saw your silhouette. It should have been an illusion.” Sima You Yue replied.

“Since you have gone to Heaven’s Pavilion, this proves that you have talent.” Emperor Qing Dao said lightly. He was obviously praising her, but Sima You Yue found it strange.

“Do you not know that we have met before?”

Emperor Qing Dao shook his head, “The one you met before was just a trace of my divine consciousness. It has already left my body, so I cannot sense it.”

It was no wonder he looked at her as if she were a stranger.

“Then you are now…”

“This is just a remnant of my soul. I left it behind in my tomb.” Emperor Qing Dao said sadly, “I should say that I am nothing now.”

“So you’re saying that this tomb is really yours?” Sima You Yue asked with shock.

“It is and it isn’t.” Emperor Qing Dao saw her confused expression and laughed, explaining, “Just take it as a crafty rabbit possessing three burrows.”

Sima You Yue pursed her lips. What did this mean? Who would have so much time on their hands that they would create so many tombs for themselves?

“Ah-” She slapped her forehead as she looked at Emperor Qing Dao and asked, “Did I die as well?”

“You didn’t. This is just an illusion that I have created.”

“How could that be? I saw that the person died in a few seconds after he was enveloped in that ray of light. He’s someone who had almost reached the strength of an emperor, while I’m just a tiny little Monarch rank. If he couldn’t handle it, how could I have?!” Sima You Yue felt as if she must have died.

“You are different from him.” Emperor Qing Dao said, “You have something that he didn’t.”

“I have something he didn’t? What is it?”

“On your body, you have an aura that I left behind.” Emperor Qing Dao explained, “If not, the inheritance that I left behind would be fatal poison for someone like him.”

Sima You Yue recalled the time she was at Heaven’s Pavillion. That version of Emperor Qing Dao had disappeared, then turned into a breath of aura as it entered her body.

Did that save her life?

Wait, inheritance? There was really an inheritance?

“You’re saying that the ray of light was the inheritance?”


Sima You Yue pursed her lips. When she heard that male excitedly cry out for the inheritance earlier on, she had even said that he was an idiot for believing it to be the inheritance. She didn’t expect that that would actually really be the inheritance?

Didn’t that mean that she was the idiot?

There was no way she would admit to being an idiot!

That was why she decided to discard her earlier notion, changed the topic and asked, “What inheritance is this inheritance of yours? Why does one need your aura in order not to die upon receiving it? What if nobody like that ever came? Wouldn’t that mean that nobody would ever receive your inheritance?”


Even if the person who came in didn’t have his aura, he shouldn’t have killed the man. At the very least, he could let him return empty handed.

“I’ve never had disciples nor family. My inheritance should naturally be someone who has affinity with me. Those people came to my tomb and disturbed my rest. It is a matter of course that I take their lives.” Emperor Qing Dao didn’t feel like what he did was wrong. Or it should be said that, when he laid down this as the condition, he didn’t feel like he did anything wrong.

Sima You Yue felt like she couldn’t manage a person who had already been dead for more than tens of thousands of years. The fact that he had left such a condition behind was beneficial after all. If not for this condition, she would not have obtained this so easily.

“The inheritance that I have left here has to do with comprehension. As long as you can grasp onto this, your comprehension of heavenly law will be much quicker. Eh?” Emperor Qing Dao seemed to have sensed something as his silhouette flashed and he dashed in front of her.

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